5 top tips to improve your performance during gate exams

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  • Exams are nightmare for students especiallycompetitive exams. That is why here we want togive you few tips to improve your performance

    during GATE exams.

  • Study Just Before You Sleep

    The recent research studies demonstrate that a good sleep following your Studieshas a significant impact on your ability to remember things that you studied.

    Follow this and give a break for your usual doings like TV watching, music or other hobbies.

  • This is very important for procedural Studying.

    If you feel your studying subject boring, Then go for a walk /ride, Breath deeplyor anything you like. It helps you to energizes your senses and rejuvenates yourmind, refresh your brain.

    A Light Exercise To Warm Up Your Memory

  • Here are some tips to prepare a plan

    Fix a day to start studying. Don't push it for tomorrow

    Fix the number of hours you plan to study in a day

    Give time for your weak subject preparation

    How many times do you plan to revise?

    How many practice papers will you do?

    If there are any difficulties. How do you plan to overcome these ?


  • It is a bad preparation strategy You will tend to forget everything if you studyduring those last minutes before the exam,so utilize this time for prayer or brainrelaxing exercise .

    Last Minute Preparation

  • It all depends on your present learning methods. So, follow any of the learning method you find easy. Definitely it will help you to achieve the goal.

    Success Matters

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