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Nosh nutritiously with these guilt-free treats.


<p>40 Healthy Snacks for Moms-to-BeNosh nutritiously with these guilt-free treatsBy Debra Jo Immergut</p> <p>Plagued by between-meal hunger attacks? Too tired to fuss with real cooking? Here are 40 easy, nutritionally sound snacks -- a different one for each week of pregnancy!</p> <p>Almonds, gently toasted in a pan -- Rich in protein, plenty of crunch</p> <p>Granny Smith apple slices topped with cheddar slices -- One fruit serving and a great way to get fiber and calcium</p> <p>Dried cranberries -- a surprising, tasty source of vitamin C</p> <p>Hard-boiled Eggs -- protein in a handy take-along package</p> <p>Dried Apricots -- Loaded with Vitamin A, promotes healthy skin, eyes, and bones</p> <p>Hummus spread on romaine lettuce leaves and rolled into a "wrap" -- A meatless protein source, plus romaine provides twice as much foliate and Vitamins A and C as iceberg lettuce</p> <p>Yogurt with a sprinkling of Grape-Nuts cereal for crunch -- Calcium, protein, and fiber all in one</p> <p>Pickle spear wrapped in a slice of turkey -- Jazz up that lean protein with a taste of crunchy dill</p> <p>Multi-grain Toaster Waffle -- top with black strap molasses for extra iron</p> <p>Oatmeal cookies -- sweet source of carbohydrates, for extra energy</p> <p>Oat Bran pretzel nuggets -- tasty, snack-able source of fiber</p> <p>Half a banana rolled in wheat germ -- potassium plus protein equals a super snack</p> <p>Veggie Booty -- these "gourmet" puffed-rice-and-corn snacks are made with super-healthy kale, but they taste so great that you'd never know it</p> <p>Whole wheat graham crackers with peanut butter and unsweetened fruit spread -- a childhood classic remade for optimal protein and fiber</p> <p>Cottage cheese mixed with crushed unsweetened pineapple, spread on rice cake -- calcium and protein, sweetened with a taste of the tropics</p> <p>Kiwi fruit -- an excellent source of vitamin C</p> <p>Enriched, high-fiber cereal sprinkled with fresh blueberries -- a slew of vitamin and minerals, served up in a spoon</p> <p>Edamame (also called "vegetable soybeans" or "sweet beans"), served chilled with a sprinkling of sea salt -- these cute green beans, often sold in the supermarket frozen-food section, are a crunchy, addictive source of protein, Vitamin A, folate, iron, and calcium</p> <p>A handful of grape tomatoes -- little bombs packed with vitamin C</p> <p>Celery sticks with dip made with pureed fresh spinach and yogurt -- a tasty way to eat your dark-green leafy veggies (a great source of folic acid)</p> <p>Fresh cherries -- sweet treats, fun to eat, a source of Vitamin C</p> <p>Baked potato topped with plain yogurt and chives -- eat the potato skin, which is full of iron</p> <p>Skim milk and banana smoothie -- protein, calcium, and potassium in a glass</p> <p>Mango cubes -- full of Vitamin A, for baby's cell growth</p> <p>Old-fashioned (not instant) oatmeal sprinkled with raisins -- fiber and iron, great anytime of day</p> <p>Oven-baked sweet potato fries -- a healthier, nutrient-rich alternative to ordinary fries</p> <p>Zucchini bread -- tasty way to get your veggies in!</p> <p>Sardines (with bones) mashed with lemon juice and scallion, spread on melba toast -- calcium source, plus fatty acids for brain development</p> <p>A slice of gooey, cheesy pizza -- it supplies calcium, and hey -- you're pregnant -- live a little!</p> <p>Low-sodium vegetable juice (spiced with a bit of Tabasco, if you're missing Bloody Marys) -- counts as a serving of dark leafy and yellow veggies</p> <p>Cantaloupe slices squirted with lime -- Vitamins A and C, a refreshing treat</p> <p>Tofu cubes marinated in rice vinegar and sesame oil -- pure protein, Asian-style, fuels baby's growth</p> <p>Low-fat pumpkin muffin -- Comfort food loaded with vitamins and minerals</p> <p>Melted swiss cheese and mustard on whole-grain bread -- calcium and fiber, in a grown-up version of a kiddie favorite</p> <p>Baby carrots dunked in salsa-cottage cheese dip -- Spicy and satisfying, plus lots of Vitamins A and E</p> <p>Half an avocado, cubed and topped with fresh lime juice and chopped cilantro -- Rich in healthy fats, no cholesterol and a great source of folates</p> <p>Salmon (with bones) mixed with a bit of mayo and spread on half a whole wheat bagel -- calcium and fiber, soothes hunger pangs</p> <p>Blanched Broccolini spears drizzled with a tablespoon of your favorite salad dressing -- an upgrade from broccoli, packed with Vitamin C</p> <p>A handful of baked tortilla chips, under the broiler with shredded jack cheese -- nachos made over for pregnancy health</p> <p>Ben &amp; Jerry's Chunky Monkey ice cream -- see number 29</p> <p>All content on this Web site, including medical opinion and any other health-related information, is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a specific diagnosis or treatment plan for any individual situation. 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