5 reasons you must have brand ambassadors

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<ol><li> 1. 5 Reasons You Must Have Brand Ambassadors </li><li> 2. You probably know the basics of brand promotion: social media, content marketing and email marketing. However, if you dont cultivate strong relationships with brand ambassadors, youre missing out on a steady stream of free advertising. To get a feel for what online brand advocacy looks like, follow these simple steps: 1. Pick a company to analyze 2. Head over to BuzzSumoor your favorite social media search engine. 3. Conduct a quick influencer search. 4. Study the profiles of the companys most rabid influencers. Sure, some of those people are paid shills, but I assure you, most are avid fans of the product. Not all of them will have hoards of followers, but they do add up. There is another name for these passionate fans: brand ambassadors. The term has evolved since the advent of social media. Lets take a look. The Old Definition In the past, a brand ambassador was an individual employed by a firm to promote a product or service. This individualoften a celebrityappeared in advertisements and at events such as trade shows and conventions. The brand ambassador embodied the corporate identity. He or she humanized the corporation. This individual represented the values and ethics of the companyat least in theory. Click for more info: http://buildgrowscale.com/4-reasons-you-must-have- brand-ambassadors/ </li></ol>