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    2013 Presidents annual rePort

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    The vision for Lawson State Community College is to: promote quality opportunities for lifelong academic, professional and personal learning for students; provide an accessible, integrated collegiate learning experience focused on instructional excellence and skill preparation for employment; provide a dynamic and engaging student life experience enhanced by social, service and athletic activities or organizations; provide diversity within and beyond the college to effectively respond to community needs; value and practice integrity, fairness and honesty; and promote continuous improvement through advanced technologies and administrative services.

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    The Presidents Message 5

    Presidents Cabinet 6

    Strategic Planning 8

    Highlights - The Year in Review 14

    Accomplishments 20

    The Lawson State Foundation 22

    Grants and Enrollment Report 25

    Financial Summary, Revenues and Expenditures 26

    Table Of ContentsTable of Contents

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    Transforming Lives Lawson state Community CoLLege

    Lawson State Community College is a comprehensive, diverse, public,

    two-year, multi-campus college, which seeks to provide accessible

    quality educational opportunities, promote economic growth and

    enhance the quality of life for people in its service area. The College is

    dedicated to providing affordable and accessible lifelong learning

    opportunities through varied instructional modes in order to prepare

    students for employment or career advancement, enable students to

    transfer to senior colleges and universities, and provide customized

    training for business and industry.

    Our Mission

  • Presidents Annual Report u 6

    This past year, Lawson State Community College embarked on

    new projects and programs to enrich the lives of our students and the

    community. The information provided in this report illustrates the work of

    dedicated staff and faculty and committed students who have worked hard

    to build a brighter future for themselves, their families and our community.

    Visible signs of our investment in Lawson State are reflected throughout

    our campuses. We have made it a priority to support Lawson State in

    continuing to maintain academic excellence for our students.

    We received the esteemed honor of being ranked by the Washington

    Monthly Magazine as the fifth best community college in the nation out of

    more than 700 reviewed. This recognition simply acknowledges Lawson

    State Community College as a strong portal for academic achievement

    Lawson State Community College, a 21st century educational gateway.

    With continued strong enrollment, new and exciting programs and

    offerings, highly qualified and inspiring faculty and staff, and numerous

    capital construction projects in progress and more on the way, LSCC is

    definitely on the move! It is our goal to continue to improve student

    success and create opportunities that will strengthen their individual

    career accomplishments.

    We look to the futurethe challenges and opportunities that lie

    aheadand how Lawson State can enhance its hallmark of exemplary

    teaching and learning in a collegiate environment second to none.

    I invite you to review our 2013 Annual Report and share in our promise

    and commitment to excellence for our students, stakeholders and greater



    Perry W. Ward, Ph.D.

    President, LSCC

    Message From The PresidentA P

  • Presidents Annual Report u 7

    Dr. Bruce Crawford Vice President for Instructional Services B.S., Stillman College M.A., University of Alabama Ph.D., Kansas State University

    Dr. Sherri Davis Academic Dean and Director of Developmental Programs B.A., Hampton University M.A., Cambridge College Ph.D., University of Southern Mississippi

    Dr. Cynthia Anthony Dean of Students B.A., Talladega College M.Ed., Ed.S., University of Alabama at Birmingham; Ed.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham/University of Alabama

    Mr. Darren C. Allen Assistant Dean of Administration & Records B.A., M.A., University of Alabama

    Mrs. Sharon Crews Vice President for Administrative and Student Services B.S., Alabama State University CPA, State of Alabama M.A.c, University of Alabama at Birmingham/University of Alabama

    Dr. Myrtes Green Assistant to the President and Director of Title III, Sponsored Programs and Development B.S. & M.S., University of Alabama Ph.D., University of Alabama

    Dr. Randy Glaze Dean of Educational Support Services B.S., University of Alabama M.A., University of Alabama Birmingham Ph.D., University of Alabama at Birmingham/University of Alabama

    Front Row, L - R: President Perry W. Ward, Mrs. Sharon Crews, Dr. Sherri DavisBack Row, L - R: Dr. Bruce Crawford, Dr. Myrtes Green, Dr. Cynthia Anthony, Mr. Darren C. Allen Not pictured: Dr. Randy Glaze

    residents CabinetP

  • Presidents Annual Report u 8

    Institutional Goals and AccomplishmentsThis report shares the institutional progress and success of the College as outlined by the nine approved goals and indicators. This is an evolving plan that will continue to reflect the growth and vitality of the institution.

    Goal 1 Successfullycompletedthirdyear

    of QEP with a focus on creating an online ORI101 course and a two-week transfer-student course


    ExtendedreviewofQEPdataforbroader QEP impact assessment

    Accomplished95.7%passratefor46Associate Degree Nursing graduates FY 2012

    Accomplished100%passratefor15Practical Nursing graduates FY 2012

    Graduated15DATgraduatesinFY2012 with 20 in pipeline for FY 2013

    CenterforTeachingExcellenceinLearning(CTEL)conductedover250+hours in faculty training from new faculty orientation to Blackboard to Tegrity to Web 2.0 to FAME training and more


    Hostedsummerworkshopforhighschoolautomotiveinstructorswith51attendees from Alabama, Mississippi, GeorgiaandSouthCarolina

    Certified100%ofdevelopmentalreading faculty on Test of Adult Basic Education(TABE)

    AddednewprogramsCertifiedNursing Assistant/Home Health Aide, Advanced Emergency Medical Technician, Pharmacy Technician and Phlebotomy Technician

    Recruited163dualenrollmentstudentsfor Spring 2012-2013

    AttendedtheEmergingResearchers(ERN)ConferenceinWashington,D.C.for 2-Pi STEM Scholars

    Hostedatwo-partTransferStudentDay for 2-Pi STEM program students with Auburn Universitys College of Agriculture

    Goal 1: To develop an exemplary and world-class instructional program Goal 2: To maintain a comprehensive and engaging exemplary Student Services DivisionGoal 3: To thoroughly integrate technology college-wide in instruction and administrative servicesGoal 4: To deliver distance education and hybrid instruction that provides equitable access to program resources and college-wide servicesGoal 5: To be recognized as an institution that is fiscally responsibleGoal 6: To maintain facilities on both campuses which are appropriate for educational programs and administrative servicesGoal 7: To support professional development of faculty and staff through a comprehensively structured programGoal 8: To strengthen economic and workforce development through current and emerging trendsGoal 9: To include the community as an integral part of the college



    Ntrategic PlanningS S

  • Presidents Annual Report u 9

    HostedtheMinorityMaleSTEMInformational Session with Alabama A&M University

    Hostedthe2-PiSTEMSummerEnrichmentInstitute(SEI)forsixsecondary schools in the area

    DesignsfornewLSCCandCorporateServices logo concepts presented by gaphic arts communications students

    ParticipatedintheUABKoronisfestforthe third year winning first or second each year of competition

    PresentedthefirstGraphicArtsShow,that was televised gaining exposure and enhanced business relationships

    CompletedthenewOne-of-A-KindAir Flow Trainer, designed by HVAC instructor Brian Moore and built by the students

    Earnedandreceived119nationalcertifications by HVAC students

    Increasedthepassagerateofstudentsfor IC3 and MOS

    ImplementedBusinessAASandAA programs with concentrations in hospitality management, human resource management and executive management


    ContinuedAdultEducationpartnershipswith Alabama Career Center, Birmingham City Schools, City of Birmingham,FamilyGuidanceCenter,One Stop Career Centers, Work Force Investment and the Foundry

    RevisedcurriculumforAUT,DDT,GIS,and ILT

    Library Acquired,cataloguedandinput40,000

    e-books specializing in the community college curriculum


    in print reserve materials

    Modifiedmarcrecordsinpreparationforthe reclassification from Dewey Decimal to Library of Congress

    Addednewarrivals,onlinerequestforms and virtual classrooms to the librarys website

    Reviewedaudio-visualcollectionforSirsi input, inventory of equipment and implementation of new media center

    Sponsoredseveralwebinarsforlibrarystaff and faculty on Ovid anatomy, social media and assessment for literacy

    Conductedseveralactivitiesincluding Black History Month, E-Roots: Using the Internet to Explore Your Family History, faculty art exhibits and chats andGoRedDay2013forHeartDiseaseMonth

    Goal 2 InitiatedSimplicityastudentconduct

    office and behavioral intervention team

    ImplementedFormStackfill-informsforNewStudentOrientationandfreeGEDclass request forms

    Customizedadmissionletterstotargetspecific audiences

    CreatedelectronicpublicationstoeRecruit as email inquiries are received

    Increasedcampustours,collegefairs,awards day/scholarship programs and offeredCollegeGoalSunday


    Applied,processedandloadedover$17millionincludingTitleIV,SEOG,institutional scholarships, athletic scholarships and college work study

    Providedservicesto13,185contactsthrough the SPACE Center

    AdministeredCompass,ATB,GED,CAPP and TEAS tests





    trategic Planning continuedS

  • Presidents Annual Report u 10

    institutions participating

    ParticipatedinPhiThetaKapparegionalleadership Training

    ParticipatedinEthicalStudentLeadership Conference at Wiley College

    PlayedintheACCCMensBasketballConference Tournament and advanced to the quarterfinals

    PlayedintheACCCWomensBasketball Conference Tournament and advanced to semi-finals

    HostedthefirstLawsonStateCougarClassic Volleyball Tournament and Lawsons team advanced to the championship round


    Convertednewidentificationbadgesforuse in April 2013

    PartneredwithRegionsBankand Wells Fargo Bank to provide Financial/

    Literacy/Education to students

    Goal 3 CTELimplementedLynda.comofferingover5,000intrainingcourses

    CTELcontinuedtotrainandpromotetechnology in the classroom and offices

    Boardcertified100%ofdevelopmentalfaculty on Blackboard by August 2013

    Conductedspecializedtrainingofdualenrollment faculty via CTEL

    Goal 4 WroteandsubmittedtheSubstantive

    Change Report to expand online learning

    Conceptualizedasharedonlinetemplate for all eCollege courses

    StrengthenedonlinedeliveryofGeneralEducation courses using Quality Measures standards


    Goal 5 Receivedzerofindingsunqualified


    CompletedrequirementsforIPEDS,AthleticsEquityandLibrary(requiredforTitle IV funding)


    Obtained$85,000alternativefuelsgrantfrom Department of Energy

    Receivedadditionalthree-yearfundingfor CARCAM

    Receivedafive-yearUpwardBoundProgram grant from the U. S. Department of Education


    Developednewfoldersfordocumentimaging system including direct deposit application, AP check registers, tax documents and purchase orders

    Increasedthenumberofbookstorerentals through partnership with Raptor/BookRenter.com

    Goal 6 Expandeduseofnetwork-basedvideo


    Expandedvirtualenvironmentontheblade server in preparation of One Card System

    AssistedFacilitiesDepartmentwithonline requests for maintenance and vehicles

    CreatedplansfortheEastCampusandWest Campus that identified utilities

    CompliedwithallrequirementsofEO25by compiling energy usage reports

    DevelopedBuildingManagementSystem to provide greater service for the College

    PurchasedtheoldWenonahElementarySchool site

    BidoutrenovationsoftheA.G.GastonBuilding and the addition of the Culinary



    Ntrategic Planning continuedS S

  • Presidents Annual Report u 11

    Arts wing with construction beginning in July 2013

    Manageddemolitionandrenovationsofthree science labs

    Bidoutanewgroundscontracttocleanup the exterior of the campus

    Passedastate-approvedfirearmsqualificationcoursefor100%ofthestate certified police department


    InitiatedVirtualAlabama,anewprojectto identify floor plans in all buildings

    Goal 7 AttendedAnnualAprilFACESClinical

    Workshop in Montgomery for nursing faculty and students

    Attendedsemi-annualACAPNEPmeetings held for nursing administration

    Completed12-monthPostsecondaryWorkforce Development training program

    AttendedNationalCosmetologySchoolOverview for state board testing

    PresentedatEducationbyDesignTechnical Training Conference 2013

    Performedin-houseauditson100%ofpersonnel files

    Requestedandreceived100%ofevaluations for full-time employees

    Advertisedandmaintainedfileson34full-time positions

    Goal 8 ParticipatedintheNationalAssociation

    of Fleet Administrators Conference

    HostedtheSummerworkshopforautomotiveinstructorswith51attendees from Alabama, Mississippi, GeorgiaandSouthCarolina

    Deliveredmultipleclassesincompressed natural gas, propane, hybrid vehicles and first responder safetytoover625students

    Assistedover200companiesandlocalgovernments with specialized training

    ServedontheManufactureAlabamaWorkforce Development Committee

    Completed12-monthIndustrialMaintenance Training program for Jim Walter Resources


    HostedMechatronicsHands-on-Instructor Training

    Goal 9 Seniorstudentsperformedhairservices

    at nursing homes

    Participatedinthe7thAnnualProjectHomeless Connect

    Processedmorethan450taxreturnsthrough the VITA Program

    Offeredworkshopsoncreditmanagement, IPAD 101, careers in banking, online learning, real estate careers and automotive entrepreneurship

    PartneredwithCentralAlabamaWomens Business Center to offer free entrepreneurship classes to students

    CoordinatedCareerFairandWellnessDay as a joint venture with over 400participantsandmorethan70employers and health care providers


    ConductedanActiveShootersTrainingfor local law enforcement L



    trategic Planning continuedS

  • Presidents Annual Report u 12

    LSCC Named Among The Top Five Community Colleges In The Nation



    community colleges in the nation. Lawson State ranked fifth in the Best Community Colleges

    category of the 2013 Washington Monthly...