4 cool new gadgets to buy in 2013

Download 4 cool new gadgets to buy in 2013

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<ul><li><p>4 Cool new gadgets to buy in 2013</p></li><li><p>The market is full of geek toys! Half of the ways while we are only a few months remaining to land to the New Year, we have had plenty of awesome gadgets that are hitting the cool level era! If you are one of those guys love playing with such like toys, then here are few technological gadgetsfor you to add those to your collection list in 2013.</p></li><li><p>TSir Wristband charger Nothing is more annoying than a dying cell phone at crucial moment when you need them most. This is a constant problem of each and every person who found themselves in these sorts of situation quite often. </p><p>Like others, if this is the problem that you are dealing with, then here is introducing the Tsir tech universal wrist band that can help you to save energy of your cell phone devices on the go! This device is widely available in the market and you can find it from any other electronic store very easily.</p></li><li><p>Neural Impulse Actuator NIA is an amazing device that allows gamers to experience the game in a better way. The surprising thing about this gadget is its functionality resembles with the mouse functionality that allows a user to interact with the games character with the help the bio potentials rather than a mouse. You can find this amazingly cool device online to enhance the gaming experience and to maximize your gaming performance.</p></li><li><p>Wearable video cam LX2 This is its first kind. This is a hands free video cam that allows you to record videos and share clips instantly. This is a wearable device that sees what you see and effortlessly records your life as you live it. </p></li><li><p>Celluon Laser projection keyboard </p><p>Besides all the advanced gadgets we have discussed above, this device is quite different. This is a device that allows a user to turn any flat surface into a computer keyboard. This is really hard to believe this, but certainly speaking it can do so. By the help of a laser diode and some sensor mechanism the device projects QWERTY image on a flat surface and allow a user to use it as a computer keyboard.</p></li><li><p>Thank YouRooms 1318-19,13/F,Hollywood Plaza,610 Nathan Road,Mongkok,Kowloon,Hong Kong. Tel : 00852 31757935 Fax: 00852 27108266 Web: http://www.opelus.com Email: sales@opelus.com Msnopelus.hk@hotmail.com Skype: opelus.hkhttp://www.pinterest.com/opelus/http://goo.gl/c0WX5p</p></li></ul>