30 Inspirational Quotes from Seth Godin Every Marketer Should Know

Download 30 Inspirational Quotes from Seth Godin Every Marketer Should Know

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  • Marketing is no longerabout the stuff that youmake but about thestories you tell.

    Its easier to love abrand when the brandloves you back

  • Marketing is a Contest forPeople's Attention

    Marketing that works ismarketing that people

    choose to notice

  • People do not buy goodsand services. They buyrelations, stories & magic.

    Finding new ways, moreclever ways to interruptpeople doesnt work

  • If it scares you, it mightbe a good thing to try

    I can tell you this: Leadershave nothing in common

  • Don't find customers foryour products, Find productsfor your customers

    Be genuine. Beremarkable. Be worthconnecting with

  • If failure is not an option,then neither is success

    Stop advertising andstart innovating

  • Today, most marketers dontnotice, track, or interact withpeople until they are customers

    Either youre going to tellstories that spread, or youwill become irrelevant

  • Change almost never failsbecause it's too early. It

    almost always fails becauseit's too late

    Quit or be exceptional.Average is for losers.

  • The easiest thing is to react. Thesecond easiest is to respond. Butthe hardest thing is to initiate

    The cost of being wrongis less than the cost ofdoing nothing

  • The largest enemy of change &leadership isnt a no, its a not yet.

    Not yet is the safest, easiest wayto forestall change

    I made a decision to write for myreaders, not to try to find more

    readers for my writing

  • Hope without a strategy doesnt generateleadership. Leadership comes when yourhope & your optimism are matchedwith a concrete vision of the future &a way to get there

    What could you measure? What wouldthat cost? How fast could you get theresults? If you can afford it, try it. Ifyou measure it, it will improve

  • Dont try to make a product foreverybody, because that is

    a product for nobody

    This is marketing done right.Marketing where the marketer

    changes the product, not the ads

  • The problem with working witha coach isnt that we dont knowwhat to do. The real problem is that wedont want to change our mind

    If you dont have time to do it right,what makes you think youll have timeto do it over?

  • You can spend your time onstage pleasing the heckler in the back,

    or you can devote it to the audiencethat came to hear you perform

    You cant fool all the people,not even most of the time. People,

    once unfooled, talk about the experience

  • In a crowded marketplace, fitting in is afailure. In a busy marketplace, not standingout is the same as being invisible

    Instead of wondering when yournext vacation is, maybe you oughtto set up a life you dontneed to escape from

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