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  • 1. 5 Reasons to Automate Subscription Billing January 28, 2013 Steve Adams
  • 2. Subscriptions arent just for newspapers Examples of Retail Subscriptions Challenges of implementing subscriptions 5 Benefits of Automation How Fusebill can help Quick Demonstration
  • 3. The expanding Subscription World
  • 4. Its one of the simplest of truths For a subscription business to make money, it must bill and collect from customers. make money bill collect
  • 5. Too bad its simpler to say than do Traditional systems are slow, inaccurate and unable to scale The devils in the details of requirements and architecture.
  • 6. Challenges Automation Accuracy Agility Analytics
  • 7. Advertise Web Visits $$$$$ Conversions Build Repeat Business One Decision multiple orders
  • 8. Order Linear Processing Flow Linear ERP Systems Transactional Online Customer Service Get Paid Credit Cards Invoices PayPal Ship Inventory Fulfillment Shipping
  • 9. Transactional back office systems fail Recurring Billing Initial Sales Process Renew Upsell Crosssell Traditional transactional systems dont support recurrence Multiple Concurrent Subscriptions Usage Based Charges Credit Card Expiry, Fraud, etc. 9
  • 10. So What Happens? Improvisation Track in Excel Ticketing systems Pilot Projects Security Risks Errors & Revenue Leakage Quick and Dirty development projects Or long and twisted development projects Lack of Visibility Barriers to Scale
  • 11. Why Automate?
  • 12. The key benefit of automation is automation Process Payments Automate collections, retries, client notifications Process renewals and expiries Reduce people power increase ability to scale Outsource security issues Note that most shopping cart platforms dont store credit cards
  • 13. Accuracy Get paid before shipping Properly calculate amounts (discounts, coupons, taxes) Collect automatically Notify downstream systems of problems! Invoicing and Account statusing Ship the right things Manage change Customer self-service Central view of customer orders Stop delivering
  • 14. Agility cope with pricing changes Seasonal offerings Upgrade Options Variations Promotions / Coupons Customer lifecycle: Cancel Renew Options
  • 15. Analytics So, what are we selling anyway? What geographies are performing well? What online programs bring us long term customers? How long do customers subscribe for?
  • 16. Accounting Accurate Taxes Discounts, Write-offs Earned vs Deferred Revenues Cash vs Revenue
  • 17. Brief Demo Monthly Soap Delivery Basic offering soap and shampoo Premium Plan Salon quality soaps Options to purchase extra or upgrade
  • 18. Contact Fusebill sales@Fusebill.com stevea@Fusebill.com 1-888-519-1425