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CTC Company Proprietary Information 1 3D Augmented Reality Avatars “Vanguards of the Museum Revolution” Richard Burkert, Julie Adcock, Ron Punako, Dave Luciew, Delivering Cost-Effective Education and Training Solutions

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CTC Company Proprietary Information 1

3D Augmented Reality Avatars “Vanguards of the Museum Revolution”

Richard Burkert, Julie Adcock, Ron Punako, Dave Luciew,

Delivering Cost-Effective Education and Training Solutions

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Richard Burkert, JAHA

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• Challenges• Underlying Goal - tell the story

• characters, events, places• Visual elements enhance storytelling

• Vision - cusp of a revolution in storytelling - • 3D Gaming Technology • Mobile Applications• AR/VR


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• Tech Upgrade/Exhibit Refresh • Interactive media selection/museum renovation• Interactive Storytelling and More Engagement• Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality• Interactive - dialogue based format• CTC - “Partner in storytelling”

What brings us together?

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Interactive Character AR Tour Guide - Rev. David BealeInteractive Setting - Virtual Reality Blacksmith Shop

Immersive Story Elements

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Interactive Characters

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Game-Based Training Applications

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Historical Character Resurrection

• Historical Account• Period Costumes• Images / Drawings• Age Progression/Regression• Digital Double Scan• Texturing and color• Animation Setup• Facial Morphs• App Development/Features

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JAHA - Interactive Heritage Discovery

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JAHA AR Guide Demo

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• Visitor supplied hardware solution (AR)• See and experience things not physically present (historical

sites, artifacts, relics, figures, environments)• Project onto real world environments• Creating deeper and more meaningful experiences• The power to see and experience historical narrative • Digital guides are always available

The Power of AR for Museums

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Interactive Settings

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Immersive Virtual Worlds

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Virtual World Construction

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Historical Site in VR

• Historical Account• Images / Drawings• Environment Scan• Re-Meshing• Texturing and color• Animation Setup• VR/AR/Gaming

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JAHA - Interactive Heritage Discovery

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• Augment/Integrate with existing exhibits• Digital guides are always available • Make entire 3D artifact collections accessible• Keeps Exhibits and Technology Up to Date - Mobile solution adapted at any

museum• New Source of Revenue - (In app sales, on demand collectables, and digital

sponsorships)• Create/produce rich content that can only be unlocked on site - Integrate on-site

exploration linked to bonus content Reduced Operational Costs• Encourages On-Site Visits• Encourages Return/Repeat Visits• Digital Preservation of Key Content - Leverage for Reuse• Extension Into Community and Classrooms

Potential Operational Benefits for Museums

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• Helps tell the story and bring content to life• Relevant for Millennials and beyond - Use technologies and methods

relevant to youth (3d, AR/VR/Social Media, Gaming, etc) • Competition with available media• Directed Experience and Self Guided Tours• Remote Museum Tours - and Artifact Exploration• Route visitors through attractions• Add new, exclusive content to attract return Visits• Weave a narrative that tells the story using sites, artifacts and

exhibits• Encourage social sharing and platform

Potential Engagement Benefits for Museums

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• Ability to produce the high fidelity visual content central to the experience

• App foundation and tools• 3-D content sufficient to captivate and immerse the viewer,

on par with commercial entertainment• Faithfully reconstruct digital environments and

personalities• Guide character• Environment creation

• Dedicated staff with specialized skills

What is needed?

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Instructional Design/StorytellingInteractive 3D/Gaming3D Asset CreationInteractive Media Multimedia ContentMobile AppsMapping IntegrationR&D / Company focus

CTC Relevant Technologies

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Platform and Research

• Background• AR/VR• Developments and trends• Vision / Mixed Reality Use Case

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• Major corporations including amazon, google, Facebook, sony, and samsung agree that AR&VR represent the web experience of the future and are heavily investing in the design and use of these technologies.

Technology Trends (AR/VR)

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• 2014, Facebook’s $2B acquisition of Oculus Rift • 1B Magic Leap• Microsoft Holo lens• Apple Primesense, AR Tech

Relevant Technology Trends AR/VR/Mobile

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