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Presentation from "Mythbusting PPC Urban Legends" at SMX Advanced 2009 focusing on 3 landing page myths: 1) landing pages as single pages 2) Flash is bad 3) MVT is better than A/B testing -- all not true.


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Mythbusting PPC Urban Legends: Landing PagesSMX Advanced 2009Scott BrinkerPresident & CTOion interactive, inc.

sbrinker@ioninteractive.comTwitter: @chiefmartec

What is the typical conversion rate of a PPC ad

Sorry, trick question.

The conversion happens after the click.

In converting respondents, PPC ads and landing pages are symbiotically linked.

Myth #1:A landing page is a single page.(Only the green M&Ms make you horny.)

Think of a landing page as a bridge between ad and conversion.adconversion(continuity gap)

Sometimes the conceptual distance isnt that far, and a single leap is enough to get people across.

Other times, you have a little farther to go.

Just dont use a short bridge for a long distance.(Unless your respondents are willing to do a lot of work.)Sometimes a single landing page is just right.

8.12% conversion11.4% conversion

9.23% conversion

Other times a 2 or 3 page path is better.

13So again, we promoted this trade segmentation to a one-click choice on page one.Now someone landing can choose whats relevant to them right up-front.No form to fill out, just one click to self-segment.

segmentsimple14Now we go to page two, the same basic layout used by the control.But the content/offer is now tailored to the segment: And the conversion form is simpler. One less drop-down for people to wade through.

When is a path better than a page?

3 scenarios.

#1.When you want to segment respondents.


#2. When you want to ease someone into a process.

#3.When multiple steps actually builds engagement.

30What about a 14-page path? 14 pages, youve got to be kidding!

31Bronto Software is an email marketing company that ran a campaign to drive respondents to an Email Marketing IQ Test.Page one, the landing page, introduces the quiz

32And then the next 9 pages ask questions, one question per page, about email marketing best practices.

33Finally, on page 11, it asks them to convert.Any guesses on how this performed?

Dont think of a landing page.

Think of a post-click marketing experience.

Myth #2:Flash on landing pages is evil.(Vampires existeven without a law degree.)

That is a bad example of Flash on a landing page. Loading delay Lengthy animation Design over clarity Expensive* Unless youre a firm that produces expensive, highly animated, design-heavy Flash web sites.*

The problem is not that people dont have Flash.99.1%

This is a Flash object. 43K in size (loads < 1 sec) Writing is text, not image Google can index text Images load asynchronously Sharp text rendering All text/images configurable


This is a Flash object. 5K in size (loads < 1 sec) Most of page is HTML text Interactive image browser Images load asynchronously Engagement without refresh All images configurable

Why climb the Flash mountain? Higher conversion rate Better branding Easier engagement Creative differentiation

Economy of Flash is achieved through variable parameters.Designer creates once. Marketer uses many times.

Myth #3:Multivariate Testing (MVT) is better than A/B testing.(Oooh, sacred cow.)

MVT isnt better than A/B testing. Each has pros and cons.

But MVT hashad better PR. Time to balance the scales.

A/B TestingMultivariate Testing Requires more traffic Can test more combinations Variations of fixed elements Need independent elements Harder to visualize tests Risks of bad combinations Usually limited to a page Often harder to set up Requires less traffic Tests fewer variations Apples-and-oranges tests Dependent elements okay Easy to visualize tests No risk of bad combinations Can test multi-page paths Often easier to set up

8.12% conversion11.4% conversion

9.23% conversion

This kind of test cant be done with MVT.

Think big.

Test small (and safe).

6 headlines + 5 subheads +4 images +3 copy blocks +2 calls to action =720 combosRussian roulette caveat: how many disastrous combinations lurk in the shadows?

Uh, oops.Combination #593 is bad.

The point of busting the MVT myth: marketing > mathChoose the right tool for the right job.

Thank YouInterested in more about post-click marketing and strategic landing pages?

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