2014 02-27 board engagement for fundraising success

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  • 1. Board Engagement for Fundraising Success Lewis Flax, Flax & Associates Thursday, February 27, 2014Thrive. Grow. Achieve.

2. Board Engagement for Fundraising Success RAFFA Learning Community Thursday, February 27th, 20149:00 AM 11:00 AM 1899 L Street, NW 6th Floor (Large Conference Room) Washington, DC 20036 3. Todays Discussion Board Engagement Recruitment and Cultivation The Ask 4. Board Engagement 5. Critical to Success Current and future leadership Ability to support key initiatives Guide the organization Determine priorities and focus 6. Overlooked and Avoided Awkward and uncomfortable Oversight role May not be well connected Skills in other areas Easy to focus on other initiatives Requires time and patience 7. Committed to the Cause? Engagement Emotion Ego 8. Engagement Evaluate current statusStaff perspectiveFuture plans 9. Board Review/Plan Interaction Fundraising plan aligned with strategic plan Perceived goals and objectives Barriers to success Role in fundraising 10. Assessment? Likely results? Position appropriately Purpose for serving Evaluate each board member Impact of evaluation 11. Recruitment and Cultivation 12. Reactive Approach Name others that can support Seek dollars first Lack of a vetting process Address at the last minuteWhat should we expect? 13. Other Organizations Steps and requirements Evaluate results 14. A Proactive Approach: Develop a Pool of Talent Donors/Funders Current (and previous) volunteers Members Distribution list (mail/email) Event attendees Program participants Engaged in advocacy efforts Board members (other organizations) Leverage connections Corporate executives Corporations (matching gifts) 15. Engagement Options Award programs Event involvement Programmatic initiatives Advocacy efforts Public relations campaign Other campaigns 16. Evaluate and Test Evaluate involvement Test commitment Expect drop-off 17. A Privilege and an Honor Pass the test? Candid conversations Key questions Level of interest Value add Understand capabilities and interests 18. Selecting the Right Individuals Review requirements Clarify expectations Seek commitment Extend invitation Accept no 19. Square Peg Into a Round HoleConsider other options Figure out an appropriate fit Ask for suggestions Potential options Chair of a campaign Letters under their signature Involvement in a specific initiative Role in an awards program Other? 20. Making the Ask 21. Fundraising Effectiveness Ability to provide support Strong network/connections Willingness to conduct outreach Capabilities and skills 22. Ask: Executive Director 23. Why not the ED? Difficult position Asking supervisors for money Board rotates different individuals Less authenticity Lost in the details 24. Ask: Board Member(s) Respected board member(s) More genuine and authentic Peer to peer engagement A sense of obligation Less pressure on Executive Director 25. Engage Board Member(s) History and involvement Impact Emotionally compelling story Support amount and connection Importance of contributions from all Ask with passion/conviction stretch Follow up individually 26. Solutions: Stories Emotionally compelling Specific individual/problem Detail the challenges encountered Explain success and impact Ask for their opinion and feedback Align with their motives/interests 27. Fundraising Training Conduct training for board members Determine who will lead Assess what should be covered Acknowledge limitations/concerns Provide needed guidance and support 28. Next Steps Interest in improving board engagement/results Time/resources Strategies and tactics Actions in the next 30 days Impact on your organization 29. Thank you! Lewis Flax is President of Flax Associates, a firm that provides consulting, coaching, and training to assist charitable organizations increase financial support by developing and expanding corporate relationships. Often the ability to engage and leverage key volunteers and board members plays a large role in securing financial support.Contact Information: lewis@flaxassociates.com (202) 266-2655 (w) (301) 922-9309 (c) www.flaxassociates.comPage 21