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This is a slideshow presentation of 29 different ways to make money online. To get more information, read the 29 Ways to Make Money Online for Free Ebook for more details and strategies for making money online.


<ul><li> 1. 29 Ways to Make Money Online for FreeJinger Jarretthttp://jingerjarrett.com/30dayim/webinar</li></ul> <p> 2. Affiliate Marketing Affiliate marketing allows you to sell someone elses products. These may be digital or physical, and you can use a wide variety of techniques to promote. 3. Free ReportsFree reports offers several ways to market. You may givethem away to build a list, as well as selling variousprograms, yours or someone elses from inside the report. 4. ServicesIf you have some type of service you offer, you can expandyour market by selling online. This includes writing, virtualassistants, and website design. 5. Email MarketingEmail marketing is one of the most automated ways tomake money online. Build an effective list of loyal followersand then send out an email whenever you have a greatoffer. Its almost instant money. 6. Classifieds You can use this technique to sell your products or someone elses. You dont need a list or website, and you can often do it for free. 7. Digital Products Digital products are the most popular products online to sell, especially if you sell your own, because theres very little overhead involved other than a website and domain name. You can also offer a high markup. 8. Physical ProductsThe markup on physical products is usually less. With theright product though, you can make a lot of money. 9. BloggingThis is not only an easy way to build sites, it allows you tomake a lot of money. You can sell your products orsomeone elses. 10. Resale RightsResale rights are where you purchase a product fromsomeone else, and you have the right to sell the productand keep 100 percent of the profits. The drawback is thatyou cant make any changes to the product. 11. Private Label Rights PLR, or private label rights, is where you purchase digital products that you are allowed to change and make your own. Theyre more effective than resale rights because you can use them to create higher priced products. 12. Public DomainThis technique is similar to PLR. Instead of taking genericproducts and changing them to create your own, yourechanging a previously created product into one you own. 13. Bum MarketingThis is a relatively simple technique to use for those new tothe internet. It involves affiliate marketing, writing articles,and using free classifieds. 14. MembershipsThis is by far the best way to create a passive residualincome. Memberships allow you to work once and get paidover and over. 15. AuctionsSites like Ebay can make you a lot of money. You can usethese sites to build lists or sell your products, and the bestpart is that theyre paying customers. 16. Pay Per Click Pay per click allows you to sell your products or someone elses. Another technique that doesnt require a website or list and is the fastest business to start. It can also be one of the most expensive. 17. Forum MarketingThis technique works with both your own products orsomeone elses. You can use it to build lists, which is themost effective, or sell low cost products from your resourcebox. 18. GiveawaysGiveaways allow you to not only build lists, but you alsoearn money from those who sign up through your link andbuy a product. Since youre building a list, you make moremoney because you can market more products to those onyour list. 19. SurveysThis technique probably wont allow you to quit your job.However, if youre simply looking to make a little bill money,it can be effective. 20. Completing OffersAccording to Project Payday, this technique can actually beused to make at least a couple of thousand dollars permonth. Great technique for mom and those looking forextra income. 21. Brokering JVsWhen you broker a joint venture, you are bringing togetherthe product owner with your own list of joint venturepartners. You make a percentage of the sales or a flat fee. 22. Offline BusinessesMost businesses are still in the "real world." Many of thesebusinesses can still use the internet to expand theircustomer base. 23. Cost Per Action (CPA)Cost per action is where you get paid every time yourvisitor takes action. This technique is very lucrative andrequires a website. 24. J.O.B. Many marketers, myself included, laughingly call this "Just Over Broke." You can, however, find employment online and work from home. 25. TeachingPlenty of teaching opportunities abound. You can teach foruniversities or sites that allow you to offer classes. 26. Content MarketingContent marketing is about building large websites. Youoffer your visitors plenty of content, as well as plenty ofoffers woven into your sites. 27. Selling from Non Auction Sites There are a wide variety of sites online that allow you to sell your products. These include catalog sites, as well as other marketing sites. Many allow you to submit an RSS feed of your product line for quick inclusion. 28. Speed Sales (Fire Sales) Firesales allow you to make a lot of money quickly by offering your products at a discount. With a time limit, it pressures your potential customers into buying now. 29. Upsells/Cross Sells These two techniques are a more passive way of making money from your website. They allow you to integrate additional offerings into your mix. Set it up once and continue to make money. 30. LicensingLicensing is where you pay to use someones image oreven his/her product. Then you are allowed to createproducts from that license or market that product underyour own name. 31. Free Internet Marketing MembershipDiscover the easiest ways to make money online and startmaking money in hours.http://membership.killermarketingarsenal.com </p>