50 ways to take a break

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50 Ways to Take a Break


50 Ways to take a Break1. Take a bath2. Listen to music3. Take a nap4. Go to a body of water5. Watch the star6. Watch the clouds7. Written letter8. Fly a kite9. Sit in nature10. Move twice as slowly11. Call a friend12. Meander around town13. Find a relaxing scent14. Buy some flowers15. View some art16. Create your own coffee break17. Read or watch something funny18. Engage in small acts of kindness19. Give thanks20. Put on some music and dance21. Let go something22. Forgive someone23. Pet a furry creature24. Go to a farmer's market25. Read poetry

26. Climb a tree27. Go to a park28. Take a bike ride29. Go for fun30. Turn off all electronics31. Drive somewhere new32. Make some music33. Paint on a surface other than paper34. Do some gentle stretches35. Colour with crayons36. Examine an everyday object with fresh eyes37. Eat a meal in silence38. Notice your body39. Walk outside40. Write in a journal41. Take a deep belly breath42. Meditate43. Listen to a guided relaxation44. Read a book45. Learn something new46. Light a candle47. Rest your legs up on a wall48. Let out a sigh49. Creature your own coffee break50. Write a quick poem