4 ways to get attention for your charity video

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Make sure that your charity video reaches the maximum possible audience. Here are 4 ways to get more attention for your charity video!


  • 1. 4 Ways To Get Attention For Your Charity Video Bold Content Video Production Www.BoldContentVideo.com

2. Overview Video is a fantastic way to reach and persuade your audience Over 1 billion people visit YouTube every single month But, getting attention can be challenging... 100 hours of video are uploaded every minute! Your charity video deserves attention. Here are four ways to ensure it gets it 3. #1 Find Relevant Pinterest Boards And Facebook Pages Find Pinterest boards and Facebook pages which are relevant to your video content Request the owner of the board or page to add a link to your video This is a fast way to tap into an existing audience 4. #2 Link Up With Bloggers Find bloggers which are sympathetic or discuss your cause Ask if they would mention your video on their blog It helps to have a pre-existing relationship with the blogger so start commenting and social sharing their content early on If you have a good relationship request to do a guest post 5. #3 Use Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Find keyword phrases to target using the free Google Keyword Planner tool - https://adwords.google.com/KeywordPlanner Include the keywords in the Title, Description and Tags Make sure title & description still reads well for a human audience 6. #4 Leverage Your Charity's Network Leverage your charity's personal network of employees, volunteers and partners Ask this network to share the video with their own social media networks Recommendations to watch a video from friends and family can be very effective 7. Need A Video For Your Charity? We would love to help... Visit: http://boldcontentvideo.com/charity- video-production/ for more information