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5 Things must have in your handbagWhen you search wholesale handbags USA online, the search engine will fetch you a large number of results but, none of the search results will tell you the important things that you can carry in your handbags. Does that imply that these are meant only to carry cash, credit cards and debit cards? If you think so, you should really pay special attention to the things that we are suggesting you to carry in your handbag.

Safety pins/ Sewing KitsHave you ever heard about the wardrobe malfunctions? If yes then, you could imagine a situation where you get hit by this. In such a case, you should always carry a solution for this problem. Just put some safety pins and a sewing kit inside your bag to rescue the situation.

Hand SanitizerNo matter if you have designer handbags or embroidered handbags, you should definitely carry a bottle of hand sanitizer in your bag. Thisassures that you are free from germs. On Daily basis, you touch various things which have germs and this may harm you. If you clean your hands with sanitizer before eating anything, you will be all safe.

First aid stuffs-band aids and painkillersYou have health issues or not, you should be ready for any difficult situations. You must carry some first aid stuff like band-aids and painkillers in your handbags wholesale. This will help you in any worst situation. If nothing goes wrong with you, you can help others at least.

Basic personal care productsPersonal hygiene and personal care matter the most for any girl. To make sure that you look good all the time, you should definitely carry some important stuff in your Wholesale Purses. You should alwayscarry deodorant, wet wipes, tampon or pads, moisturiser and lip balm in your handbag to ensure your personal care.

Filling SnacksHunger can strike you at any point of time and you should not stay hungry for a longtime. For this reason only, you should always carry some filling snacks in your Handbags Wholesale. This will make sure that you always have something to eat when you are hungry.Contact Us at :http://www.charufashions.com/https://www.facebook.com/CharuFashions https://twitter.com/CharuFashions https://plus.google.com/+Charufashions/ https://www.pinterest.com/charufashions/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/charufashions