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1. Judaism and ChristianityCornerstones of Western Development and Thought 2. Comparing Hinduism and BuddhismIn small groups of 3-4 discuss the following questions and prepare answers to share with the class. Is Buddhism a distinct religion, or is it just a form of the knowledge yoga.If it is a form of Hinduism, explain what characteristics it shares, if it is not, explain what differences make it a unique religion.Cycles are a major part of both of these religions.How are their cycles similar? How are they different? Identify AT LEAST 5 common themes that you see developing in these religions that you believe will be present in the other religions we investigate. 3. JudaismJudaism is a very pervasive influence in Western thought and development. So how is it that this people has left a profound mark on Western society if there were other more impressive possibilities such as the Egyptians or Phoenicians? 4. Judaisms BreakthroughSpecial because of the depth of their pursuit for meaningChanged the idea of what a god was and what his/her characteristics should beMoralCaringHumans are both dust and divinity 5. Judaisms Breakthrough No longer focused on the IS but the WHAT SHOULD BENot willing to accept a mix of good and evil as unavoidableNot willing to accept nature as isLeads to the desire to change the world for the better and to act communallyThis contrasts with the desire to maintain the status quo present in religions focused on placating the godsLaid the groundwork for social protest 6. Finding MeaningMoralityNecessary for society to functionthose wise restraints that make men free 613 commandments that regulate human behavior in the Hebrew BibleMost important and influential of these on the world today being the Ten Commandments 7. Finding MeaningJusticeThe future of any people depends in large part on the justice of its social order Individuals are responsible for the social structures of their societies as well as for their direct personal dealings 8. Finding Meaning Suffering Trials and hardship necessary because of the need for Israel to accept the teachings and live accordinglySome defeats necessary to teach valuable lessons 9. Finding Meaning Messianism Hope for a better futureNational RestitutionWorld upgrade 10. Jewish HolidaysJewish day begins and ends at sunset Holidays are celebrated one more day than the bible says 11. Rosh Hashanah First of the Year 1 stand 2 ndday of TishriNot like the American HolidayMost of the day is spent in Synagogue for an extended liturgyCustoms Apples dipped in HoneyEmptying pockets into a stream 12. Days of Awe- Days of RepentanceSerious introspection and a time to reflect Opportunity to change what God has written in the books about you through prayer, good works, and repentanceReconciliation with people you have wronged 13. Yom Kippur Day of Atonement Most important holiday10 thday of TishriCovers sins against GodStrict 25 hour fast 14. ChristianityBased on the teachings of Jesus of NazarethBelieved to be the Messiah fulfilling the prophecies of JudaismBorn to Mary through immaculate conceptionGrows up in the house of Joseph who was a carpenterIs a descendant of David 15. ChristianityBelieve that salvation comes through faith that Jesus is the Son of God sent to atone for all sinsIncorporates the old testament and Judaism into the religionNew Testament explains the teachings of Christ 16. Christianity- Seven SacramentsBaptismParticipate in the EucharistTransubstantiationReconciliationConfirmationMarriageHoly OrdersAnointing of the Sick 17. Christianity Tenants of Faith Holy Trinity Father, Son, and Holy GhostSharing the Word with othersAwaiting the second coming of Christ 18. Christianity- TraditionsCatholicismLed by the Pope in RomeAllows for celebration of saints and praying through saintsFocus on the Virgin MaryGreek OrthodoxHas different traditions unique to their churchFormed after the Great SchismAllows Icons to be used as conduits of prayer 19. Christianity- Traditions Russian Orthodox Unique traditions IconographyProtestantismStarted with Martin Luther and his 95 theseDoes not believe in transubstantiation or follow the PopeEmphasizes a personal relationship with God as the key to true faith and salvation 20. Christianity- Fundamentalism vs Liberalism Fundamentalism Believe the Bible is to be read literallyThe work of God written through people Liberalism Bible is to be read as metaphor with the meaning contemplated and discoveredDoes not believe the Bible is the exact word of God but was instead written by humans with Divine inspiration guiding them 21. Themes in ReligionIn groups of 3 or 4 discuss the following questions and prepare a response to discuss with the class What are some reoccurring themes or ideas that exist in the first four major religions we have discussed? What are the major differences between the religions of the East and the Religions of the West? 22. Religion Is there a fundamental question that all religions seek to answer?If so what is this question.If not, how do the fundamental questions differ between religions?What does this say about humanity in general?


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