5 Characteristics of a Great Presenter

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5 Characteristics of a Great Presenter http://www.stinsondesign.com1KnowledgeGENIUSKnow the topic and your audience so you can speak comfortably. Youre the expert. 2ConfidenceStand tall, work the stage, maintain eye contact, and project your voice. Command attention and inspire action.3Self-AwarenessKnow who you are and be your authentic self. Play off your strengths because every presenter is different. 4PassionBe energetic. Present with conviction and demonstrate personal investment in the subject matter. 5MemorableStand out and create a lasting impact. Tell an unforgettable story or find an emotional connection. Be creative in your delivery. 12345Focus on developing these 5 areas, and you will become a master on stage. LOOKING TO SIMPLIFY AND REDESIGN YOUR POWERPOINT PRESENTATION?WE CAN HELP!CONTACT US ATSTINSONDESIGN.COMJazzy Frenchy music by www.bensound.comhttp://STINSONDESIGN.COMhttp://www.bensound.comhttp://www.stinsondesign.com