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  • Gray wolf ALEX
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR Hi my name is ALEX and I like to do wend am not in school is watch TV or play my ps2.I also like to play games with my mom and play street faint 2 down stares with my dad wan he tells me to or wan I want to do it.I pick this animal because I like wolfs and I thought it would be a fun animal to due for this project.I also pick this animal because I would be able to Larne a little more abet the gray wolf
  • WHO AM I The gray wolf can run up to 35 m.p.h. and can jump up to 13 feet in the air.The gray wolf will live in packs of 8 to 35 wolf a member and the gray wolf can have 2 to 14 pups. The gray wolf are blind went they are born when the pups are 3 to 5 months old they are old a enough to trifle with the pack of wolfs. The gray wolf can grow up to be at lest 2-2.5 feet tall wend they are fully grow up and the bodies can get up to 4- 5 feet long.
  • THE EARLY YEARS When the new born pups are born they are blind and when the pups are about 3 to5 mouths old they will be able to travel with never levees its mother they live in a pack which is mad up of one big family members.The pups brink there mothers milk until they are about the first mouth. And then they are about to eat tee meat that the wolfs get from hunting.
  • HABITAT SWEET HABITAT The gray wolf lives in the forest of Northern Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.The gray wolfs will trivial in packs about 8 to 35 wolfs at a time.The gray wolf lives in holes to sleep and to have some baby wolfs.The gray wolf likes to live in the temperate forests and they like to live in the grasslands.The gray wolf have lived in all of the northern hemisphere except for the tropical forest.
  • WHATS ON THE MENU The gray wolf will eat field mice,and huge,caribou and it well also eat ranging.The gray wolf well also eat meat.The gray wolf can crunch there pray easily because they are really fast runners.And the grey wolf can get birds if they are low oaf to get the birds they is flying or if it is gust sitting on a Brach.
  • MAKING TRACKS My animal lives in the forest and you can find these tracks in the woods the gray wolf tracks look like a dogs foot prints.The gray wolf tracks go deep into the snow when they wonk and if you see a gray wolf tracks you will be about to see the clans that they have and how sump they can be.
  • SIMPLY IRRESISTABLE Want the gray wolf will do to find another wolf is howl.They will her it from 120 miles away.People wanted to kill the gray wolf because they would kill all of there deer.The people capture 30 wolfs to bring them to yellow stone to get them away from the people who wanted to kill them.
  • WHERE IN THE WORLD The gray wolf lives in Michigans Upper Peninsula, Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin Also a large geographic range in Alaska and Canada.
  • Facts Male wolves can A grey wolf can weigh up to 90 have up to 8 or pounds 14 pups at a time. A female up to 80 pounds. Newborn pups cannot see for several days.
  • Resource List http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Image:Howlsnow.jpg#file picture slide 1 http://www.oceanlight.com/gray_wolf_photo.html picture slide 3 http://lh4.ggpht.com/_jn1Xu8VJja8/R4uu_GEczGI/AAAAAAAAiEw/ogO1D8wQPbw/Grey +Wolf+cubs+in+dirt+hole.jpg picture slide 4 http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3224/2809148041_b3409418f6.jpg picture slide 5 http://www.thumbplay.com/thumbsup/uploaded_images/deer-756165.jpg picture slide 6 http://www.bear-tracker.com/wolves.html picture slide 7 http://www.fws.gov/midwest/WOLF/population/range.htm picture slide 8


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