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1. 3 Construction Myths Debunked The construction industry has seen some difficult times since the economic recession. Since then, however, it has recovered and grown. Analysts and those in the industry expect great things in the next decade. However, given the recent hardships, some misconceptions and myths have arisen about the industry and its future. The following are three common beliefs about the construction industry and construction jobs and the reasons they are not true. Low Wages and Salaries Perhaps a prevalent notion for those outside the construction world is that construction workers, regardless of position, do not earn high wages. Some believe that construction workers will always make very little and have no opportunity to earn more. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, many fields in the construction industry pay quite handsomely. Construction project managers made on average $90,000 a year back in 2012, with electricians, operating engineers and other construction equipment operators earning on average $48,000 - $52,000 annually. Construction jobs can pay very well with earning potential increasing with more experience and education. Visit the Bureaus website for more information. Theres No Need to Go to School to Work in Construction 2. It is true that laborers do not need a college degree in order to work on a construction project. Many learn the trade on the job right after high school. However, the spread of trade schools as well as the advancement of technology and online education means individuals looking for construction jobs should continue their education to gain a competitive edge on their competition. Online education sites like Lynda.com and KhanAcademy.com offer self-paced lessons for individuals looking to add abilities to their resume or construction companies that want to help their employees learn new software and skills. Classes include Microsoft Office and basic office skills, social media for businesses, Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Computer-Aided Designs (CAD). Advanced education may not be required in the construction industry, but it will certainly value to any individual or company portfolio. Theres No Future With the recent economic downturn and the widespread layoffs that occurred across the nation, many have said that this marks the end for construction as a stable and long-lasting career. A construction job would be the last resort option, not a viable career path. This, of course, is not true. There are many different ways to advance in the construction industry and have a successful career. For example, a construction project manager could eventually become an executive or a high-ranking manager within a large firm based on their experience and skill. Construction laborers can advance to become superintendents or project managers furthering their career as well. Construction accountants and cost estimators, architects and engineers will also grow in the years ahead. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that many of the occupations in construction will grow in the coming years, some significantly more than others. Those interested in a specific position should take a look at the website to examine the projected outlook. Once the myths are debunked, it becomes obvious how strong the construction industry has become. The field is growing all across the world, and the need for construction workers is on the rise. There is certainly a future for construction workers, and that future looks bright. Construction Connection: ConstructionConnection was created out of a need for a more effective and streamlined way for construction industry professionals to get matched with the right industry jobs and with the right industry opportunities. The founders of Construction Connection, both industry professionals themselves, listened to both company and individuals, dissatisfaction with the traditional job 3. boards, the paid resume blasts, the overpriced resume services and overall lack of sympathy toward the individual candidate. They also listened to the dissatisfaction from companies who post jobs only to get many irrelevant results or have to purchase high priced ads to showcase their company. Construction Connection is a patent-pending, one-of-a- kind profile creating / match-making system. The system delivers effective results. Construction Connection saves time, money and aggravation by matching people to people, people to companies, companies to people, and company to company.