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  • 1. TIMBER WOLF! Haley

2. About the author My name is Haley. Myhobbies are playingoutside, having sleepovers,riding bikes, swimming,knee barding,and girlscouts! I also fishing andhunting with my dad. I like wolves so I pickedthis animal! 3. Who Am I? Im a timber wolf. We mate with each other every February - march. We eat berries, fish, and mammals. We are meat and plant eaters. We creep up on our pray then pounce on our it. 4. The Early Years The early years of a young timber wolf is called growing up.We are all called pupsgrowing up. We mate during February-March and have 1-11 pups.They learn to hunt then leave. 5. Habitat Sweet Habitat We live in thewoods to provide usfood and shelter.We will also live bybodies of water. Wehave about 6-10wolves in our pack. 6. Whats On The Menu? We will eat deer,elk,moose,fish ,and berries.We will even eat insects! We eat all kinds of animals. We are meat and plant eaters. 7. Making Tracks We have 3 toes oneach foot. You findthem in there territory 8. Simply Irresistible! Wisconsin has about6,000 square milesthat could support300-500 wolves!We are veryendangered. 9. Where In The World? We live in the U.S.A! We are found all over. 10. We do not howl at A wolves territory the moon. may cover 20-120 square miles. 11. Resource list http://www.wilderness committee.org/campaigns/wildlife/campaigns/ wildlife/readers/wolf/images/timber_wolf.jpg picture http://www.Jason Hahn.com/gallery/albuhttp://www.mcnaturephot o.com/art/animals/dp112.gifms/may2007/timber_ wolf_pup_swp_051207_111_copy.jpg picture http://www.co.Clearwater.man.us/DeptIm ages/Environmental Services/MVC- 433F.JPG picture