30 Quotes Every Startup Marketer Should Know

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Dont bunt. Aim out of thepark.Aim for the company ofimmortals. David OgilvyArtMapInc.comMake your team feelrespected, empowered andgenuinely excited about thecompanys mission. Tim WestergrenArtMapInc.comProduct Second. "Marketing First.Rand FishkinArtMapInc.comYou cant beeverything toeveryone butyou can besomething tosomeone. Drew DavisArtMapInc.comYou have brilliance inyou, your contributionis valuable, and the artyou create is precious.Only you can do, andyou must. Seth GodinArtMapInc.comA year from now,you'll wish you hadstarted today Karen LambArtMapInc.comPeopledont buywhat you do,they buywhy you doit.Simon SinekArtMapInc.comBuild it, and they will come only works inthe movies. Social Media is a build it,nurture it, engage them and they may comeand stay.Seth GodinArtMapInc.comWere all learning here;the best listeners willend up the smartest.Josh BernoffArtMapInc.comChase thevision, notthe money;the moneywill end upfollowingyou. Tony HsiehArtMapInc.comIf you build ityoumay still need GoogleAdWords.Jennifer MesenbrinkArtMapInc.comLeverage thestrength that youhave: that no oneelse can be you. Todd WheatlandArtMapInc.comGoing viral is not an outcome; its ahappening. Sometimes it happens;sometimes it doesnt. Just remember, fans are vanity andsales are sanity. Lori TaylorArtMapInc.comNo growth hack, brilliantmarketing idea, or sales teamcan save you long-term if youdont have a sufficiently goodproduct.Sam AltmanArtMapInc.comBe undeniably good. Nomarketing effort or social mediabuzzword can be a substitute forthat.Anthony VolodkinArtMapInc.comIf thingsare notfailing, youare notinnovatingenough. Elon MuskArtMapInc.comIf youre co-founder orCEO, you have to do allkinds of tasks you mightnot want to do If youdont do your chores, thecompany wont succeedNo task is too menial.Elon MuskArtMapInc.comIn a crowdedmarketplace,fitting in is afailure. In a busymarketplace, notstanding out is thesame as beinginvisible.Seth GodinArtMapInc.comRemember to listen. Proactive listening is by farthe most underused onlinemarketing tactic. Jason FallsArtMapInc.comInvest inphenomenalcontent.AdamKleinbergArtMapInc.comRemember that theres aperson on the other side, whohas a life full of commitments,stresses, activities anddeadlines.They are not thinkingabout your brand 24/7, despitethe fact that wed love them to.So we have to insert ourselvesinto the conversation and addvalue to their livestheircomplete lives not just the partthat affects the brand." Jim JosephArtMapInc.comThe best way to builda brand is to payattention to customerneeds, create betterexperiences, and thenlet the customer sayhow great thoseexperiences are.Brian ClarkArtMapInc.comThe only way towin is to learnfaster thananyone else.Eric RiesArtMapInc.comThe best way to predict the future isto create it. Peter DruckerArtMapInc.comGood marketers see consumersas complete human beings withall the dimensions real peoplehave. Jonah SachsArtMapInc.comTheconsumer isnot amoron; sheis yourwife.David OgilvyArtMapInc.comInstead of usingtechnology to automateprocesses, think aboutusing technology toenhance humaninteraction. Tony ZambitoArtMapInc.comIf you get bored withsocial media,its because youare trying to getmore value thanyou create.Fast Company StaffArtMapInc.comNothing begets creativitylike constraints."Christopher MimsArtMapInc.comMarketing is nolonger about thestuff that youmake but aboutthe stories youtell.Seth GodinArtMapInc.com