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<p>5 Ways to Prepare for a Radio Interview</p> <p>5 Ways to Prepare for a Radio InterviewBy Sean CastorinaPreparation Promotes SuccessWhether someone is a novice or a seasoned expert at doing radio interviews, preparation is the key to success. There are several things that should not be overlooked or else the message may be lost.</p> <p>1. Do ResearchGet to know the hosts style, the programs tone, and the target audience. Know whether its a live interview or not and the length of the interview. Make a list of key points to keep thoughts organized. </p> <p>2. Speak ClearlyBe sure to enunciate and speak slowly so listeners can easily understand and digest what is being said. </p> <p>3. Express PassionAvoid sounding monotone to hold the audiences attention. Smiling while talking can help convey positive energy.</p> <p>4. Listen CarefullyTake notes if listeners call in and always try to address callers by their names when responding. </p> <p>5. Provide TeasersBe informative, but leave the audience wanting more. This is especially true if the purpose of the interview is to promote a product or service. </p> <p>About the AuthorSean Castorina earned his undergraduate degree from Liberty University. He is the author of 8 UNBREAKABLE RULES FOR BUSINESS START-UP SUCCESS. Castorina has been a guest on The Schilling Show, a popular radio program in Charlottesville, Virginia.</p>