5 top tips to improve ecommerce checkout

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Ecommerce Practices

Checkout Process

5 Tips For Checkout Process

One step checkout process

Ask less, customers buy more

Checkout as a guest

Follow up when abandoned

Make it easy to change cart

One step checkout Process

1 page checkout

No scrolling

No next steps

One Step Checkout Process

Customers are so busy

Ask less, .they will buy more

Billing address

Payment method

Shipping method

Checkout as a guest or register?Both!

Make it easier to change cart

Checklist in checkout process:

- Category/Brand

- Quantity

- Change the quantity easily?

- Continue shopping button?

Follow up if they abandoned

-Prepare an automatic system to sendfollow up emails

- Integrate coupons into your emails too.

- Evaluate the program through detail reporting

Bring customers best shopping experience when checkout


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