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LinkedIn is the best online networking platform for professionals. If you're serious about your career, you need to be serious about LinkedIn. Public speakers and presenters especially need to use LinkedIn effectively to establish credibility with audiences and event coordinators. Also, LinkedIn is an incredible tool for developing an influential platform as a thought-leader. Use these 33 LinkedIn tips to ensure that your LinkedIn profile is at all-star status. For sources used in this design, check out the complete blog post at: http://www.ethos3.com/blog/ Ethos3 is a presentation design agency with premier presentation designers and PowerPoint designers. Contact us if you have an upcoming presentation. We can make your presentation awesome: http://www.ethos3.com/contact/


<ul><li> 1. l l if Ij '1 CHARACTERS OR LESS , Before a presentation, update your a V Linkedln profile; attendees will review it to assess your credibility. @Ethos3 Transform a ' Create entries -" generic link to " for every role your website into a you have performed call to action, within each job especially on title. Its okay to company profiles. have overlapping @Entiviagazine dates. @Forbes ll Share high-quality -" information with your network to create connections that become alliances. @ReidHoffman A. _. The ideal _ Skip the "How "4 _ length for " . do you know Linkedln long-form this person" step. posts is 500 to Click "Connect" 1,200 words. from search results, Tailor length for instead of profiles. your audience. @Sy| vanLane @$mallBizTrends _ Want another user or company to see * your Linkedln status updates? Use @mentions when you post. @HubSpot Don't be a I wallflower. Your , . " profile is 5x more likely l_ l, to be viewed if you join and are active in groups. @Linkedln When Looking " introducing * * for a new yourself, don't be job on Linkedln? self-centered. Be Don't let your boss generous, genuine know; turn off your and focus on the activity broadcasts. other person. @CareerOutcomes @Emmielviartin M Linkedln users A A who update their I, A _ ' profiles regularly get 4 e i more job offers than peers who contact recruiters. @RimDey Censor , ___. % Schedule time -_ yourself. - to be active on If you wouldn't Linkedln. Review say it in a job your profile, interview, don't monitor updates, say it in a Linkedln participate in group, or post. discussions. @TechRepublic @ABAesq 1, Evernote and Linkedln integrate; organize business cards, Linkedln info, and networking notes in one place. @Evernote ___. Use your Linkedln L; - - profile as a sales I tool. Add a short video : about your company . to your profile. @Salesforce , L_ Add value , tg__. Profiles with r to Linkedln * * pictures are groups: share 14x more likely to visual presentations be viewed. Use a that will interest professional image group members. with a neutral @JayBaer background. @Linkedln y P Avoid profile buzzwords, such as: * creative, and motivated. iviinimize adjectives. Emphasize verbs. @Businesslnsider 2. Don't use the "LinkedIn has . !'l . ,y_. t] -* automated 1 found that 20 invitation message: posts per month ''I'd like to add you can help you reach to my professional 60 percent of your network on unique audience. " Linkedln. " @Buffer @Dailyiviuse The best times to i post on Linkedln: y , Tuesday and Thursdays, between 7am and , 9am local time. @SocialiviediaWeek l Zl _ Company Download *1" updates with 4" Linkedln's images have a 98% Connected app; it's higher comment designed to simplify rate than updates professional without images. relationship @Linkedln development. @Ji| liani| es cg You are unique. Prove it. Use a ' creative headline instead of defaulting to your current job title. @iviarketingSherpa Help recruiters, ,_. Successful I prospects and = "'. Linkedln potential partners content often find you; provides use keywords ready-to-use throughout your takeaways in Linkedln profile. a list format. @USnews @AndreyGidaspov ",4 Follow Dan Pink's lead; he reprised a " post "3 tips for TED speakers" for Linkedln's publishing platform. @DanielPink Endorse . .l List volunteer people you experience on respect. Send a Linkedln; 42% of thank-you message hiring managers when someone value it as much as endorses you. formal job @JeffBullas experience. @Linkedln _, _ .1 "LinkedIn groups . * provide one of the = 4 best personal branding * opportunities you have ' . with social media. " ' @Forbes , _., l Struggling to Share original '' fill a role in "4 content; your company? "content is now Instead of hiring a viewed six times recruiter, join more than jobs- Linkedlns related activity on Recruiter service. Linkedln. " @i~! Ytimes @JasonlviillerCA V . Use visuals; embed Slideshare ' . presentations and infographics into l your profile and long-form posts. @SiviExaminer v .111 . .? fi w'. :.-T r, :*r'. -:: .= .tf'F%. ' Contact ETHOS3 to get started today: $71.; r*'i: @El: l" sE7.: ::4i I "1 ET! -EOSS I . '-. ~-'2rcf-"inr. irig P; 'eserti: ai: ion Design l E T H O S 3 E M P O W E I I N G I R E S E N T E RS </li> </ul>