3 proven ways to make money online

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    3 PROVEN Ways to Make Money ONLINE

  • 3 Powerful Proven Ways To Make Money Online

    oAffiliate Marketingo Selling products for other companies.

    o Info Productso Selling information.

    oFreelancingo Doing simple services for other people.

  • Affiliate Marketing

    Sometimes referred to as Performance Marketing

    The Affiliate drives sales of another businesses products or services.

    In return for his/her efforts, the Affiliate is paid a percentage of each sale that they have originated.

    Easy business model to start. Can start today!

    Like a sales rep working on commission.






    .Are some examples

  • Six Figure Affiliate Blueprint1. Choose Your Niche / Topic (Find Products To Promote)

    2. Develop Your Keyword List

    3. Create Your Content and Videos

    4. Build Your Website or Squeeze Page

    5. Monetize Your Website

    6. Drive Traffic

    7. Optimize & Improve

    8. Expand

  • Why We Love Clickbank!

    Joint venture contracts. Makes partnerships easy. Makes JV broker deals super simple!

    Pay for referred affiliates making sales happen during your launch.

    Global payment processing. Orders from 190 countries everyday on their platform.

    Support to sell your product in multiple languages. Multiply your product sales. Translation is a high priority!

  • Video Strategy Overview

    Find a niche with hungry buyers. Create several short videos helping your target market.

    Answer their biggest questions. Offer practical solutions. Give them a resource to resolve their problems.

    Key to this system is creating a large amount of videos targeting different keywords.

    Provide a link below the video to get them onto your email list. Send them to a presell page for an affiliate offer or your own product.

    Use the description to provide the link. Include the easy to follow link at beginning and end of the video.

    Find more topics to create videos around. Monitor your results.

    Video views, clicks on your link, affiliate sales or email subscribers.

    Repeat for another niche market.

  • Creating Content

    Two options for content. On screen video of yourself using a digital camera or phone camera.

    PowerPoint screen capture style video. Use PowerPoint if already installed. OpenOffice Impress (Free)

  • Create Your Product

    After you select your niche it is time to create your digital product. Decide what format you want to deliver your content in. Examples of types products you can create:

    Ebooks Video Courses Audio Courses

    Include Transcripts for Added Value

    Series of Short Reports Live Webinar Trainings

    Dont need the product done to begin!

    Coaching Services Expert Interviews Services

    Graphic Design (Photoshop Skills), Video Skills, Writing Services, etc.

  • Basics of Freelancing

    Freelancing is when you get paid to do work for someone else. A freelancer is not a traditional employee. Typically with freelancing you work with several clients. You set your work hours. Many successful entrepreneurs do this full time. You can make very good income as a freelancer. You will learn how to launch your own freelancing business for

    free. Huge Tip: You can do services for potential JV partners!

    Think long term profits.

  • Freelancing Step #1: Services You Offer

    Here is a list of services you can offer when freelancing. Writing

    Ebooks, Reports, Articles, Blog Posts

    Graphics Photoshop Services

    Videos Recording Videos, Editing Videos, Screen Capture Videos

    Wordpress Setup of Blogs Themes, Plugins

    Posting content on the blog. Writing Blog Posts.

    Web Design Building of Simple Websites

  • Freelancing Step #1: Services You Offer

    Social Media Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn Social Engagements

    Blog and Forum Commenting Posting relevant and non spammy comments on relevant blogs or forums.

    Consulting Works for all niche markets.

    Technical Setup Setting up sales pages, squeeze pages, etc.

    Recruiting JV Partners Can email potential JV partners for a fee or cut of sales.

  • Freelancing Step #1: Services You Offer

    Business Plan Creation Resume Writing Tutoring Help Lawn care Advice Shopping Advice Travel Planning Consulting On Speaking Bookkeeping QuickBooks Services Think of what you are good at! Think outside the box. What do you do for a living everyday?

    Think how you can help others without violating contracts with your employer.

  • Freelancing Websites

    Freelancing websites and job boards offer a great chance to find jobs.

    They are high traffic sites that connect freelancers with clients.

    Most of the largest freelancing sites are free to get an account.

    You fill out your profile and bid on jobs.

    Some sites let you post your service for clients to find.

    Quickest way to find jobs you can start bidding on.

  • Freelancing Websites

    Odesk.com Guru.com


    Peopleperhour.com 99designs.com

  • For more detail

    Visit http://ulearnhowto.com/moneycounts-signup

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