5 tools to market your business using mobile social media apps

Download 5 tools to market your business using mobile social media apps

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We take a look at 5 social media tools to help with social media marketing on your mobile device.


<ul><li>1.Ian Cleary@ianclearywww.razorsocial.comUSING MOBILE SOCIAL MEDIA APPS5 TOOLS TO</li></ul> <p>2. Using Your Mobile for Social Media Marketing will makeyou more productive and efficient with Marketing yourbusiness on Social media.The applications we have selected to feature in thispresentation will make you more effective on socialmedia.See 5 great mobile social media apps that you shoulddownload to-day! 3. 1. Tweetbot More Effective TwitterManagement (iphone and ipad)Tweetbot is an iphone app for managing twitter and ithas a really nice user interface.Mike Stelzner from Social Media Examiner mentioned heused Tweetbot, in our video interview series, and if youuse it you will see why.One of the reasons Mike uses it is that Social MediaExaminer can get a couple of thousand retweets on a blogpost. 4. With tweetbot you can filter out this from your twitterstream.If you dont get thousands of retweets on your post youmay not have this problem but there are plenty othergreat features. 5. Hold a tweet down to get some actions for that tweet orswipe a tweet and display the conversation 6. In the given example, if you are viewing a tweet you justhold your finger on it for a second and out pops a menufor you to take action on the tweet.Example:You can e-mail the tweet to yourself for later viewing. 7. You will also like being able to easily view all theconversation around a tweet.You just swipe the tweet to the right to view all theconversation.If you swipe it to the left you can reply to the tweet, replyall, quote the tweet in another tweet and more.A nice app with a really nice user interface. 8. 2. Glyder Manage all your social mediamarketing from you iphoneGlyder is a new application with a bright future.Glyder aims to simplify social media marketingparticularly for the small business.If you are not sure what content to share or images to usewhen you are sharing Glyder will make it very easy foryou. 9. When you are on your phone and want to share out amessage to your social media networks you select atemplate provided by Glyder, add in your custommessaging and post to your social network of choice.It sounds very simple and it is! 10. Glyder has an ever growingrange of templates to usewhen posting to socialmedia channels.Glyder is an iPhone appwith an Android versioncoming before the end ofthe year. 11. 3. Downcast Catch up on your podcasts(iphone app with Android alternative)Downcast is not purely about social marketing but we useit to catch up on our social media marketing podcasts.So, certainly a very effective app to help you market yourbusiness.Sign up to the best social media marketing podcasts andlisten to them at your leisure. 12. Instead of having to sync upwith iTunes you subscribeto podcasts via downcastand when you have awireless network availableit will automatically syncthe latest podcasts.Note: The podcasts displayed in the image above are all worth subscribing to. 13. The Podcasts are from Michael Hyatt, Mike Stelzner Social Media Examiner, Marcus Sheridan, Jay Baer andKevin Newman from Site Visibility.Downcast is currently available on iPhone. An alternativeAndroid version is Onecast. 14. 4. Feedly for Reading and Sharing GreatContent (Android and iPhone)Feedly is a really nice application for catching up onreading blog posts when you are out and about.If you subscribe to many blogs you can view them allwithin Feedly when you have a few spare minutes. 15. The interface is really nice and surprisingly easy to readthe posts.We covered an article recently about the integrationbetween Feedly and Buffer.This is a great addition to Feedly. When you find greatcontent you can click on a button and share it to buffer.Buffer will then queue up this content and post to yoursocial network of choice based on your settings. 16. 5. Social Media Listening using Mention(iphone and android)Mention is a great social media app for monitoring that isavailable on android and iPhone.You monitor mention of your brand name or keywordsand view them via e-mail or through the mobileapplication. 17. The mobile app is a great app which allows you to keeptrack of keywords and respond to mentions at any timeday or night.What I really like about mention is that it has verycomprehensive functionality for a very competitive price. 18. With such limited time we all need to make the most ofthe time available.Quite often we have some spare time waiting for ameeting to start, a taxi to arrive or a plane to take off!Consider how you can use this time to market yourbusiness using a device you have with you all of the time! 19. www.razorsocial.com </p>