5 ways to nurture repeat customers

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  • The relationship between retailer and customer doesnt end when you close a sale. Successful businesses understand the value in creating lasting relationships with their buyers.

  • Not only are repeat customers easier to sell, but they shop more frequently & spend more money. Here are some pointers on how you can turn regular shoppers into repeat customers.

  • TREAT EVERY CUSTOMER LIKE A REPEAT CUSTOMERDont try to break the ice. Treating new customers like old friends builds confidence and trust in you, your products, and your business.

  • OFFER GREAT LOYALTY PERKSTheres little value in $10 off a purchase of $500 or more; if its worth nothing to you, chances are its worth nothing to them. Keep customers loyal by giving them a reason to come back.

  • MAKE THEIR VISIT AN EXPERIENCECustomers return to places where they feel welcome and appreciated. By turning a shopping errand into a shopping experience, you create a lasting impression that heavily influences future buying behavior.

  • BE UNIQUERetailers that are too routine are also very forgettable. Mix things up with personalized thank you messages or gifts so when buyers think of your industry, they think of you.

  • MAINTAIN THE RELATIONSHIPYour relationship with the buyer doesnt end when they walk out the door. Stay in contact, be sincere, and first-time buyers will turn into lifetime customers.

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