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  • Fifty Shades of Payne

    A Capers Classic

  • The following novel records the likely events at the capers classic 2015 in Alford. Although yet to occur, mystics and prophets such as Nostradamus have foreseen the outcome of this epic battle and have stated that without a doubt - the following incidents will occur.

  • Paynters


  • Disgusting!!!

    with the sun beating down hard on his pasty skin, the big ginger fanny pleaded with craigy to cream him up. Being a true boaby hunter, craigy brown was happy to oblige and unleashed his milkyload all over the twats coupoun. As we approach the bunker, Clark has no intrest in trying to compete and screams for a top up of man goo. House of Payne look on in disgust but know that 6 points are safely in the bag.

    HOP 6 - DBH 0

    The Dobbie Boaby Hunters are surely in trouble now with two of their big players out the game. Attention turns to hole 9 where the quietst men of the team, gove and Blair are battling against the tide that is house of payne. as we start to walk down the fairway, our shoes begin to get a bit sticky but its definetely not the same produce as we have just witnessed. No this stuff is red. The roars of the house of payne due can be heard and we see the two dobbers standing in a defeatest attitude becuase they have clearly got the ........

  • Paynters