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Page 2- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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The Disaster WishTyvon LeSureMrs. Hurd

It was a dark and stormy night, and three boys were on their way to an antique store.

“Why do we have to go to the antique store again?” asked Green in a Lazy tone of voice.

“We have to pick up my mom’s 1970s lamp”, stated Chris. “And you promised Dwayne and me you wouldn’t whine.” When the boys had arrived to the antique store, the wind started to blow harder.

“I hate living in Chicago.” Dwayne stated.“Oh boohoo!” replied Green“Would you two shut up” Yelled Chris. “We have to get my

mom’s antique lamp or she’ll kill me.”As the boys entered the antique store the aura changed. All

of the happiness disappeared.A man appeared out of the darkest part of the store and

said “Hello, I am Mr. Chao. I know your journey has been long and hard, so I will grant you all One wish each.” The strange man said.

The boys looked at each other in a confused manner. “Well”, Dwayne said awkwardly. “I wish I was the smart-est person in the world.” Suddenly Dwayne’s brain started to glow and pulse. “I know everything!” Dwayne shouted, “9245 times 7941 equal 73,414,545! I know…” Dwayne’s gloat-ing was interrupted by a sharp pinch in his head. The pain was dreadful. Dwayne screamed with great agony, until his head literally exploded. Dwayne had been decapitated by his

own knowledge. Dwayne was dead.The room was filled with mixed reactions. “Oh my gosh!”

screamed Green. “He’s dead!”“Hey man, what’s the deal with that?” asked Chris. “You’re

stupid wish granting ability just killed my friend!”“Oh, but it was not my ability, it was your friends stupid-

ity.” Stated Mr. Chao. “He should have not made such a selfish wish. So who is next to wish?” asked Mr. Chao in an uncaring tone of voice.

“You want a wish? How about this, I wish Dwayne’s wish backfired!” Green yelled angrily.

“Your wish has been granted!” Mr. Chao said confidently. Suddenly Green’s brain started to glow and pulse.

“Oh no!” screamed Green. “I know everything.” Eventually Green felt a sharp pain in his head. He too felt the agony, the pain Dwayne felt. Soon Green screamed with great agony, until soon his head too exploded.

“This is ridiculous! You’ve killed both of my best friends!” Chris angrily yelled to Mr. Chao. “I’m going to turn you into the police.” Chris stated.

“Hold on!” Yelled Mr. Chao, “You cannot prove anything. What would you tell the police, that an elderly antique store clerk gave your friends free wishes and their heads explod-ed?

You will have looked foolish!” For a moment the room was silent. Then it was filled with the roar of Chris’s one wish.

“I wish that everyone and everything would just go away!” Scream Chris. Suddenly everything became dark. There was no longer anything. Chris looked around in a confused man-ner. Chris looked around and saw nothing. He had been left alone in a big dark room, but little did he know it wasn’t a room. Chris finally realized that he was alone.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 3

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The Very Spooky Halloween NightOlivia FenstermanFourth Grade

One Halloween night, some kids named John, Jessica and Joey went to a very scary haunted house. When they went up to the door they were really scared because they've heard stories that if you go in, you don't ever come out and that there are ghosts everywhere and if you go in no matter what, the door locks when it closes. So they all looked at each other and John Finally said, "Don't be scaredy cats. I'll open that door because I'm not scared at all." So he opened the door and said it's dark in there, really dark. So they all went in, Jessica and Joey holding hands and John shaking hard because they were all scared – even John. They first went into one room and saw tow small shadows and heard creaking. Nothing was in that room but they knew something was in that house. They went into five more rooms, nothing but creaking and mysterious small shadows. They had one more room to go in. They were all so scared they all put their hands on the door knob and they all opened the door and saw a small, cute, black cat and a cuddly, brown dog. Nobody was scared anymore. So they went to their own house and went fast, fast asleep.

The HauntedAbigail Ankrom

Once in a far far away mansion, there lived a girl named

Mindy. She lived with her mother named Linda. They loved their mansion. That is until THEY arrived. But the story starts like this. The night before THEY came there had been a family dinner. It was the dinner where Grandpa Splay had told the scariest stories ever. He told of different spirits that had died in the place Mindy and Linda called their home. That night, Mindy could not sleep. Linda was the same. I know I’m the grownup but Grandpa Splay tells the scariest stories, maybe I will sleep with Mindy tonight. She thought to herself. Finally,Mindy came into Linda’s room. “Can I sleep in your room? I’m scared.” Mindy asked. “Yes.” Linda said.

The next morning, Linda got up. The room felt hot. Linda almost felt mad. She couldn’t help but check the thermostat to see if Mindy had turned up the heat. Surprisingly, it was only 65 degrees. Linda went downstairs. It felt really cold. When she checked the thermostat it was 84 degrees. Linda decided to call the heating and cooling service. But when they got there and did a full inspection, they could not find a single thing wrong with the thermostats or anything else. Before they left, they told her that it was probably just a glitch and that the thermostats were probably just old. When the heating and cooling service left, Linda woke up Mindy and they decided to go to lunch at Cabrera’s Diner. When they got to the diner, they sat down at a booth. “So how is school going?” Linda asked. “Good, how are things going at home while I am at school?” Mindy replied. “Good.” Linda answered. It kept going awkwardly like that for 20 more minutes. Then they got their meals. “Here is your food,enjoy.” The waiter said. “Thank You.” Mindy and Linda both said in unison. When they were about to take the first bite of their meal they screamed.”EWW!” cried Mindy,”there are worms in my spaghetti!” “YUCK!” cried Linda.

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Page 4- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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“There are spiders in my soup!” They both hopped up and ran out of the diner. They decided to go home. When they got home they went straight upstairs to take a nap. Mindy asked Linda if she could sleep in her room. Linda said yes. When they woke up,it was about 6:30 pm. When they went downstairs to eat dinner they heard a noise. “What was that?” Mindy asked.”I don’t know” Linda replied. They heard the noise again. “Now I’m scared.” Said Mindy. “YOU SHOULD BE.” A voice called out. “Maybe we should leave.” Linda said. “NO STAY.” The voice called. Linda and Mindy raced over to the door. It wouldn’t budge. “I SAID STAY!!!!” The voice boomed. Linda raced over to the phone. She dialed 911. “Help my daughter and I are stuck in our house! We are at 52 Suckers Ln.” “Alright! We will be there in a moment.” The police said calmer than Linda had expected. Linda yelled at the voice, “Ha the police are coming!” “I don’t think so” The voice yelled back.

“The only one who can defeat us is the little girl.” Mindy gasped. “But I’m only 8 years old.” She said as scared as a young girl could get. “ You brought us here when you slept with your mother.” The voice laughed. “That spot in the bed was where most of us died, other than the people who died in the base-ment. When you laid on that spot, you disturbed us and now we want revenge.” The voice said as though he knew that he would not be destroyed. “I can do it, I can destroy you.” Mindy shook her fist the air even though she didn’t quite know where she was supposed to be shaking it. When she was finished shaking her fist she whispered something in her mother’s ear. Mindy’s mother ran out of the room. When she got back she was hiding something behind her. “What are you doing?” The ghost asked. “Show yourself and maybe we will tell you.” Mindy yelled in an angry voice. Then in a quick fluid motion something flew out of

the closet. Then two things flew in from upstairs. Finally,three things flew in from the basement. It scared Mindy so much she started crying. “It’s all right Mindy.” Linda told her. After Mindy stopped crying,she ran upstairs and grabbed what she got for Christmas, The Ghost Denominator 8000. She ran back down the stairs. Then she walked right up in the ghost’s face and screamed,”BE MEAN TO THIS!” Then she pulled the trig-ger. The ghost roared in pain as the Ghost Denominator sucked him in. “Who’s next?” Mindy raged. The ghosts screamed in agony as they got sucked up one by one. By the time Mindy was done,all the ghosts were in the G.D. 8000. “Wow that was scary.” Linda said. “Tell me about it.” Mindy replied. The next day, Mindy and Linda sold their house and moved into an apartment on Maine ST. in New York. They never spoke of the ghosts again, as for the Ghost Denominator 8000, it and the ghosts were given to a paranormal activity team as a study piece.

The End!!!!!

The Haunted RoomAlyssa RicksMrs. Hurd

The door opened with a creek. We looked around and saw all the people, some running, some talking, and some laughing. Colby looked at me and smiled, tonight was going to be fun. Tonight we were at the new haunted house, my friends said it was not very scary but when I heard some kids screaming, I thought differently.

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“Doesn’t this look awesome?” Colby exclaimed over the loud music and laughter. I looked at him and smiled.

“Yeah, this looks pretty fun.” I said with fake enthusiasm. Colby started talking about the decorations and how funny this house would be. We were walking away from the front door when a group of little kids ran between us, some screaming and some laughing. After the kids

“Colby!” I called for him but I never heard an answer. I knew I should not be afraid but after hearing all the screams I could not help it. After I stopped freaking out I started to look for Colby. When I looked at one door, I thought I saw Colby’s hair so I ran after him. I opened the door and saw a winding staircase going up. Listening for footsteps I stayed absolutely still and then I heard my name being called.

“Jessie?” The voice said and I was sure it was Colby so I ran up the stairs as fast as I could. The staircase was dusty and not kept in good shape. It seemed like none of the lights worked except for the slight flicker every minute or so. I got to the top of the stairs and I looked down the hall. There were six rooms and I listened for Colby, but there was no sound. Suddenly I heard heavy foot-steps coming from the fourth room. Running to the fourth room I heard more steps coming from the same room so I opened the door and tried the light switch but nothing happened.

I walked into the room quietly, “Colby?” I whispered his name. With the door open, I could still hear the quiet laughter of the kids downstairs but I felt a breeze and “BAM!” the door slammed shut. I squeaked and ran for the door but it didn’t budge.

“Colby, someone, let me out!” I yelled desperately but no one answered. I turned around and started looking for a light of some sort but every step I took the floor creaked. That did nothing to

settle my fears. While carefully walking around the room I felt spider webs everywhere and I heard little rats feet scamper all around me. In my head I thought, “Man this house is scarier by the minute.”

Eventually I got back to the door and yelled for help again and I felt a rat run across my foot. Then it was all quiet. No scamper-ing of feet or anything, just my own breathing. “Jessie! Where are you?” I heard Colby running up the stairs and I pound on the door to let him know which room I was in. He came to the door and opened it with a breeze. I looked at him incredulously. “The door was locked! How did you open it?” I asked dumbfounded. Then Colby turned on the light and I looked around the room and there were no spiders or rats in sight.

“The door was not locked at all.” Colby said. I looked back at the room and realized it was all my imagination. After being in that room I wanted to get out of there so I grabbed Colby’s arm and pulled him down the stairs. When we got to the bottom we both stopped, we heard footsteps from above us.

“Colby… Were you the only one up there with me?” I asked.“Yeah, we were the only ones.” He replied and we got out of

that house as fast as possible.

The Haunted HouseAmelia BeltrameaAge 7

It was Halloween on a stormy night. A girl and a boy were together. The girl’s name was Zoe and the boy’s name was Jack.

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Page 6- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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“Look!” said Zoe. “A house - one that we skipped.” “I don’t think that’s a plain house, “ said Jack. “I think that

it’s a haunted house.” “Yikes!” said Zoe. “You’re right! It sounds like a haunted

house.”Meanwhile in the haunted house:“Boooo! Oh, Boooo!” said a vampire.“Here I am,” said a ghost. “We have company,” said the vampire. “Go scare those kids

away.”“Okay,” said the ghost. “If you say so.”Meanwhile back outside:Zoe and Jack came up to that house and knocked on the door.

Right away, Boo the ghost, said, “Booooooooooooh!”“Aaaahhhhhh!” said Jack and Zoe and they ran all the way

home.“Good job, Boo,” said the vampire.“You two better go to your room!” said their mother, the

witch. “But, but, but - it was Vampy’s idea!’ said Boo. And then the ghost and the vampire had to go to their room.

They had to go to their room because the witch is nice and she never has company and she wants kids to come over. She has nice candy and she wants people to use it up.

The Evil Mary-JaneAskya QuinnMrs. Hurd

There once was a very psychotic woman, Jane was her name, hard working yet full of mischief. These traits may sound horrid to some, but for her they all paid off. In her town she was known as one of the top lawyers.

“Who am I you ask?, just know I am very fond of Jane. Here she was on her way to the courtroom for one of her biggest cases yet. She had been preparing vigorously a week ahead. “Mom where are the cheerios?, said Mary-Jane. “I don’t know honey,” said Mom. Mary-Jane gasped. “I’m off to work!”

She entered the court room quietly and took her seat. Her chin up and back straight, she knew she had it in the bag. She found a thrill in proving people wrong whom she knew were right. Her client was wrong and she knew it, but know way in the world would she be proven wrong. The defendant rose and spoke her case, her name was Brooke Holman. Mary-Jane knew she had a great point and everything added up, but no way she was going to loose to little Miss Holman.

You see, Brooke Holman went to Mary-Jane’s high school. She was so popular,every one knew her in her small town in Arkansas . Holman and her boyfriend Josh McKinney often bul-lied Mary-Jane without even thinking twice. Mary-Jane knew she would get revenge on her but she didn’t know just how. One day Mary-Jane peed in Holman’s water bottle, which she’d fill with tea everyday. It was the best prank yet; Holman spit out the pee and ran out the cafeteria crying. Mary-Jane wasn’t always this crazy; she was actually once a sweet little girl, but all the bullying just go to her one day

It was Mary-Jane’s turn to speak and she rose quickly smiling as if someone else’s life was not on the line. She stood, proved her point; yes it all made since but was it enough to win this case? She waited patiently for the judge’s decision. She smiled an evil smile and looked at hr client in certainty. The judge finally spoke up; her client had been proven guilty.

Later on that day Mary-Jane returned home, she dropped her brief case down and instantly punched the wall. She went to her room rinsed the blood off her hand and fell asleep on her bed crying hysterically. She woke up and all she could think about was revenge. She thought and thought of what she would do to her until she finally came up with a plan she would kill her! Nothing else crossed her mind the next day she just knew it was the best safest thing to do to her. She knew she wasn’t crazy; it would be the nicest thing she could think of. Mary-Jane drove to Brooke’s home. She pulled up slowly. It was 3 a.m. in the morn-ing and she grabbed the key under Brooke’s rug and entered her home quietly.

You see once upon a time in a crazy period of Jane’s life she began to go to counseling. In doing so her counselor suggested she become friends with Brooke and that she did. They often hung out and at times Jane would get off work before Holman so she gave her a key to her home so she can meet her there. She remembered that key; Brooke told her that no matter what she kept a key under her rug. Jane entered into Brooke’s bedroom franticly ready for a fight, but instead she approached her room seeing that Brooke was fast asleep. She ran up behind Brooke’s bed and began to choke her; Brooke woke up and tried to fight back. Eventually her energy died out and so did she. Jane finally accomplished her goal, Brooke was finally dead.

About a week later a cop pulled Jane into an interrogation room. The cop began to ask her several questions about her relationship with Brooke. “You weren’t very fond of her, which gives you the perfect reason to kill Brooke, now wouldn’t it”, said the police. Mary-Jane denied all that she was accused of, and she did it well, don’t forget she was a lawyer. Mary-Jane left the interrogation room and she noticed a familiar face, she had seen it before. It was me Josh McKinney Brooke Holman’s boyfriend from high school. I could tell she was wondering who the witness was. You see the day that Brooke was killed; I had just talked to her on the phone. She told me that Mary-Jane was coming over and I was welcome to stop by. I bullied her in high school, but it was only because I liked her so much.

As scandalous as this may sound I accused someone else of Mary-Jane’s crime and they were sentenced to life in prison. It has been 6 years since the killing; me and Mary-Jane have been happily married for two. I would do anything for her; call me crazy all you want but it’s not true. Mary-Jane has gone back to work and has been more successful, but for all the future law-yers watch out for Mary-Jane she maybe coming for you!

A Halloween ThiefBrady GriffinMrs. Hurd

Steven wasn’t any ordinary black cat; he was one that thought he wasn’t scary. It was a week before Halloween, the time all black cats show how scary they can be. Steven’s family, the Robinsons were all about being scary, up until their fifth child, Steven, came. The first four were as scary as can be, but the outcast was Steven. When Steven told his dad about his flaw, he was shocked. This was then Mr. Robinsons’ job, to show Steven how scary he could be.

“We will start in 3 days!” said Mr. Robinson.One night, they focused completely on just trying to look

scary. With Steven’s long, slicked back black fur, that shouldn’t be too difficult. One of the things his dad told him was to crease his back like an arch. That night helped Steven realize how scary he can look, but he still didn’t believe he can actually be scary.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 7

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On the second night, it was now only two days until Halloween.

“Tonight,” his dad said “I will teach you how to scare other cats.

“Who first?” asked Steven“We will start with your mother and siblings.”On his first attempt, Steven was very loud and not very

sneaky what so ever. His dad told him to tip-toe and sneak behind things so no one could see or hear him. When he tried this, he still did not do the greatest. He snuck behind cabinets and couches well but he still was not quiet enough. His third attempt was very good as he crept very quietly and swiftly.

When Steven and his dad went outside on the second night to scare people walking around the neighborhood, it started out pretty well. One person Steven saw, he was going to scare, but suddenly, a big black van came out of no where and a tall, long brown haired man picked Steven up and threw him in his van.

It seemed like the van drove for hours on hours. When the car finally stopped, the man grabbed Steven by his fur and took him inside and threw him in the basement. When he got down there, Steven noticed he was surrounded by tons of other black cats just like him. They all looked terrified, even in their sleep. Steven didn’t know what to do so he figured he would just go to sleep and figure out what to do in the morning.

When Steven woke up the next morning, all the others were already awake. He started going around asking how all the other cats got there. It had seemed like every one of them said they got there the same way, that they were out around the area with their dads and a big black van came a took them. Steven found this very weird. He knew he had to do something, but he had no idea what.

When the others all knew the creepy man had left, they assembled together and tried to think of a plan to get back to their homes. They decided they would all explore the basement and see what is down there. Half of the cats went one way, half the other. When Stevens’s group got into a back room with a creaking door, they noticed a bone of some kind on the floor. They all managed to work together to turn the lights on. When they could see, they noticed skeletons of cats hanging everywhere. This frightened out the group greatly all scattered.

Later that day, when they all came out of hiding and met back in the main room, the cats discussed what happened. The cats all came to the conclusion that this old man was a cat murderer. They were even more scared than before, now. Even though they were scared, they knew they had to think of a plan, and they knew they could.

After hours of planning, they finally finished. When the man would come downstairs, one the cats would make the man come over to the corner of the room and then the oth-ers would jump on him from behind. When he fell, the cats would scratch him and hopefully that would keep him down long enough.

The plan was effective and when they got outside, all the cats noticed they were close to home. Without Steven, most of those cats could have been dead any day. Since he was the leader of this plan, Steven felt obligated to help all the others get home. When he got home himself, he realized how scary he actually was and he told his family all about his adventure. Halloween was the next day and Steven was extra excited.

One Bloody NoteChase Madison

Clop clop clop clop, as the horse of a wanted outlaw is pushed to its very limits as the rider tries to escape his destiny that would lead to certain death if they ever caught him. There was no turning back for Nick Austin for there was a bounty on his head that no man could ever resist. This bounty could forever change the life for whoever claimed it. Most of you are probably wondering what Nick Austin could have possibly done to turn his friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances against him and cause Nick to fight for survival. Nick was a murder in fact one of the most infamous murders in the area at this time but only he does not know this. Nick has been accused of 26 accounts of 1st degree murder.

Many months ago Nick started blacking out randomly. First he blacked out about once every week but as time progresses they started occurring daily and then multiple times a day, finally it got to the point where Nick couldn’t even remember where he was half of the time. One day nick was at the local pub having a beverage with his friends and all of a sudden Nick hit the ground almost as if he had just been pushed off a stool. About 45 minutes pass and Nick finally arises from the floor just long enough to receive his bearings only to find that all his friends, all the employees, everyone in the pub was dead with only Nick left in the room alive. There was blood everywhere bodies lifeless on the floor. Nick terrified runs home in disbelief to wash away the horrors he had just seen and to rest for he thought it was a dream. Nick awoke the next morning to see a not on his door saying ‘we know what you did’ terrified by this Nick runs into the town in search of a newspaper. When he finally found one it said local mas-sacre with 13 dead and no suspects. Nick speechless leaves to his parents’ house to stay until this whole murder case blew over. As soon as he arrives he blacks out again only to awake 45 minutes later only to awake to the dismembered bodies of his parents and 3 sisters. He hears a knock on the door and finds no one there but only a note saying ‘we know what you did’. Nick crying runs out of the house to the town square. Right as he arrives he blacks out again and almost as in slow motion Nick realizes that he is the killer but at this point it was too late he hit the ground in anguish. He awakes to 8 bloody corpses and yet another bloody note that says ‘for you have finally figured out the puzzle Nick we know who you are, what you did, and how you think but what we also know is that you didn’t mean to do this’

Nick drops the bloody note and runs to the sheriff’s depart-ment to admit to the 26 murders that he had unconsciously committed so that he could hurt no one else. The sheriff put Nick into shackles and into a holding cell. Several weeks later a judge was to oversee his case. Nicks blackouts temporarily stopped. When the court date finally arrived Nick blacked out to awake with no control of his body in a dark room when a voice that sounded muffled but still understandable says ‘Nick you have disobeyed my will and now you will be given 2 option take your own life right now and save hundreds or live on as the devils pawn is this game of demented chess. For I know this was not your intent to do these things but you were chosen by the devil and for that you must be stricken.’ Nick looks around observing only to find a gun with one bul-let he knew his decision was already made, he puts the gun to his head and next thing you hear is Nick hitting the floor no gunshot fired only a single bloody note saying we know what you did.

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Page 8- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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Happy Halloween!

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On Halloween Night…Chelsea Larson

Out and aboutOn Halloween NightOne might think itA terrible frightCreepy, crawlySpiders and miceSpooky, howlingGhosts not so niceMasks and costumesIn moonlight do baskWho’s who? What’s what?Someone might askBut I tell youDo not be alarmedFor even the witches and goblinsTrick-or-Treat unharmedBoo! Boo! Boo!As it’s all blown out of sightIt is just the mere mysteryOn Halloween Night

Rumor in the WoodsDennis Lowder III12th Grade

Once upon a time there were two boys, Blake and Wayne, who were best friends. They decided to go camping by them-selves out in the dark scary woods. They thought it was going to be so much fun. Wow… they were wrong!

The boys arrived at the woods around 7PM, just before it started to get dark. They get their tents set up and started the campfire. It’s 8:59PM and now they felt good about being out there all by themselves. Little did they know that when the clock turns 9PM nothing would be what they expected for that night. The rumor was that really bad things happen after 9PM, but they were not concerned. But they should have been!

Boom!!! The clock struck 9PM and the campfire was snuffed out like a bucket of water was just thrown on it. Now the campsite is pitch black and they are shuffling around trying to find their flashlights. When they finally find them, they didn’t work. In the shuffle Blake was yelling for Wayne, but there was not answer. Blake was freaking out now. He quickly realizes that he is all alone and now someone or something has taken Wayne.

Blake is shaking and trembling but knows that Wayne’s only hope is for him to find him. He begins his search and he can feel another presence in the atmosphere. It was as if something was watching him, as if he were prey. He is lost in these woods, vulnerable and scared and trying to find his best friend.

As Blake makes his way through the dark woods, he falls into a shallow area and he can feel the shape of the body, he fears its Wayne, but quickly realizes that it’s not just one body but many. Now his heart is racing, he tries to scream, but he can’t. All he can do is run.

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He sees a light in the distance, he is out in the open, the moon is like a spot light on the ground and he notices a message drawn out with the leaves that have fallen from the trees. The message said, “You’re getting closer”. He doesn’t know what he is getting closer to, but he hopes it is to his best friend Wayne. So he continues to walk in that direction.

About five minutes later Blake hears a faint deep creepy voice calling to him saying, “You are next”. Now he is terrified, he has nobody to call for help, there is no sight of Wayne, and there is no hope for escape. All he can do is keep moving.

In another clearing of the woods the moonlight led him to a barn. There is where Blake felt he could be safe. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Outside the barn doors there was a flash-light, with just a dim light coming from it. Blake takes the light and enters the barn. Just as he stepped far enough in, the door shuts and locks behind him.

As he lifts the dim light from the flashlight up to look around he finds the most awful sight he could ever imagine that he would experience. He sees his best friend, in pieces as there is evidence that something has eaten him. Now he screams!! He is running in circles because there is nowhere to go. There is no outlet for escape. The voices of zombies and the stench of death surround him. Blake knows at this very moment he is going to die. His body is paralyzed by fear. This draws the zombies to him, they feed not only on human blood and flesh but it is tastier if fear is served with it.

The flashlight goes out and the voices become louder and he can feel the breath of the zombies upon his skin. He doesn’t move. He can’t. He doesn’t scream. He can’t. He is locked in a frozen state. As the zombies take hold of his body, he finally yells

with a curdling scream. That was the end of his torture.The fortunate part of this story is that Blake found his best

friend Wayne. The unfortunate part is that they both ended up dead and eaten by the rumors nobody would believe.

So remember, if there is a rumor about the woods, you prob-ably should not ignore it. Better safe and sound, then be the dinner of a group of zombies.

Dylan’s Short StoryDylan ColbyMrs. Hurd

Many years ago a family moved into a new house. The boy had bluish greenish eyes with specks of brown. One night his dad got drunk and hung him next to his bed. The daughter came home and saw this. She took a knife from the kitchen and came up very quietly from behind her father and took the back of his head and started bashing the front side of it into the counter until his nose was broken and he had many different bruises on his cheeks and jaw. He had lost several teeth. She reached across his forehead with her forearm and lifted his head so he looked up and slit his throat right above his Adams apple. She was found guilty with both murders and was given the chair; before she died she cursed them and that house. Everybody was terrified of the house and nobody moved in, but one night when it was storming and a kid was lost he went into the house and they found him lying a week later missing his head and blood dripping everywhere on the floor. The same thing happened a week later two kids thought it was a joke so they went into the house and they found the bodies.

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Page 10- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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There was one family who hadn’t heard so they moved in and the kid the first night as he was trying to sleep he woke to a muffled sound he looked around and the lights turned on the bulb shattered and the light was getting brighter and brighter. Then he saw a girl floating with what looked like and electrical current floating threw her she started shaking and then scream-ing a high pitched shrill scream then vanished. The floating lights disappeared. A few seconds later he saw a flash of three floating heads on pegs. He jumped up and ran out of the room he found his mother and father on the ground then their bodies disappeared. The police arrived a few minutes after he called they thought he was crazy and set him to a mental hospital and he’s been there the rest of his life and he is visited every night since then.

The Fairy CostumeElise HolbertMrs. Voegle

Once upon a time there was a little girl around the age of 8. Her name was Fae. She had an older brother named Dylon. Fae was a very shy, good little girl. Dylon, on the other hand, was a very mischievous, 17 year old boy. Dylon loved to play tricks on his little sister.

One day their mom forced Dylon to take Fae Halloween cos-tume shopping. While they were shopping, Dylon stopped to talk to some of his friends. Meanwhile Fae was looking for a cos-tume. She found a fairy costume and fell in love with it. Dylon

had found wolf costumes with his friends and they put them on. They snuck around to find Fae. When they found her they jumped out and scared her. She started crying and ran away. Dylon and his friends started laughing. Then he decided to go look for her. He finally found her, after a long search, crouched in a corner covered by hanging rugs. Dylon picked her up and took her home.

Being so concerned about Fae, he didn’t realize he had bought the wolf costume. He took Fae up to her room to try on the fairy costume. She fell in love with the costume again. Dylon got bored and left to go to his room. It was still a few days before Halloween.

The days passed slowly until it was finally Halloween. All day Fae was super excited. Dylon was so annoyed with Halloween already. Around four o’clock Fae’s mother started to help her get ready. Dylon then realized that he still had the wolf costume. He decided he would run around scaring people. After Fae and Dylon were both dressed, Fae and her mom started getting the candy ready. Then they decided it was time to get trick or treat-ing. Dylon followed a while later.

Dylon ran around scaring everyone all night. He even scared his sister multiple times. Around about eight o’clock Fae went back inside. She helped her mom hand out candy. However, Dylon kept running around scaring many more people. Around 10:30 Dylon got bored. He decided to start ding-dong ditching people’s houses. Finally at eleven o’clock Dylon started to walk home.

He realized that he started to feel a little funny. He looked down at his hands and saw hair and claws forming. Then he looked at the rest of him and saw more hair. He found a pond and looked at his reflection.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 11

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Dylon was turning into a wolf! He then started running home and found himself running on four legs. Dylon started to scream, but all that came out was a howl. He ran even faster towards home. He tried to get in the door but he couldn’t open it. Dylon looked in the windows and saw Fae playing in her fairy costume. He tried to get her attention, but then remem-bered what he looked like. It was too late. She saw him and started screaming. She ran away.

He went around the house, trying to think of what to do. Then he saw a few little kids that were still out trick or treating. They came up to his house. When his mom and sister opened the door, Fae saw him. She was about to scream, when she realized it kind of looked like her brother. She started to walk out the door. They looked at each other cautiously.

She walked slowly towards him. When she finally was inches away from him, she started to pet Dylon. He looked at her and bowed his head. Fae was positive it was him. He started to try to talk, but all that came out was a bark. She backed away, but he walked towards her. He had to find a way to get her to change him back.

Fae said, “Dylon? Is that you? I think so, but I bet this hap-pened because you are always so mean.” Dylon just barked and nodded his head. Fae replied, “I WILL find a way to change you back, but you have to promise to be nice to me. Dylon nodded his head. Fae sat down and scratched Dylon’s head and thought long and hard. Then all of the sudden, Fae found a piece of paper on Dylon’s head. It said, “Caution, may turn the person wearing this costume into a wolf. Good luck trying to find a cure by dawn.”

Fae and Dylon looked at each other. Then Fae saw something

on her fairy wand. It was sparkling. She gasped at this sight. They couldn’t figure out what was happening. They decided to try some magic tricks. Fae made up a few, but nothing hap-pened. After trying for a while, Fae was getting sleepy. It was nearly five o’clock in the morning. They have been outside for six hours. Still, nothing was working.

Dylon tried to keep Fae up as long as possible. Fae then saw a book of spells appear out of no where. This woke her up fast. She opened the book. She tried all sorts of spells. There was a spell about turning into a wolf.

It was almost 5:30 A.M. They were losing hope fast. Time was ticking. They thought they had tried everything. Fae and Dylon started walking around trying to think of more ideas. When they saw a leaf with black writing. Fae picked it up. It read, “Time is running out, you have twenty minutes left. Are you sure you’ve tried everything?”

This struck an idea in Fae’s head. She looked at the spell book and found the turning of the wolf spell. Maybe if she said it backwards it would work! She found a piece of paper and wrote it backwards. She tried it. Nothing. She said it again. Still noth-ing. Maybe she was saying it wrong. Fae was feeling hopeless.

There was another leaf. This time it said, “You have ten min-utes. You are getting closer. Better hurry up!” Fae thought and thought, still nothing! Dylon started to whimper. Fae tried to calm him down. She then saw another spell about wolves. It was saying something about a magical dance.

Fae quickly learned the dance. She tried it, but nothing. She tried it again, still nothing. There was another leaf saying, “Five minutes! You’re getting very close! Keep trying or beware of the consequences!!” Fae couldn’t think of absolutely anything else. After a few minutes passed, a pumpkin appeared.

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Page 12- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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Not just any ordinary pumpkin. It started to talk, in a scary voice. This made Fae fall back. However, it said, “One minute to go! You know what to do.” Fae thought for a second and then jumped up. She pulled out her wand and quickly said the wolf spell backwards while doing the dance. Then Dylon, started to twinkle and fly upwards. He started smoking and fell to the ground. When he got up he was back to “Dylon”. Just then, the pumpkin said, “Well done. Dylon you know what to do.” It then vanished into smoke.

Dylon picked up Fae and twirled her around saying, “You did it! You did it!” He put her down and promised to be helpful and nice to her from now on. She gave him a hug and he carried her to her bed. She whispered to him half asleep, “I knew we could do it.” Dylon was forever grateful to Fae.

The Newest KillerEmily Lange

“You look nice.”The voice was quite and mysterious, yet familiar. It was

gentle, compassionate, and amazing. It could only belong to one person: Pheonix Catrel.

I turned around, eager to see Pheonix; the popular, good-looking guy that many people, including me, had a crush on. Why he was outside of the library on a Friday night, comple-menting my looks, I did not know.

“Em, right?” He asked, before walking over to the bench and sitting next to me. It was dark and cold, but his hand next to mine made me feel warm inside.

“Yeah.” I mumbled, unsure of what to say. I wondered why Pheonix was talking to me, an unpopular mathlete, instead of hanging out with his cheerleader girlfriend, Melissa. It must have been obvious I was thinking that, because Pheonix said, “We broke up, in case you were wondering.”

An awkward silence fell between us, but it was quickly broken by Pheonix asking if I wanted to grab a bite to eat at Pizzaway. I tried not to seem super excited, but as I said yes, I felt as if I were dreaming.

On the way to the restaurant, we conversed about many things. I was having such a good time that I failed to notice we had already passed Pizzaway. There were few street-lights, and the neighborhood looked empty. Beginning to feel uncomfortable, I asked Pheonix where we were.

“By Pizzaway.” He answered, no longer using his happy, carefree voice.

Something about the way he was talking and walking started to freak me out. “Pheonix. C’mon. Pizzaway is back there. Let’s go.”

He stopped and turned around to look at me. “This way!” He commanded, grabbing my hand and trying to force me along. I ripped my hand out of his grasp and ran the other way. He caught up in a matter of seconds, and planted a kiss on my lips.

The kiss was wonderful, as was the kisser. He finished it off by saying, “Em. I really like you. Sorry.”

“It’s okay.” I answered. “But where are we going anyway?” I asked, as thunder clapped in the sky.

“I wanted to go to Baker’s Park but it would probably be wise to stay inside.” Replied Pheonix, pointing to a long for-gotten house.

“‘Kay” I agreed.Inside the house, it was warm and cozy. “So, uh, what do

you want to do?” I asked. “We could watch TV, or-”“I don’t really like you.” Pheonix said abruptly, in the same

dark tone he had used before.“Um. Okay.” I said, hurt. “But we still have to stay inside;

the forecasters are calling for a nasty storm.”“But we will still do something fun. Well, it will be fun for

me.”He was creeping me out, and I was ready to leave.“Do you have any hobbies Em?” He asked.“Yeah” I replied, trying to find my phone to call for a ride,

“I enjoy running and draw-”“Don’t care.” He interrupted. “I have a hobby, though.”

Thunder boomed in the distance, and the power abruptly went out.

“I like to kill.” Said Pheonix, “And you’re lucky enough to be my next victim.”

I stated to panic. No one would be able to hear me scream, and I only new three weeks worth of Tae Kwan Doe. In other words, I was dead meat. Literally.

“It’s really fun, actually.” He continued. “It gives me thrill, and the feeling of power. You should try it some time. To bad you’ll be dead.”

He picked up a knife, and walked towards me slowly.“Why?” I asked, trying to divert his attention, “What makes

it so fun?”“Shut up. Emma, staling doesn’t work.”Maggie Ptlynski. Brooke Albertina. Caroline Silver. Abbey

Austen. The names of recently murdered flashed through my head, and I had a hunch about who killed them.

Pheonix suddenly lunged towards me, knife in hand. Thankfully, I ducked, sending the knife into the wall.

This was my chance. I was about to run, but something stopped me. “Maybe he’s right.” I thought to myself.

The knife was still stuck in the wall, and Pheonix was fran-tically trying to get it out. I silently walked into the kitchen, grabbed my weapon, and came up behind him. Taking him by surprise, I raised my arm up and stabbed him. Showing no mercy, I did it again and again.

He quickly dropped to the floor, but he wasn’t dead yet. I felt power rushing through my veins, and success ringing inside me. I finished off the deed with two stabs; one to the brain and the other through the heart. I looked down and saw my first victim, lying in a pool of his blood, limbs awk-wardly spread out across the floor. A smile crept across my face as I returned the knife to its original place and grabbed my purse.

“That was fun.” I thought to myself, as I stepped outside into the cool rain. “But not good enough.”

I was now addicted, and I wanted more. Needed more. Had to have more. I was now outside of Pizzaway, and I decided to go in and have a soda.

Inside, I saw Carson; a guy who I knew was majorly crush-ing on me. I walked up to the table he was sitting at and put my hand on his back.

“You look nice.” I said.

The story of the stories of storiesGraham MarkowtizMrs. Voegle

It was a quite night in the middle of Fall. Although the month was October nobody expected what was about to happen. It was about nine o’clock on a Saturday night.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 13

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Since it was a holiday weekend there was no school on Monday so the children had stayed up a little later that night. There was a light rain, it had been happening almost every Friday for the entire month. The children found this spooky but their parents assured them that everything was all right. Dad had to go into work on Sunday because he had a presentation due so he went to bed early. Mother followed soon after. The children decided to play a long tedious game of monopoly. They fell asleep from exhaustion at about 11:00.

One o’clock in the mourning…EEEEeeee… there it was again…EEEEeeee. The kids are totally awake now. The noise is so terrible the children new every living thing for a mile is awake. Contrary to their belief the dog is asleep the children go upstairs to find their parents are asleep too. They know they heard the…EEEEeeee it happened again there was the noise. They turned around and their parents hadn’t moved. This dis-turbed the kids very much. They each grabbed a flashlight and headed outside.

EEEEeeee they were getting closer they could feel it. They had been searching for about thirty minutes. They decided it must be some kind of a cat like a mountain lion. They knew that they would be powerless if the cat attacked but for some reason they had to find it. It was like the sound was pulling them in, it was scary yet luring. EEEEeeee this was the final turn they knew it was around the corner. They stopped dead. They could hear it…breathing hard…breathing. They knew they have found what they are looking for but they couldn’t bring themselves to turn the corner. They were excited but frightened. Then they heard the thing turn. It was coming in their direction. They tried to run but it was controlling them. They didn’t know how but they knew that this wasn’t their mind. Then all of a sudden a bird started chirping and began to sing. It is like someone screamed in their minds. RUN!!!! They bolted no they burst through the door and turned on the tv to the bird channel and from that day on each of the children in the entire neighborhood ,who had all experienced this(The one’s that lived that is), had a pet bird to ward off this evil that plagued them wherever they went.

The Story of OliverHannah Chapman Mrs.Hurd

“Mom, I’m going to the library.” yelled Oliver. Oliver was assigned a research project over anything he wanted to write about. He decided to study the dinosaurs.

Oliver was a well-behaved, intelligent boy and was a great student. He took every assignment seriously. He decided that the only way to get a good amount of information for his project was to go to the public library because they had thousands of books to choose from.

It was a cold, gloomy day in New York City, December 18th, 1964. Oliver was walking to the library; he noticed something different about the usually busy city. Something in the air felt strange. After walking for what seemed like an hour, he finally made it to the library. As he opened the door, the heat of the building hit him. It felt good against his rosy red cheeks. As he walked up the steps, he saw the librarian sitting quietly and still at her desk. She looked almost like a statue.

He approached the desk slowly and cautiously, almost as if he was afraid to get too close. When he got to the desk, he

politely asked “Excuse me ma’m, where is the card catalog?” It took her a minute to reply. She finally looked up at him and pointed to the dusty wall behind him. “Thank you.” he said.

He walked over and pulled out the “D” drawer. He worked his fingers around until he got to the “DIN”s. He finally found “DINOSAURS”. To his surprise, there was only one book about dinosaurs.

“What?” he thought. “How could there only be one book on dinosaurs in a library filled with thousands of books?” He pondered the idea for a minute, but decided he was just wasting his time thinking about something he couldn’t help.

He studied the card. He saw that the book code was Z999.9. He had never been in this library before, so he didn’t know where the “Z” section was. He decided to ask the librarian.

He walked up to her desk and stood there until she looked up at him with blank eyes. He asked “Where is the “Z” sec-tion located?” Her eyes instantly widened with surprise. She whispered “Oh no, the “Z” section is in the back of the library. You cannot go there!”

“Why not? What’s wrong with the back?” he asked with worry.

“It’s haunted!” she exclaimed with fear.Oliver thought about it for a second, and decided it would

be fine. The old librarian was just trying to scare him.He began to walk down the empty aisles of the library. He

noticed he was in the “A” section. He walked for at least 5 minutes when he finally got to the “X” section.

He felt a breeze and looked around, but he saw nothing. He kept walking. As he walked he noticed the warmth had faded and it begun to get colder.

Oliver finally got to the “Z” section. He sorted through the books until he found Z999.9. He studied it for a second and slowly reached for it. He grasped the spine and pulled it out.

A yellow light shone brightly out of the bookcase. Suddenly, Oliver blacked out. He woke up to the violent calls of what seemed like a giant but distant animal. He sat up and rubbed his eyes. All of a sudden, he snapped into reality, he jumped up and scattered as he processed his surroundings.

“Am I dreaming?” He pondered to himself. He pinched himself cautiously, afraid that it would hurt, and this world would be real. “Ouch!” he exclaimed. This unfamiliar world was reality.

Thousands of questions raced through Oliver’s mind, most of which had no answer.

“What happened?” “Where am I?” “How do I get out?” “How long will I be able to survive?” Oliver looked around again. “Okay,” he said calmly, “I need to find shelter.”

He set off to find a place to live while he was stuck here. He walked for hours. It was getting darker and Oliver begun to worry. Finally, in the nick of time, he spotted a small cave by a flowing river. He decided to settle there.

He collected some small rocks and sticks to create a fire, but each time he tried, he could not produce a spark.

Oliver started to get drowsy and decided to give up for the night. He layed down, his back facing the inside of the cave. He wondered what the rest of his life was going to be like. How was he going to get food? What if he got sick? What if he was attacked? How was he going to survive this merciless world? There was no doubt; this is how his life was going to be from now on. The question was, could he adapt? He heard the low growl of a dinosaur in the distance, and then fell asleep.

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Page 14- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

Polar Ice CapsJeff ClubbMrs. Hurd The days at the lab were frigid and long, which is under-

standable considering they were working in Antarctica. They all came voluntarily to work on a project with Dr. Zack McGee and his assistant Nancy Johnson. They were working to study the effect of global warming on the polar ice caps and its inhab-itants.

The first weeks of the project were going fine; even a few finds were made. They believed that the ice caps had drasti-cally decreased in size, and from the new evidence found compared with the old, this turned out to be true. The new goal was to find out the effect on the wildlife in Antarctica, More specifically the polar bears. They had seen a polar bear alive only once in the few weeks they had settled into the laboratory. The other occurrences were all carcasses that had been ripped to shreds but not eaten.

The weeks quickly turned into months and there next expe-dition into the frigid land would be tomorrow.

“How long will we be able to be out in those temperatures?” asked Nancy.

“From between 2-3 hours” replied the doctor.The expedition was stopped by a rather interesting find. A

paw of a bear, but the paw was almost three times the biggest male polar bear ever found.

Zack was studying the specimen intently when all of a sud-den the door was hit by something, and this something was not of a regular animal. The lab assistants tried to bar the door but it was no use. The impending doom of the scientists was slashing at the door.

When the giant mutated creature was done, there was car-nage everywhere. A putrid smell sliced through the air. Any former inhabitants that used to be in the carnage are now long gone. Even the being that committed these acts had left with the same swiftness it had come with and finished his business. The monster would have many and many more adventurers think that they are safe, which for him, wasn’t bad.

Halloween UnleashedJessica DyerMrs. Hurd

It was three nights before Halloween, and a young boy named Shane loved Halloween more than others. Shane was a thin, tall, 15 year old boy. He thought it would be cool to be something devilish like a vampire for Halloween.

He went to a costume store called, Velma’s witchy stew. To look for the perfect costume for Halloween. As he went in he saw a black cat lying on the “meow!” said the cat. He acci-dently stepped on his tail. Then Shane ran inside. He headed for the front desk and asked the lady bending down to pick up something that probably dropped. Then he said, ”do you anything that has to do with a vampire costume?” then she came up and smiled, with her long , black hair, laid on the side. She looked at him with a smile and said, “yeah there should be something in that bin over there.” So Shane went over there in a flash. He saw cool vampire teeth, a cape, and a piece of jew-elry that was a silver spider with a ruby in the middle. Then I brought the piece of jewelry to her and asked her how much it would cost and she looked afraid when she saw it but then he

put it in his pocket and then he showed the clothes to her and it was only $5.00 . So he paid her and rushed home to try on his new costume.

When he got home, he ran upstairs in his room and tried it on, it fit him perfect… like it was made for him! Then his mom called him downstairs. Shane ran down and his mom was at the bottom of the stairs. Then she said, “what are you going to be for Halloween? Then he said, “right here!” She smiled, “oh that’s a great costume, sha-.” Before she could say anything else, he pulled out the piece of jewelry that he got for free. Then she said in a frightening voice, “Shane, where’d you get that!” he saw the look on her face and noticed it was not a good face. He slowly answered, “I got it from, Velma’s witchy stew, why?” she looked down and said, “that’s what killed your uncle:” he then asked, is this a real vampire necklace? She answered with a tear, “I’m afraid it is.” Then soon after it was dark outside and Shane was going to sleep.

When he woke up he went to the store. He arrived at the store, he walked in and saw the same necklace, but this one was a fake one of it and he bought it and so after he bought it he went back upstairs

and matched them up and he saw that they were the same. He was careful because he could accidently mix the 2 neck-laces. Then, later he got on his computer and goggled, “real vampire necklace” and it said that if you wear it on Halloween night, you will turn into a vampire. Shane made sure he didn’t mix them up. Tonight will be Halloween night.

When he went outside to get his brothers, Ryan and gorden, he came back in and his mom came and asked, “so which ones which?” he said, “I don’t know! I can’t tell apart!”He just picked them up, looked at them both and took a guess on which one is not real he really hoped it was not the real one. In the afternoon, almost evening, Shane got ready for a fun night. Shane was also scared too because what if he did mix up the two necklaces? What if he didn’t? What if he turns into a real vampire? What will he do? As he kept asking himself these same questions, he was not sure what to do but he had to wear it because his mom is making him.

One Missed TestJordan HarrisMrs. Hurd

It was a cool evening in New Orleans. Roscoe was setting up for the baseball party he was throwing with his buddy Nick. Roscoe was at very little time so he had to go to the store and pick up some food, drinks, and desserts. As he was doing all this, across town was his buddy Nick who was picking up his car so he could go watch the game with Roscoe. By the time he got his car it was time to head to Roscoe’s house and while he was on his way there, his car unexpectedly broke down about five miles from his destination. It was dark out and Nick was trying to call Roscoe’s phone but there was no answer. He finally got a tow truck to come get him and he was off to Roscoe’s. As he was getting there, he saw something lurking in the shadows. He looked away just because he thought he was dreaming. He looked back and the image was gone. Nick was a little spooked but he got over his paranoia. He finally arrived at Roscoe’s. “Hey Roscoe how ya doing buddy? Are you ready for the big game tonight?

‘Hahahah yeah you know it man. I’m hoping we win the game so we can get to the World Series. Did you bring the drinks?”

“Yes sir I did where do you want me to put all this stuff?”Continued on following page

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"You can just put it over there; I got the game on in the living room over here. Just got the big 50’ inch screen t.v put in two days ago so we can enjoy our game in high definition.”

The game went on with a lot of sighs and cheering. Then all of a sudden Nick got a text on his phone from an unknown num-ber reading, “Hey bro how have you been doing? Watching the big Cardinals game tonight?” Nick was disturbed by this and answered back, “Who is this?” But the unknown person kept on going with his conversation. “I’ve been watching you for along time. Even when we met a while ago, you and I are like brothers. Maybe you could consider us blood brothers. But I must go we shall meet again someday.” As Nick tried to reply a message it said that the number was no longer in service. Nick told Roscoe about this but Roscoe did not believe him saying that he was crazy. Nick knew he wasn’t crazy. Nick finally asked Roscoe if he could stay over since his car had broken down. Roscoe accepted. Later that night after the game, the streets and house were quiet. Nick woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of banging on the walls, then blood running through the doorway, so he ran to the closet and hid there. He saw the door opening and a mys-terious shadow walk into the room, the shadow came closer and closer to the door of the closet. The door opened and the man killed Roscoe by stabbing him. The next morning cops came to the house of Roscoe, and noticed inside that Roscoe lay dead on the ground and Nick was dead on the bed. They eventually found out later that there were carvings on the floor of the time and place that Roscoe and Nick had died that night. Still today the murders of Nick and Roscoe remain a mystery.

The Fortune TellerKasey Hohdt

You stand in lineAwaiting your fortuneWanting to know what life has in store for youYou are next in lineWaiting by the circus tentThe deep crimson big topThe color of bloodYou have not seen anyone exit yetThat worries youBuy you ignore your fearsFor your excitement is too greatThinking this is the day you discover yourselfOr what you will beTaking a stepThen another twoFinally entering the tentWhere you hope to find your destinyA creepy room your eyes findWith odd shadows dancing on the wallsPurple 70’s carpetYou cringeIt’s horridAnd smells dampThe green stuff on the walls starts to scare youBut you are torn out of your tranceBy a voiceThat cuts the air like a sharp knifeShe has you sit downBut once you doYou can’t get up

Because some mysterious forceHas buckled you downYou stare into the fortune teller’s deep dark eyesThat reminds you of an abyssWith no endYou feel a sudden chillThen the voice fills the airSounding mysteriously multipliedLights bounce aroundAs the lady chantsIn an unknown languageHer turban bouncing up and downWith her straight stringy brown hair on her shouldersHer face looks like a ghostPale white, hideousA sudden eerie silence falls around the tentYour face loses color and you start to sweatFrightened, you are glued to your chairWatching her bottomless eyesThat show no emotion or painJust emptinessThe creepy voice speaks againThis time in EnglishTelling you that you can’t runYou can’t hideFrom deathThat is sneaking up on youFaster than anythingIn your wildest imaginationThen a hand movesHolding a knifeYou watch it brought downWith a dull thudOnto your heartEyes flutteringBreathing starting to ceaseBefore your eyes closeThey see one last thingThe Fortune Teller

Labinnac CabinKyle Carlson

James looked up from his cell phone and realized he was lost and alone. James was on a field trip in the Rocky Mountains when he accidentally wandered off. James wasn’t a very smart kid, and he didn’t like school. He decided that he’d rather text than learn about boring rocks with snow on their tops. When James realized he was lost he yelled for help. He could hear nothing but the birds chirping. He kept on yelling but still no one replied. James then called everyone that he knew on his cell phone but when he called all he could hear was b e e e e e e e e e p. His phone had no service. It was getting late, the sun was getting ready to set, and James was scared. Since he had no cell phone service and was very lost, he decided to try and walk down the huge mountain. James knew he would not make it down by morning.

James began walking down the rocky slopes when he noticed an old trail going into the forest. James followed it for what felt like hours. It was getting darker by the second, and he was getting very tired. He was hearing strange sounds coming from the woods.

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Page 16: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 16- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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He wondered if he would be eaten by a bear or chased by coy-otes. When he was as scared as could be, he saw what looked like an abandoned cabin. James decided that he would try to sleep there.

He walked up to the front door. The cabin logs were broken, rotten, and wet and it smelled like dead rotting animals. The front door had a name engraved on it. It read LABINNAC. James knocked on the door but no one answered. He decided to just walk in, and it smelled worse than outside. He pulled out his AXE body spray and sprayed it everywhere. There was a broken kitchen table and one lopsided wooden chair next to it. The table had a plate with a dirty knife and fork on it and a gray piece of meat. James then began looking for a place to sleep. He approached some stairs and decided to go down them. It was pitch dark, and James used his cell phone as a flashlight. The stairs creaked as he stepped on each board. When he reached the bottom, he saw a small room. He walked towards the room and saw what appeared to be a bed. James was very scared, but he was also very tired, so he climbed onto the bed, and just wanted to rest for a few minutes. He closed his eyes.

After what seemed to be minutes, but was really hours, James was startled by a noise and opened his eyes. The room was now well lit with bright lights everywhere. He tried to reach to rub his eyes, but his arms would not move. James realized that he was wearing hand-cuffs. He also saw that his feet were tied together. He started to scream, and realized that his mouth was taped shut. What was going on? James eyes adjusted to the light and he started to look around. He was in a concrete room in the cabin’s basement, and there were shelves going all the way around the room. Sitting on the shelves were human heads

without bodies. The heads were staring at him. James then heard another noise. He looked out of the corner of his eye and saw a hunched over older man with a long beard, warts, and one green eye and one black eye. The older man started walking toward him, and James pretended to sleep.

The man came over and poked his finger into James’ arm, but James did not move. The man smelled worse than anything he had ever smelled, and then quickly walked off. James tried to move, but he was unable. He kept looking at the heads on the shelf and wondered what was going to happen to him. James just wished he would have been paying attention to the field trip now. After what seemed like forever, James closed his eyes. He kept thinking that hopefully his teacher, Mrs. Smith, had real-ized that he was missing and had called the police for help. The stress was too much, and James fell back to sleep.

James was startled from his sleep again, and felt like he was all wet. He opened his eyes and realized that he sitting inside of a giant tub of water with steel walls. It reminded him of witches pot that he had seen in comic stories. He then looked around and saw that he was now in some sort of kitchen. He tried to move, but his feet and arms were still bound together. He tried to yell but his mouth was still taped shut. The bearded man then walked up to the pot and started to reach toward him. James shook his head at the man, but the man reached down beneath the pot where James could not see, and then walked away. After several minutes, James thought that the water was starting to get warmer. The terrible thought then crossed his mind, this man was going to cook him alive. James started to become more and more scared but he could not move. He looked across the room and saw the same word that he had saw on the front door earlier engraved in the wall. LABINNAC.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 17

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What did this mean? Hopefully, someone was going to come to his rescue.

James then thought he heard barking dogs. He then thought he heard the sound of a helicopter. Maybe someone is coming to help me. James noticed the water was starting to steam around him. The dogs and helicopter started to sound closer. James was starting to feel light headed. The old man walked up to James grunted something, and then left the kitchen area and slammed the door shut. The water was starting to bubble around him. James felt a painful feeling that he had never felt before. James kept thinking that help should be here soon. The dogs sounded even closer. As the steam got thicker and hotter than he had ever felt, James noticed there was a mirror on the back of the door that the old man had shut. James looked into the mirror, and saw the same letters that he had seen on the front door and on the wall across the room. This time they made sense. It said CANNIBAL.

A few minutes later, the Rocky Mountain Police broke into the log cabin, and found James’ body boiling in a scalding pot. His cell phone was floating next to him. B E E E E E E P.

Haunting of the Black ForestLavanya Komarraju

Tiptoeing down through the bushes, Jake slowly crept into the dark pathway. This was his last prank before Halloween which was tomorrow! He saw Clarisse saunter by when he jumped out and howled in the cold wintery evening.

“Ahhhh!” Clarisse screamed at the top of her lungs, she was furious after that, “Why do you have to scare me when you can do it tomorrow, mark my words tomorrow I’ll be so happy when I prank you!”

“That’s my point, you’ll never get to scare me since I am the ultimate master, and did you see the look on your face, so price-less!” Jake said boastfully. Clarisse frowned and nodded her head no as she started strolling back towards her house, which was perched on a high hill, next to the lowering sunset. She was brewing up an evil plan that even Jake would be afraid. The next morning, skipping down to school Clarisse had told her mom that she was going to go for a walk near the old mask shop downtown after school since she really had not thought of a cos-tume to wear. As she got nearer to school, she became aware of her surroundings since Halloween night was a very dark night and people can easily get lost. But she also wanted to make sure that Jake wasn’t there to scare her.

“Clarisse, what is your costume for Halloween?” Her best friend Lacy asked from afar.

“I’m not really sure, I’m going to the old mask shop down the street and seeing if there is a spooky mask I could get, don’t tell anyone but I have a plan to scare Jake out of his mind.” Clarisse whispered. Lacy’s eyes glistened with excitement as Clarisse began to spill the plan.

“Oh my gosh, I want to be a part of it too.” Lacy squealed. At 2:30 school ended and Lacy and Clarisse walked down towards the mask store. As they entered a strong smell came from behind the third door from the left of the main entrance.

“This place is ghastly, so old and kind of creepy in a weird way, don’t you think Lacy?” Clarisse observed. Lacy was on the other end looking at the wide selection of Halloween masks.

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Page 18: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 18- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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She took a mask and put it on. Creeping behind Clarisse, she jumped out flailing her hand in the air like a crazy monster.

“Ahhhh, whew, try not to scare me like that, I almost had a heart attack!” Clarisse exclaimed. Lacy was rolling on the floor laughing hysterically and then she got up and wiped the tears out of her eyes.

“I can see why Jake likes to scare you so much, it’s so fun and easy to do it,” Lacy chuckled

“Wait, check that out.” Clarisse said ignoring the comment. As she slowly crept towards that third doorway she crouched low and peeked inside to door. She gasped as she saw the rows of masks that resembled people’s heads, but these were hideous and they were perfect for her schemes. Clarisse tiptoed into the room with Lacy right at her heels.

“I don’t like this place, it gives me the chills, and when did it get so cold. Clarisse had to admit that it had gotten very cold since the time they had spent looking for masks. With her eyes roaming and darting in different directions to find the right mask, at last Clarisse’s eyes leveled with the most hideous mask she had ever seen. It was green and the teeth were all rotten and the face was leathery with many wrinkles.

“This is probably the perfect one!” Clarisse said as she took a good look the mask.

“What are you lot doing here!” A man from behind them said, “These masks are not for sale, you are forbidden to even go in the door.”

“We were only trying to find the perfect mask, and I think I’d like this one.” She said

“No, you can’t have the mask.” The store keeper said“But I’ll pay you for it,” Clarisse insisted, the shop keeper

took that into consideration and finally nodded and told her she could have it.

“Be careful though, this mask has dark magic and you have to take it off before midnight or it will permanently stick on your head forever.” He said in a raspy voice, there was a mysterious look in his eyes that Clarisse wasn’t very fond of, but she had to scare Jake so she paid the money and bolted out the door with Lacy. They ran and didn’t stop until they had reached Clarisse’s house.

“I’ll meet you outside your house,” Clarisse told Lacy; she nodded and headed her way. When she shut the door, Clarisse’s mother pranced in with a new head model for her art show.

“Do you like it, I made it resemble you in some way you know,” she said. Clarisse peered at the model and got lost in its eyes, suddenly the eyes moved and Clarisse screamed.

“What, what is it!” her mother asked nervously.“The, the model, the eyes were m-moving, just now!” Clarisse

quivered. Her mother took one look at the model and frowned. What’s gotten into her, she’s never acted like this before, she wondered.

“The eyes are not moving honey, are you okay?” she asked.

“But, I saw the eyes move, I know it.” Clarisse whispered in a sob. She went up to her room to get ready; she had to find some-thing to wear that will match the mask. She took out the mask to admire it, it was just right, now she had to get Jake alone in the Black forest. Those woods were said to be haunted and that just what they’ll be, she thought to herself. She put on green stock-ings and a black skirt with an orange shirt that said BEWARE OR ELSE! Clarisse put the mask on and headed down to Lacy’s house which was two blocks away. Ringing the door bell, she waited silently excited to go on this adventure. Lacy opened the door and squealed. Clarisse was equally amazed at her friends Dracula costume that went well with her shoes.

“Are you ready to go,” Clarisse said, Lacy looked at her with confusion.

“Why is your voice so low?” she inquired,“I don’t know, when I put on the mask I got a funny feeling.”

Clarisse replied. They both headed towards their neighbor’s house and a group of kids came strolling by with their candy bags. Clarisse ran right through the crowd and screamed, some of the kids fell and others were screaming and running in all directions.

“What are you doing, that’s not very nice!” Lacy exclaimed, “What has gotten into you?”

“I don’t know, I just feel so much power with this mask on,” Clarisse said, they gathered some more candy and headed back to Lacy’s house. When they entered they were exhausted,

“I think you should not wear that mask anymore, you don’t seem like yourself?” Lacy said.

“But I haven’t gotten to scare Jake, and I have to show him not to scare people like that again,” Clarisse said. Yet she tried to remove the mask. After trying a few times she got fed up of.

“It’s stuck and won’t come off,” she said gasping, Lacy rushed to her side and grabbed a hold of the mask and tried to pull it off, after ten times it finally came off. Both of them looked at each other with their eyes gaping open. Clarisse took the mask and examined it.

“One last time, I am going to show him what a real prank is like,” She put the mask on and before Lacy had any time to say anything Clarisse had stumbled out the door and headed straight for her house, she was now in the control of the mask and she had to bury the person she had once been, a scared and shy little girl. She ran inside and snatched the model out of the stand and dashed out of the door. Jake was heading into the Black forest alone, with one of his friends. Time to put the plan into action, she said to herself. Clarisse followed slowly behind at a distance, she hid behind every bush or tree just to make sure that she wasn’t seen. The cemetery was right in front of the boys when she swooped down and howled. Jake screeched and his friend bolted backwards leaving Jake alone in the woods with nowhere to escape.

“Clarisse, that’s you, it’s not working, you’re not scaring me at all.” He said smiling nervously. The clock struck twelve and now behind the mask the monster who had now taken over Clarisse laughed boisterously.

“Clarisse, she’s gone now, a piece of history now gone,” the monster hoarsely whispered. It screamed savagely and pulled out the model head and threw it on the ground as it advanced towards Jake who was now stepping back.

“Oh my gosh, ahhhhh!” he wailed, he screamed and ran away with total terror. Suddenly something started to fight back at the mask. Clarisse’s voice came out and started shouting for help; she furiously thrashed and tried to pull the mask off. She started sobbing as she said

“Please, I want to be my old self again, I now realize that it was a bad idea, please get this mask off and turn me back,” In a poof of purple smoke, the man from the mask store appeared out of thin air.

“Now do you understand why I told you not to get the mask,” he said, “You have learned your lesson and now you can be nor-mal again.” He said loudly a few words that Clarisse did not rec-ognize and suddenly she fell into a deep sleep. When she awoke, she was at Lacy’s house on the couch with Lacy sitting beside her watching a scary movie. She sat up and looked around the room and gasped. She felt her face and the mask was gone, she felt like her old self again and sighed.

“It’s alright, you’re okay, and the store keeper guy brought you back.” Lacy said.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 19

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Clarisse looked at her and smiled. They sat together all night and watched movies, Clarisse learned that she was better off as herself than someone or something else.

The next morning, it was back to school, she just could not wait to see the look on Jake’s face when she arrived. She approached Jake and tapped him on the shoulder. He jumped and turned around.

“I knew that was you okay, I just pretended to be afraid and everything,” he said very assuring. She smiled and said,

“I kind of shouldn’t have tried that, I was super scared myself, no worries I won’t tell anyone that you screamed like a little girl.” Jake just shook his head and they both headed to class leaving that piece of history behind them as if it never existed.

A Halloween StoryLindsay Wolfford

Halloween was coming, so my friend Sarah and I wanted to find costumes. We went to all the conventional Halloween ware-houses. They only sold movie characters and zombie costumes. Wal-Mart and Target had nothing but pirates and ninjas. After driving all around town, we gave up and stopped at a café we had seen, but had never entered before. The door gave a little chime as it opened, and we entered the room, the air thick with incense.

All of my instincts screamed turn back now, but we pushed on through the crowded tables to the back counter. A middle-aged woman, face covered in tattoos and piercings, turned around and examined us with contempt.

“Whatta you want?” she asked incredulously, “We got coffee, cakes, anything your heart desires, if you’re willing to pay the price.”

“Anything I want?” Sarah asked hopefully, “Even a Halloween costume?”

“As I just said, anything, IF you’re willing to pay the price!” She showed Sarah a gypsy outfit.

“I’m willing to pay anything for that!!” Sarah exclaimed.“That’s great. How ‘bout this. I’ll make a deal with you. This

little dress belonged to a real gypsy that used to come ‘round here, but she died a while back, and it has just been laying around and causing trouble. I will give you this absolutely free. All you have to do is promise not to wear it when the clock strikes midnight, OK?”

“I promise,” said Sarah, and she grabbed the dress greedily. I ran out of the café as fast as I could with Sarah in tow, and got as far away from the place as I could before turning around and talking to Sarah.

“What were you thinking?” I practically yelled, “That dress belonged to a woman who is dead now. Dead, Sarah. And could you have gotten it from a less trustworthy person? You know, we shouldn’t have even gone in there, that place was so creepy. Do something for me, at least follow the instructions of Mrs. Tattoo Lady. That dress probably has a curse on it or something.”

“Oh, please, Kendra. It’s not like the dress is a Gremlin or anything. Don’t worry, it won’t turn back into a pumpkin at the stroke of midnight, and I won’t get stuck without one of my slippers.” Sarah held the dress up to herself. “Oh, look! It fits perfectly.”

Halloween came, and Sarah and I met to roam the streets and scare our neighbors. My friend looked like a real gypsy with her costume on. I was dressed like a zombie. We scared everyone in

the neighborhood, but as midnight drew near, I began to worry.“You should probably change back into your regular clothes

now.” I told her at 11:57 pm.“I already told you the dress is not a pumpkin. Not a pump-

kin, not a pumpkin.” Sarah kept quiet after that, but when the clock hit midnight, she changed.

“My name is not Sarah,” she told me when I asked her how she felt, “I am called Yadira, and I am not your friend.”

“Yadira. That’s funny. Okay, Yadira, where did Sarah go?” I was terrified of what her answer would be.

“Sarah lives in the dress now, and I won’t make the mistake she made. The dress isn’t exactly the best place to be. Now, if you excuse me, I’m going to change. Do you want your friend?”

“Yes” I said, a plan forming in my mind.Right now, I am wearing a gypsy dress. It is 11:57 pm on

November 1st. Sarah, burn the dress. The past cannot be repeated.

Do Not Turn on the LightLogan AndersonMrs. Hurd

There were two college girls. One was studying, Jill, and one was trying to sleep, Mary.

“Go to bed”, murmured Mary. Jill looked annoyingly at Mary.

“You should have been studying instead of going to the mov-ies”, retorted Jill.

“Well do you have to study in here”, Mary asked. “Of course I do. But if you need your alone time, I will leave to

go to the library”, said Jill reluctantly. She packed up her things and headed downstairs.

“Turn off the light while you are at it,” said Mary, already half asleep.

“Ahhhhh”, yawned Jill. She jumped suddenly as her friend, Sarah, touched her on the shoulder.

Sarah laughed as she said, “Hey. I met a guy last night and he said I can go to his buddy’s party. Want to come?”

“Sure”, Jill said, “Let me just grab my coat.” Jill packed her things and was about to go.

“Wait,” Sarah stopped her. “Is your roommate sleeping?” “Yeah, but I will not bother her”, Jill replied.Jill headed up to the room. She opened the door very slowly;

the shadows were stretching every which way as the light seeped in. She heard a thumping noise and some snoring. She thought nothing of it as she looked at a light switch. She decided she would leave it off as she grabbed her coat. She looked over at her partner and shrugged. She thought Mary would be snor-ing. She looked over at the clock with the dim light she had falling on it.

“11:00 at night,” it said. She slowly closed the door and heard the soft click as it closed.

After the party, Jill wondered up to the room. She was a little drunk. Her mind cleared as she stopped to stare at the door. There were police tape everywhere and a police officer stopped her before she could get anywhere near the door.

“You cannot go in there. There was a murder here last night,” the police officer told Jill.

“There could not have been,” Jill exclaimed.“Well there was and it happened around 11:00 at night”,

responded the police officer.“That is impossible! I was in the room at the time”, she

retorted.Continued on following page

Page 20: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 20- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

Continued from previous page The police officer told her, “Well we still have thoughts that

you killed her.” “Of course I did n-“, Jill started. Another police officer came

out of the room.“Hey”, he said. “You should really check this out. It is in the

bathroom.”Jill slipped by the first policeman and made her way to the

bathroom. She walked in and screamed at what she saw. The first police men gasped.

On the mirror, written in blood, said, “Aren’t you glad you didn’t turn on the light?”

Halloween Reindeer-o-ramaMaria BeltrameaAge 4, as told to mom

Once upon a time, there was a reindeer on Halloween night and it got lost. The witch taked care of him. And the witch gave the reindeer a poison apple.

And then, the reindeer got zapped in a computer of the witch’s. And he was saying, “Nayyyyy” to call help. He was really trying to breath but he could not. He really wanted his mom but the mom also got captured by the ghost. The reindeer mom.

And there was this person that really liked that toy witch, but it was actually not a toy witch. She screamed and screamed and screamed. Her name was Lillia. And there was this nice elephant who captured the witch. And there was this nice baby who helped the elephant capture the witch.

And this sheep said, “Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop.”And the reindeer looked at the witch’s M&M and he just runned

up there and ate it. On Halloween night he saw this mean, mean, mean, mean dog

and that reindeer thought it was not mean but it was yes mean. And there was this huge leaf falling from a tree and this reindeer wanted to catch it and he ate it.

And there was this playset what was attached to a house. A kid lives there and a mom and a dad and a baby. And her name was Madison. And she was 3.

And Halloween night was over and this hero came to rescue the reindeer. And the reindeer really, really, really wanted its mommy.

The reindeer said to the hero, “I want my mommy. She’s a reindeer.”

And the hero said, “Do you want a new owner?” The reindeer said, “Oh sure, oh sure, oh sure!” The hero said, “Her name is Annabelle.” And Halloween night came again and there was this person

and on Halloween night, the reindeer looked in the house, and a girl said, “Look, it’s a reindeer mom, can we keep it can we? Oh, mom!”

The mom said, “Yes darling, if it won’t squirm around and you will get a leash and you will move the wires and you will always give her a bath and give her some water and always get her to bed.”

And she was a good reindeer to persons and animals. The End.

The Birthday PartyLiza GoberMrs. Hurd

Brian was turning nine years old soon. All his life he’d always wanted a clown at his birthday party but his parents always said no. This year he was determined to get one.

Its two weeks until Brian’s birthday and he just started plan-ning out the whole event. So far he has balloons, games, cake, candy, and invitations already done. The last thing to plan is the clown. He went to ask his parents, and once again, they said no. Brian whined and complained to try to get them to change their minds, but they didn’t budge. They had always heard when little kids get clowns at their party, things go horribly wrong. Brian was so angry with his parents he called a clown agency and hired one. All they told him was the name was BoBo the clown and he’ll get there at three O’ clock.

Two weeks passed and its finally his birthday.“YIPEE, its, my birthday!” exclaimed Brian. HE anxiously got

ready for his big party. His friends started arriving at two in the afternoon and the clown was arriving at three. He couldn’t wait. It was now three and no BoBo yet. Brian began to get very nervous and upset. So to get his mind off it, he opened the pres-ents he received. The favorite present he got was a pocket knife from his best friend Charley. He liked it so much he put it in his pocket so he would never lose it.

Its 3:40 and BoBo just showed up. Brian’s parents heard there was a clown. They came outside furiously.

“What the heck is this clown doing here?” they yelled, “I thought we told you no clown!” Brian got upset and started to cry.

BoBo saw that his parents made him cry and said, “Don’t worry Brian, I’ll handle this.” At that time, BoBo brought his parents inside. Brian waited outside nervously, when suddenly they heard a big band and a faint scream. Then BoBo walked outside happily. “I don’t think they’ll be bothering us anymore.” He said with an evil smile on his face.

The party went on, and Charley noticed three girls were miss-ing. He went to Brian and told him so they searched the house. They looked in room after room, when finally; they got to the guest room. Brian and Charley slowly opened the door, and there was him mom; lying on the bed, dead. Brian screamed and slammed the door shut. He ran outside as fast as he could, but everyone was gone’ everyone except for BoBo the clown. BoBo slowly walked toward him, laughing.

“Where’d your friends go Brian?” he taunted.Brian cried and said, “what do you want from me!” BoBo

smiled once more, took the pocket knife from Brian and stabbed him; right in the heart. Brian died instantly, and the party was over.

Tricks Not Treats Luke Posey

Long ago, there was an old, mean man who lived in the woods. Deep in the woods, where no one ever went is where he lived because he didn’t like people. He had a good life he thought, except for his relations with his wife. He hated his wife and she hated him. She nagged at him constantly. One day, when he came home from work, she started yelling, and he murdered her. He stabbed her with a big machete that he kept in a trophy case in the bedroom, pushed far under the bed. He buried her deep under the roots of a big tree where she would never be found. The police never found a body, so the crime remained unsolved.

No one knew what became of the old man. No one went near his house nor did they ever see him again.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 21

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Everyone who lived within a mile was afraid to go near his house because of the rumors about how his wife had died. People say his wife’s body parts are kept in the house behind the walls. Some people also believe the house is haunted, some believe he continued to live in the house, and other knew he must be dead as no one had seen him for years. There were all kinds of other scary exaggerations, too disgusting to discuss.

One Halloween, there were two kids who had never believed the rumors about the old man’s house, and so they decided to go trick or treating there. This story is about what follows the two children’s mistake.

John was a young boy who was afraid of nothing. His brother Jeff, on the other hand, could be scared easily. As the two boys headed out to go trick or treating, their mom yelled to them to be safe. Little did she know, her sons would possibly not make it home alive.

After two hours of trick or treating, the boys came across a scary old house in the woods. John, as usual, was not afraid at all and was feeling adventurous.

“Let’s go snoop around that old house,” John said to his brother Jeff.

Jeff replied, “No thank you, that looks too scary.”John said, “Ha, chicken, loser, scared of his own shadow!”John ran to the house and knocked on the door. There was no

reply. He decided to walk in as he was also really rude. Jeff said, “I wouldn’t do that if I was you,” and remained fifty

feet back from the house.Immediately, there was a crash and all Jeff could hear was

John, screaming in pain and suffering. Jeff knew he had to go help his brother. As he tentatively moved forward, he was also hit on the back of the head by something hard. He turned around to see it was just a fallen branch. As Jeff continued forward, he opened the door and saw the main hallway of the old man’s house. There were cobwebs everywhere with spiders crawling up the walls.

Suddenly, a ghostly voice yelled, “GET OUT.”Being brave, Jeff screamed, “What did you do with my

brother?”The ghostly voice replied, “He’s dead.”Jeff felt someone tap on his shoulder. He turned around to see

his brother laughing hysterically. Jeff was so mad, he’s think-ing, he’s never having anything to do with his brother again.

“You’re so gullible,” John laughedeff was about to tell his brother off, when he suddenly was an

old, bent man, running toward them with a machete.Jeff screamed, “John, run, it’s the old man who killed his

wife.”“Whatever!” said John. “You go ahead and run away like a

baby, like you always do. Scaredy-cat!”As Jeff took off running, John suddenly sees the man as he’s

now about three feet away from him. At first, John is frozen. He’s trying to run but his legs won’t move. It’s like his feet are stuck in mud. It’s only been seconds but it seems like an hour. Finally, he gets his legs to start moving. Before he knew it, he was running as fast as he could and he catches up with his brother. The two run forever, not getting slower until they finally reach home. They immediately go to tell their mom, insisting that she needs to call the police. She tells them they are being foolish.

“But mom, you have to call the police,” the two boys screamed.

“I can never believe you two, you are so full of bull,” said their mother. “I expected more out of you, Jeff.”

Jeff and John go up to their room and lock the door behind

them. They pile all of their furniture in front of the door so no one can get in to their room. They are still trembling, thinking how close they came to being the old man’s next victims. John is so scared; he can’t stop thinking about the machete. Every time he closes his eyes he sees it and he thinks about how close he was to death. They run to the window to look out to make sure the old man didn’t follow them.

“Well,” says John, “It looks like we’re safe, he didn’t follow us.”

Then suddenly they hear something behind them. Too afraid to turn, they hear a ghostly voice yell, “YOU’RE DEAD!”

The End

Something in the ClosetMaddy Duknoski

Meriwether Freebird was an elderly widowed woman. When her husband died he left her with a fortune of money which she spent on anything and everything she wanted. Her first pur-chase following his death was an elegant mansion in the country and a dog. As the years passed Meriwether and her dog became great companions. Meriwether had also developed routines of everything she did; if the routine wasn’t followed it would make her crazy. The most important of these routines was every night before she went to bed she would walk to her bathroom turn off the sink and tub faucets and lock all the windows and doors in the house.

One dark October night after returning from a Halloween party, Meriwether went upstairs to her bedroom and got ready for bed. She then followed with her routine checking the faucets, windows and doors. Once all the many doors and windows were check she walked into her room, laid down in bed and put her right hand on the side of the bed which her dog softly licked, she pulled her hand back and fell asleep.

Almost two hours later Meriwether woke up at the sound of something dripping. She sat up quietly in her bed for a moment then heard it again, “Drip, drip……drip, drip.” She stood up and walked to the bathroom, she checked the sink and the tub but nothing appeared to be leaking. She walked back to her room, slid into her bed, laid her hand over the bed while the dog softly licked her hand; she pulled back her hand and went to bed.

Not even one hour later she hear it again, “Drip, drip……drip, drip.” She slowly climbed out of bed and followed the sound. As she crept around the room to see if she could find where the sound was coming from, the sound continued. She noticed she had stopped breathing but still heard something breathing; she thought to herself and figured it must have been the dog, which was sleeping peacefully under the bed.

Thirty seconds later she found herself standing in front of her closet doors. She hesitantly swung open the closet doors and there she saw the horrid sight of he beloved dog drenched in blood… hanging by a rope. As she stood there in terror, she thought to herself what was licking my hand?

Captain Jack ScorpionNoah BeltrameaAge 8

Once upon a time, there was a captain named Jack Scorpion. He had a ship named the Black Jack.

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Page 22: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 22- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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And the Black Jack was a great ship, with sails, cannons, weapons, and a pirate flag. He had 12 shipmates. Their names were: Stinky, Pinky, Binky, Shrinky, Tee-tee, Lu-Hu, Ju-Lu, Boo-Hoo, Blussy, Kissy, Nosh, and Tosh. And of course, Captain Jack Scorpion.

They were sailing on their ship when they saw another ship. But it was just a sailboat. They saw two more ships on the way that were guard ships and a sailboat. But the third ship was not any of those. It was called, “The Shoo-shoo.” And its captain was Captain Spider Man. And then before you know it, they were side by side. And they started a fight.

And so on, Captain Jack Scorpion was winning. But then, some of the shipmates attacked the back side of Captain Jack Scorpion’s ship. And they captured 5 of the shipmates but then Captain Jack Scorpion noticed them, and told the other ship-mates to make them walk the plank. And they did. But still, Captain Jack Scorpion was winning. But then they decided it was a tie and they started firing cannons. And half of Captain Jack Scorpion’s ship was gone and half of Captain Spider Man’s ship was gone. But then Captain Jack Scorpion fired the last cannon at the other ship, on the other side at the bottom of the ship. And the ship sank to the bottom of the sea, along with its captain. Captain Spider Man.

So Captain Jack Scorpion won the fight. On Halloween night, he came home to his wife and kids and they went trick-or-treat-ing.

One of the trick- or- treaters was Captain Spider Man. The End

The HouseMatt Bovien

The Martin’s, who’s a family of a mother, father, son, and two daughters just moved to a different state, and to a small town. They bought a house which has had many owners before them. The house used to be a plantation back in the Civil War. What they didn’t know was that there was a battle in the front yard, and the family that first owned it, died in the house. And all the previous owners before them moved out, and complained of the very same things. Weird things happened.

It was their first week of the new move, and everything was fine. They were having fun, inviting friends over, noth-ing seemed to go wrong. But that night, they woke up to some strange sounds. They all heard what seemed to be gun shots

and yelling going on outside. When they all met downstairs, the father opened a window, then shut it very quickly and fell back with fear. He told everyone what looked like people fighting out on the front lawn with very old Civil War suits, and weapons. After going to the window, he opened it again, but saw noth-ing , as though they disappeared. The kids were frightened and didn’t want to go back to bed by themselves. So they all slept together in the parents bedroom. They all went to bed that night without anything else happening.

A couple nights later though, the father woke up, because he heard whispering. He couldn’t make any of it out, but he knew something was whispering in his ear. Upon waking up, he heard what seemed like a little child laughing out in the hallway. He went to go check on it, because he thought it was his youngest daughter up really late playing. He went to go check in her room, but she was sleeping. He was confused, and then he heard the laughter again coming from the end of the hallway. He turned the corner and saw the back of a little girls head, sitting on the ground in front of him. He walked up to her calling out “Who are you?” Then, there came a sound from behind him. He turned around to see what it was, then back again at the little girl, but she was gone. He didn’t understand how she could have gone like that. The hallway was a dead end besides the one door that led to the bathroom. He went in there to check if she had gone in, but nothing. He did notice the window in the bathroom was open so he went to close it. As he was approaching the window, the door behind him shut and locked, and the lights turned off.

His wife then woke to a scream. It came from the bathroom. But when she ran in to see what it was. Nothing was there, not even the father. She started walking around the house, calling his name, but nothing. The only thing she heard was the laugh-ter of the walls…

The Dark CastleMatt OwensMrs. Hurd

There was once a castle where a king and queen lived. They lived there happily for thirty five years. But one day they died randomly. Their spirits still stayed there. They always scared anyone who came near it. The people got scared easily. Unfortunately these visitors were different.

Charlie, Butch, Lola, and Javier have been best friends since the fourth grade. They do everything together. They always helped each other out when they got into trouble. However, this day was about to go terribly wrong.

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Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 23

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Charlie and Javier were playing catch when Charlie threw it way over Javier’s head. When he went to get it, he saw a dark cloud. “Hey guys, come over here,” said Javier. They all saw the dark cloud as well as Javier. Everyone decided to go see what was under the big dark cloud. When they got there they saw a big castle. Everybody wanted to go inside but Charlie. So Charlie went home and everyone else went inside the castle.

When they entered the castle they noticed it was very, very cold. They were exploring the castle when they heard whis-pers. They ignored it and thought it was their imagination. As they got farther into the castle they saw a chamber with bones and chains. They were all creeped out and decided to go upstairs. When they got upstairs they saw a few bedrooms. They explored all of the bedrooms and didn’t find anything interesting. Then they found one bedroom with a padlock on the handles. Luckily, the key was in the lock. So they opened the door and they found what it looked like was the master bedroom. They looked all around and found some clothes that looked extremely old. Lola found some coins and she kept them in her pocket. When they went back downstairs, Lola figured out that the coins weren’t in her pocket anymore. Then they heard yelling and rattling chains. They were all panicking and screaming. Then all of a sudden, Butch just disappeared. Javier and Lola were looking for him for at least three hours, but the castle was too big. They decided to go home and come and look the next day. But before they could get out the door they actually saw the ghosts. They told them to go back into the castle or they would be killed immediately. So they went back in like they were told. The ghost put them in chains in the chamber with all the bones. They saw Butch there too. They weren’t chained up but the ghosts put up a barrier so they couldn’t get out.

A few days went by and they started to dig a tunnel out of the chamber. Eventually, they got tired and took a break. Taking a break was a bad idea. Since the fact that they didn’t have anything to eat or drink for a few days, Lola started chew-ing on her fingers. She ate all of her fingers on her right hand. Butch kept throwing up because he saw all the blood. He even-tually died because of the acid put a hole in his throat from all his throwing up. Lola died because of all the blood she lost.

Butch stayed alive for three more days just walking and sitting in the chamber. He was constantly crying and yelling for help. But of course, nobody came. Not even Charlie, who had left because he was too scared. They learned their lesson that day. That is to never go into dark and spooky looking castles.

Halloween NightMitchell KrebsMrs. Hurd

It was the night of Halloween, when three teenagers decided they wanted to Trick-or-Treat for their very last time. All through the school day, Lance, Bradley, and Garrett could not wait for their very exciting night. After school they would go straight to Lance’s house. They were told to meet at Lance’s bus right after the bell rang. Once the bell rang, all three students raced to the bus. On the bus, they planned out their whole night. First, they would go to Lance’s neighborhood, and then cut through some woods to enter another neighborhood. It was going to be a great night.

Preparing for a great night, they each put on their costume. Bradley was a clown, Lance was a vampire, and Garrett was a baseball player. Once the night had turned dark, the three kids went off. By ten houses, each of their bags was nearly full of the best candy. Making a trip back “Garrett, I bet I have more candy than you.” It was silent.

“Garrett! I have more candy than you!”Still, not hearing anything, Brad turns around to see nothing but

darkness. Garrett was nowhere to be found. Dropping each of their bags instantly, Lance and Bradley ran

around calling,“Garrett! Garrett!”Still no sign of Garrett anywhere, they just assumed that he

found another group of friends and forgot to tell them he left. But Brad remembered that Garrett had just been texting not to long ago. Brad decided to call him. But all he heard was,

“This is Garrett, I’m not able to talk right now, but leave your name and I will call you later.”

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Page 24: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 24- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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Hearing Garrett’s voicemail, Lance and Brad just assumed his phone died. So the two just stayed and watched scary movies waiting for a sign of Garrett. After two hours, they had no idea where he was.

Lance and Bradley decided to go door to door checking to see if the people had any sign of a dressed up baseball player. Through seventeen houses, nobody knew where the missing kid was. Finally on the eighteenth house, a man in his fifties had a weird look on his face. After being asked if he has seen a boy dressed as a baseball player, the man said,

“A teenage dressed as a baseball player. I have no clue where he would be.”

But the two kids did not fall for it. Lance asked politely,“May I search your house?” As the two kids entered the house, they did not feel com-

fortable. They had a bad feeling. There was something about that house that made them feel awkward. As they frantically searched each room they heard little screams, but had no clue where it was coming from. Completely silent, the two tried to make out where the noise was coming from. After the noise stopped, they walked across the house to find the steps to the basement.

The unfinished basement was dark and cold. Struggling to find the light switch, Brad stumbled over a cardboard box, he froze as he heard a scream,

“Owwww!”He jumped onto his feet immediately. Looking inside the box,

he could not tell who the noise had come from. Lance finally found the switch. Taking a good look, Brad saw his friend!

“We need to get out of here right now, that old man is crazy!”

said Garrett.“Where is the door?” asked Lance.Before Garrett could even reply, they heard footsteps coming

from the stairs. They looked up to see the old man.

Our Visit to a Freak ShowMaggie Puchner-Hardman

“Count to 50,” I suggested to Meridian excitedly. I knew pre-cisely where I was going to hide and nobody was ever going to find me. In fact, even I had never set foot in the place I had in mind and this was my house.

“Are you kidding? I’ll just be heading out the door then. Count to 120,” Clare argued. Clare tended to exaggerate things and she almost always got her way so I decided to give up right then and there.

“Fine. Count to a thousand if you want to, I don’t care. Just hurry up and start already.”

Meridian turned her head to the wall and started to count. I saw her eyes peeking out of the fingers covering her face to see which way we all went. Clare went downstairs and Nora, Meridian’s younger sister, went to the left. Slightly annoyed, I ran in the opposite direction from my hiding place and took a different route. Since my house used to be a diner/motel for a circus nearby, it was old and oddly built. Many of the ceil-ings were dome or pyramid shaped and under the chipped paint you could see stripes of faded red, yellow, or green. The stairs were the kind that twisted up around and around like a spring.

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Page 25: 2011 Scary Stories

Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 25


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I darted down two flights of stairs and into the basement. Once I was down there, I set off to the storage room. The stor-age room had an indentation in the wall created by the added on bathroom on the first floor. I climbed into the wall and real-ized the space was much smaller than I had thought. Along with its tiny size, it was extremely dirty, dank, and dark. The room was about the size of a small bathroom except the ceiling was only 4 feet high. My parents had put an unused blanket over the indentation to make it look like it didn’t exist. It’s sort of a silly thing to do since nobody ever goes down there. I sat in the corner and waited impatiently for Meridian to come and take me out of the awful place. I could hear the muffled words, “…three, two, one. Ready or not, here I come!” Suddenly, as if the wall was made of cardboard, I fell backwards and the wall toppled down on top of me. All the bits of dry wall that filled my mouth were the only thing that kept me from screaming. I quickly got up and brushed the wall pieces off my shirt and pants. I jumped out of the room and sprinted up the stairs screaming nonsense. “The wall fell! The wall! It fell! The wall fell! I fell into the wall! The basement! MERIDIAN!” In a few seconds, Clare, Meridian, and Nora were all around me and staring at the drywall crumbs in my hair and face. After explaining to them what had happened, I lead them down into the storage room.

“Ohhhhhhhhh!” Squealed Meridian, kicking away at the wall. “I think it’s a secret hallway! Let’s go in it!”

“Yes yes yes! Look, it’s like another room! I wonder what’s in it!” Nora said, jumping up and down.

“No. No. No. I am not going in there. There could be rac-coons, and they could be rabid. Perhaps there are snakes. Rabid

snakes. You saw what happened! The whole ceiling could crush us and we would suffocate and die. We would die. Hear that? You would die if you went in there,” Clare screamed. Nora, Meridian and I all looked at each other and shrugged. I went to go fetch a few flashlights as Nora and Meridian kicked the drywall away to reveal a dark hallway. Clare stood far away and watched as if they were setting off a bomb. I came back and handed everybody a flashlight and we started to walk into the hallway. We were about 10 feet in before we heard a frightened “Wait for me!” and Clare came scurrying after us. We walked through the hallway for a good while before we came upon a huge rusty metal door. The door was worn and so old it seemed like it would collapse right then. Meridian, being the tallest and biggest out of all of us gave a good kick and push on the door and it fell to the ground.

The Year 1823 “My fingers hurt, sir, can I please stop practicing for just a

little bit? Just a small break? I mean, just an hour of no piano for me won’t hurt anything.”

“Everybody else is getting ready, Benjamin. You think I can just let you stop and not the others? Tomorrow we have a show and everybody must be prepared,” Augustus retorted, and Ben went back to playing his three-handed piano. He was born with three hands and at just two years old his parents sold him to the notorious Augie’s Oddly Bizarre and Mystifyingly Strange Festival for nearly a hundred dollars. With his three hands, he could play piano pieces that no other person could play. Elizabeth, with one green and one blue eye, called out from the back of the room, “Um, sir, Annie and Fanny are getting a little big for the box. When I pretend to cut them in half I think I might cut either Annie’s scalp or Fanny’s feet.”

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Page 26: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 26- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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The trick was that Fanny lay in the coffin-shaped box with her head sticking out and Annie lay in the box with her feet sticking out so it looked like one person. Elizabeth was to “cut them in half” with a saw. But as the identical twins grew, Annie’s head was squished against Fanny’s feet, making it impossible for Elizabeth to saw through the box without harming one or both of them.

“Ah, who cares? You know, there are such things as bandages. It’s Charlotte we need to worry about. Ha! I think she might just snap in half.” Augustus pointed to a girl in the corner, who was practicing ballet. Charlotte was a contortionist and could put her body into just about any position. She was 12 now and like the others, she had grown up at the circus. She had gone through 13 surgeries attempting to either expand her flexibility or fixing bad side effects of previous surgeries. All of these had taken place at the circus by Augustus with just a knife, needle and some thread. Charlotte was left just a crumpled piece of skin, bones, and scars.

Beatrice, Augustus’s daughter, was also part of the circus. Augustus was so eager to have a child with some disability that when he didn’t, he chopped Beatrice’s hands and feet off when she was an infant. Only Augustus, the twins, Elizabeth, and Benjamin know that though. Everybody else just assumes that she was born that way. 10 years later, Beatrice could do just about anything and more with her arms and legs as any normal person could.

Two years later, Charlotte died from who knows what. A few months later, Annie got tuberculosis and also passed away. Augustus was devastated, his show was now nothing. He knew all the children’s parents didn’t care about their children anymore; even he didn’t care about Beatrice. Knowing nobody would miss their children, he locked the rest of them in the room with a huge metal door. In case he was caught, he ran away to England and was never seen again.

Meridian, Nora and I eagerly shined our flashlights into the room and walked in with Clare clinging to my shirt. The light from my flashlight came upon an old piano covered with just about an inch of dust. It seemed as if the whole room was covered in a gray blanket. In one corner, there was a cracked mirror. Next to the mirror, there was a dance bar on the wall and a grimy old pair of what used to be pink ballet shoes.

“Oh my goodness guys. There’s a coffin over there. Don’t open it. Please please please don’t open it!” Clare babbled. Nora, as if Clare hadn’t said anything, walked up to the coffin. She laughed, “Clare, it’s not even a coffin. What kind of coffin has holes on the ends?” Nora fearlessly opened the coffin and grinned at us in a very non-Nora like way. Quietly, she got into the coffin and closed it.

“Nora! You’re so stupid! Why are you such an idiot?” Meridian yelled with a hint of worry that only an overprotective older sis-ter would have. She scampered over to the coffin and opened it. “Nora? Nora?! NORA?! Where did you go, you…”

“She’s in the box, isn’t she?” I asked as I walked over. But Nora wasn’t in the box. She had disappeared.

“I told you not to open it. I told you. Now looked what hap-pened. I bet she’s dead. She’s dead and you will never see her again. I was right and you were wrong” Clare said proudly.

For a few minutes we screamed her name and looked behind things she couldn’t possibly be behind. In the middle of the search we heard, “Um guys, I’m right here.” All three of us turned around and there Nora was, standing at the doorway as confused as ever.

“But…but you were in the coffin box.” Meridian stuttered.“Icky! Why would I go in that rusty old thing? You guys are

cah-raaay-zee!” Nora said, trying to give us all a laugh. Nobody

laughed. Instead we all stifled a scream when we heard the piano playing. We looked over at the piano and we could see the piano keys pressing down but nobody was playing the piano. The piece being played was incredible and it looked as if fifty fingers where playing at once. Many of the keys never came back up after being pressed down, and as more and more keys never came up, the piece turned from beautiful to dread-ful. The piano bench moved back as if someone was getting up. We all stood there frozen, about to go screaming back through the hallway to safety. Lights flickered on and carnival music and giggles started to fill the room. With the newly lit room, we could easily see everything else in the room, including four rotting flesh-colored skeletons lying on the floor in a crumpled mess. The lights went back out and the carnival music turned into the sound of old gears being turned. Giggles turned from hysterical laughter to screams. The piano was still playing ran-dom keys at random times. A young boy’s voice echoed through the room, “Sir, I think the piano is getting a bit musty. We might need a new one soon.”

I was clinging on to Nora, who seemed glued to Meridian, who was grabbing Clare’s arm. Clare, with nobody to hold on to, screamed and ran out of the room and out of the hallway back into the storage room, dragging the rest of us with her. In a minute, we were huddled on the couch. It sounded as if all of us had run ten miles without stopping. Nora broke the silence. “That certainly was fun, don’t you think?”

“Excuse me? That was fun? You do realize we just almost died? I don’t know if I’ve ever told you but you guys are the biggest idiots…” Right after Clare said that, my parents marched through the back door. As soon as the door closed, we all tried to explain what had happened in the basement. Eventually, after lots of storytelling, we got them to go down and check it out. We followed them, but we still seemed unable to let go of each other. The place where the wall had fallen on me was still there, and so was the rusty door that Meridian had kicked down. My parents were fascinated for some reason. But once we walked into the room with the piano it was empty. There were no grimy shoes in the corner. There was no piano or coffin. It was all gone. My par-ents were so interested in the hallway and empty room that they dismissed all of our explanations of what had happened. The three of my friends left after that. I was able to get my parents to block up the place where I had fallen through the wall that night, but I still never went into the storage room again.

Alternate Ending…Nora broke the silence. “That certainly was fun, don’t you

think?” “Excuse me? That was fun? You do realize we just almost

died? I don’t know if I’ve told you but you guys are the biggest idiots… ” After Clare finally got her point across, the back door opened, catching my parents in mid-conversation, “Goodness, I sure am glad we checked the basement for radon! Did you hear him? It can cause lung cancer! And hallucinations! Oh my, oh my my my…”

The DarknessOlivia Emerson

It was a cool October night, and Henry was on a walk by himself down a desolate path. As he walked, he pulled his jacket tighter around him for the fall winds had started to pick up. Henry’s footsteps picked up speed as he now rushed to make it home before dark. Everybody knew what happened after dark.

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Page 27: 2011 Scary Stories

Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 27

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The sun was sinking low in the sky and Henry knew that he had little less than 20 minutes to make it back home. He could already feel the changes in the air. Why had he lost track of time?

Running up the stairs to his porch and opening the creaky front door, Henry dropped his books on the staircase and went into the living room. Turning on all of the lights and closing the curtains, he sat down in his oversized arm chair and breathed a sigh of relief. He had made it home.

The next day, a Friday, Henry found himself sitting in his fourth hour Calculus class thinking about the darkness that would settle over the town in just six hours. The thoughts gave him the chills. Rolling down the sleeves on his jacket, he made more of an effort to focus on his studies………

…….Henry was cold and he could feel the sweat beginning to form on his forehead as he tried to keep hidden. He knew his breathing would give him away, so he tried to muffle it with his hand. That helped a little bit, but the figure that had haunted him for so long heard the small amounts of movement and advanced toward him. The figure made no sound, and Henry could not be sure it was really alive. As it got closer, he could smell the stagnant air that surrounded the phantom. The dark hands reached for him, coming so close to his neck that he could feel the cold……

Henry woke with a start. It was only a dream. The dark phantom was not near him, at least not that he could see. He could still feel the coldness that gripped his body every time he went outside. Calming his nerves, Henry got up and walked to the kitchen. Taking a glass of tea from the fridge, Henry turned around as he took a sip. The glass slid from his sweaty hand. His front door was wide open. All he could see was the silhou-ette of the dark figure, outlined by the moonlight, standing in the doorway. Frozen where he stood; Henry could only watch as the figure slowly glided toward him. It made no sounds as it reached for him. Smelling the foul air and feeling the cold that gripped his body, Henry let out a scream. It was too late. The darkness had found him.

Rabid AnimalPhilip Siganga

It’s been a while since Johnson, Smith, Tyler, and I awoke on this godforsaken island. All we could remember was a horrible storm that ripped us off of the deck of the ship. The first thing we decided to do was search for water and food.

We have been searching for hours for water and food and we stumble upon two things, a fresh water pond, and a sign that has been faded but can be clearly read. The sign states -Welcome to Rabid Animal Island. You will not survive very long. Don’t trust your friends…. The sign puzzled us, because there were no rabid animals much less animals on the island so far.

“What is this some kind of joke, exclaimed Smith.”“They just want to scare the heck out of us, Smith guessed.”“We need to stick together and keep searching for food, fill up

your canteens at this fresh water pond.We kept searching and we found something very eerie. We

found skeletons armed with weapons from Roman swords to Vietnam Era machine guns littered all over the ground. That is when I started noticing little details such as gashes in trees from swords and bullet holes in trees. Suddenly, I felt the urge to stay together.

The group made camp for the night and for dinner everyone

drank the fresh water from the pond. I on the other hand wanted to save as much water as I could while the others were wasting water on themselves. The others were acting funny after they took a swig of water. But I tried to not pay too much attention to that because all it could possibly be is sea sickness.

The next morning Smith recovered from the sickness, but Johnson and Tyler’s faces were blood red and they were vibrat-ing violently saying things like we need food!!!! Suddenly, they got up and picked up weapons from the skeletons and said they want to eat us! Smith and I were running for our lives are as we hear machine gun fire and trees falling down. Then suddenly the sounds of fighting stopped.

“I hope they killed each other instead of us”, said Smith.“Let’s not hope for anything”.Suddenly there was a violent explosion that shook the ground.

The possessed Johnson and Tyler emerged from the crater that the explosion created and they pinned down Smith. The only thing that I could think to do is run for my life. Smith is dead meat.

I ran as fast as I could through the jungle. There were scary trees taunting me everywhere. There was nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. Trees exploding everywhere and the smell of many chemicals such as mustard gas filled the air. I knew that I wouldn’t live much longer.

Then a miracle happened. A helicopter spotted the warfare and came down to rescue survivors.

The pilot yelled,” Are there any survivors? I replied by yelling back.

The pilot landed and said, “Good” and with an eerie smile he pulled the hunting knife out of his pocket. Then he gutted my spleen and ate my leg and the last thing I saw was the bottle of water in his helicopter and the label said Rabid Juice, imported from Rabid Animal Island.

What Happened to Mary?Sarah Blankenship

October 24th, 1992 in Salem, Oregon there was a 15 year old girl named Mary. Mary was like any other girl who loved to shop and spend time with friends. However, she had one obses-sion to great to overcome; she loved looking at herself in the mirror. Mary was absorbed by her beauty. Anyway, Sunday the 24th, Mary was with Susie and Candy shopping for Halloween costumes for Jack’s annual Halloween party. Candy decided she was going to be a girl version of the infamous Candy man. Susie and Mary did not find a costume at the store that day. Monday came and of course Mary looked at herself in the mirror at least 100 times just at school causing her to be late to class.

Tuesday passed slowly but surely, almost being identical to Monday. Finally, Wednesday arrived and after school Mary and Susie went to another Halloween store at the mall. Susie found a vampire costume that was almost identical to the one she wore last year. As Mary was looking at herself in her portable mirror she glanced upon a super sparkly witch costume. She quickly ran to the costume and after seeing the super intricate makeup on the models face she knew that she was going to be a teen witch for Halloween. Thursday passed then Friday came and went as well. Saturday evening Susie and Candy brought their Halloween costumes over to Mary’s house. The girls decided they would stay the night at Mary’s house and would go to Jack’s house a little early the next day. Susie fell asleep at two in the morning and shortly after her, Candy fell asleep while softly counting down the hours in her sleep.

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Page 28: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 28- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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Mary fell asleep about an hour after Candy and she fell asleep with her portable mirror in her hand and a smile on her face. The girls woke up the next morning October 31st around 10:00 am. Susie said “we have exactly 12 hours and 30 minutes till the party starts. Mary, Susie, and Candy went to the store for last minute accessories. They got back around six pm.

Candy was ready by 7:30. Susie was ready by 9:30. Mary was not ready until 10:30, which was when the party started.

The girls arrived at the party around 11:00 pm. Jack was dressed as a pumpkin and there were a lot of other people having fun and dancing. Around 11:45 Mary excused herself and went to the bathroom to look in the mirror. At 12:00 am exactly the power went out and everyone was confused and scared. At 12:03, the power was back on and Susie went to check on Mary to make sure she was ok. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!” screamed Susie.

Everyone rushed to bathroom and all that was there was Mary’s blood and shattered glass.

To this day no one knows what happened to Mary. However, there is a legend that if you turn the lights off at 12:00 am.

Then say her name three times, you will see bloody Mary in the mirror. Be careful, she might grab you and pull you into the mirror. So take precaution and learn your lesson early before its too late, like in Mary’s case, because being self absorbed will get you no further than the mirror.

Charley SquadReece HalpinMrs. Hurd

“All right were moving out” bellowed sarge at the top of his lungs.

The troops began to pile into the jeeps; each jeep held there to six men and was army green. The point jeep had a mounted 50. Caliber machine gun same with the jeep pulling up in the rear. Each of those held three men one driver, one passenger, and one gunner. All the other jeeps had six men. One driver, one passenger, and four people in the back.

“All right we got reports of Gerry activity about 200 clicks north east so where headed up that way, when we get there wheel radio back and the supply trucks will come and drop off the supplies to start a nice little camp where we’ll stay until relieved. Starting this camp will be a big push so don’t screw it up.”

As the jeeps hurtled on something else was going to do some killing as well, except this certain something wasn’t just going out for Nazi blood it was just going for blood. This creature this beast is hell bent on death and destruc-tion, it has no motives other than the sadistic joy it finds in the horrific and brutal slaughter of other living species.

As the jeeps near their destination the troops start re checking their weapons privet Jenkins starts to cry.

“What’s wrong?” asked Corporal Wilson“I’m not ready to die.” Gulped out Jenkins

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Page 29: 2011 Scary Stories

Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 29


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Life Worth Living

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“No, one’s ready to die so get over it and be on your top game for when we arrive.” Growled Wilson harshly

“What’s it to you if I die? You could hold your own without me.” Jenkins retorted coldly.

“You’ve got the B.A.R. and frankly I don’t want to wind up hav-ing to pull up on your slack because you wanted to take a little cry break and wound up getting yourself killed!” bellowed Wilson.

About half an hour later they were driving through the woods approaching the village everyone is on edge when all of a sudden people start to notice that the sand bag emplacements that the Nazis use for defensive purposes and shoot from generally with there heavy turret the MG42 have been cut to shreds and that there was no oncoming fire right then sarge sniffed the air and took in a rather rancid smell. The smell of death and rot, yet again Jenkins starts to cry.

“Oh my God! What is it this time?” Wilson Roared.All that Jenkins did was point up. Point up at the brutal mess

of blood and gore that used to be about 200 Nazi soldiers. But not just any Nazis the S.S. the best of the best. All dead.

“Holy sh...” these are the last words Wilson or any other in that particular jeep would utter because from the shadow of a single tree comes a massive razor clawed hand obliterating the jeep and everyone in it. Then pure pandemonium broke out one jeep crashes into a tree and explodes. Another is torn apart by the rear 50. Cal. A dark and massive figure whistles between the shadows of the trees it rips an entire tree up by its ruts and uses it to smash the rear jeep.

“Fall back! Fall back! Get to the base!” cry’s sargeThe driver floors the jeep and pulls out rocketing towered

the base at over100 mph as they go they see signs of destruc-

tion all around them. But they here nothing but the whistling of the wind. When they reach the base about 50 or 60 minute later they only see death as the base had already been destroyed sarge and the others peel out toward a plain on the runway that somehow survived the massacre. Silently each prays that one of the others knew how to fly. Suddenly the driver is wrenched from the ground and dashed against a building. Then the gun-ner is speared on one of the beast’s long cold razor claws and as it reaches for the sarge he reaches the plain and slams the door of the aircraft he notices the pilot of the aircraft on the floor. Saying a silent prayer that he isn’t dead he approaches. As he does so the pilot stirs and whispers

“Please don’t kill me.”Sarge replies “It’s OK now where going home.”The frightened pilot looks up with fear in his eyes sarge look-

ing down extends a hand to help him up the pilot takes his hand, stands, and heads for the cockpit. they flew back home to the states and just as a traumatized Sergeant steps off the plain he hears a thump behind him whirling around the sees the body of the pilot and realizes that the beast is in the states. All is lost.

TheSlenderRyan GueldenerMrs. Hurd

“Just keep running,” he mumbled under his breath. Stopping would mean being caught, and being caught would mean death. Simon ran on, faster than he ever had before, knowing that the beast would soon be on his tail again.

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Page 30: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 30- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

Continued from previous page He had been running through the mines for a half hour now,

knowing that he would soon be too tired to take a single step. He pressed on further, every step taking him farther down the path. The torchlight in the distance marked where he first took off, after seeing the horrifying creature that was following him now.

Simon heard the beast scream as loud as it could behind him.“It’s probably on its way now,” Simon thought. He ran even

harder expecting to hear footsteps behind him. His thoughts were correct, in five minutes time, he heard the quick, light pitter patter on the ground that meant that the beast was coming with its long strides.

He was truly scared for his life now; he had seen what the creature did to his friend, knocking him out with a single blow. Simon didn’t have any doubts that his friend was dead, and he also knew that if he didn’t keep running, he would be the same.

He saw a side tunnel coming in on his right. He jumped in, breathing hard. Simon sat down in the newfound shelter, trying to regain his breath. He pulled out his flint and steel and lit a torch.

Simon looked at his surroundings; he was in a small side tun-nel, only about three meters tall and two meters wide. Wooden supports held the ceiling up every 5 feet. It was against one of these supports that he was resting against.

Now that he was sitting down, the foul air of the mine that he had been breathing the entire journey took effect as he was thrown to the ground in a fit of violent, racking coughs.

He heard the beast again, who released a loud roar and then a series of alien grumbles. Simon knew the beast would close in on him if he didn’t get going.

The beast ran past the side tunnel, not seeing Simon sitting there in the shadow, but Simon saw the beast. It was three meters tall, with pure white eyes and it was the color of oil. The creature was also holding a large boulder, although Simon did not know what it was for since his arms weren’t big enough to throw it.

Even though the beast would find Simon any minute now, he tore out his journal. He flipped to the newest page and hastily drew a picture of the beast, and he called it Slender. It seemed to be related to the famous Slendermen that were supposedly living in the forest by his house.

The Slender took a step back to the end of the side tunnel and saw Simon sitting there. Simon picked up his journal and ran as fast as he could towards the end of the tunnel. He did not know where he was going, but it would have to be better than what-ever the Slender would do to him.

His heart beat faster, and he started to sink into hysteria as he saw sunlight at the end of the tunnel. Simon ran as fast as he could, the tiny dot of sunlight becoming a distinct shape. He did not glance backwards, afraid that doing so would make him stop in his tracks.

He kept running, knowing that he would soon have to stop again. The stone under his feet turned to grass. He knew he was close to the surface.

The tunnel turned to into the open bright valley from which he entered the mine. The creatures in the valley did not sense the danger that was in the tunnel at that time. Simon was instantly relieved by the sun and the grass, he calmed down.

Simon heard footsteps. He turned around. The Slender was 10 feet away.

“How could you be so stupid?” Simon said to himself. The Slender took a final step towards Simon and knocked him out. All Simon felt was a bump to the head and then

he passed out in the grass.

RevengeSanna Fidahussain

While listening to his friends praying silently among them-selves, Mr. Thomas Ackerman cried silent, weeping tears. His wife, Rose, was dead, a fact he could not process. She was a part of him in a way he could not even explain. Just yesterday, they were baking pancakes together and singing with the radio. Today was a different story. He was sitting in church listening attentively to his wife’s memorial service. She went to the bank earlier in the week, and when she kissed him goodbye, little did he know that this was the last time her lips would touch his. She did not come home that night or the night after. He immediately filed a missing persons report with the police. However, after some time, he thought it best to let her go, or at the very least hold a memorial service for her. Hearing many people wishing him well and telling him it is all in God’s plan, he nodded hum-bly with a straight face. Some people just didn’t understand that he did not understand God’s plan.

As the people became less and less in the church, he grabbed his black coat and satchel and left silently through the doors. He wanted to be in the comfort of his home, with his wife making dinner in the kitchen and telling him about her day. That comfort, her voice, everything was slowly fading away, he thought as he drove into his driveway. He was not the least hungry (even if he hadn’t eaten all day) or the least bit tired (even if he hadn’t slept all week). Nonetheless, he crashed on his living room sofa, avoiding the sight of his bedroom, and drifted to sleep.

The next morning, he took a day off work and decided to go shopping. Going around town doing useless errands was the best way to get his mind off his wife’s untimely death. He returned home a few hours later with many shopping bags. Thomas went to the deck and looked around his home to see his neighbor’s yard, looking oddly neglected. His wife always admired the neighbor’s flowers and yard, always stated how cheap their yard looked compared to the neighbors. He laughed to himself, remembering her look of irritation as she glanced at their untrimmed rose bushes and the neighbors garden of heaven. Seeing though, their yard not being cared for was highly unusual. He thought logically about the situation. His neighbor’s yard was never brown and neglected. The weather had been very sunny, so what could the reason be? The little girl he had always seen watering the flowers hadn’t been seen in awhile. I wonder if they’re okay, he thought. They hadn’t even come to his wife’s memorial to pay their respects. The odd thing about their neighbors was he never saw the adults, only the smiling little girl who always laughed and waved when he saw her.

• • •Deciding to go to work the next day, he felt comfortable in his

normal routine. With his life jumbled around, it felt nice to have something not changed. He raced out the door, noticing he was late and his neighbors’ yard still looking unkept.

“This isn’t normal, maybe something happened,” he told himself. Remembering he was late for the office made him think again. He really felt like something must have happened. Even when it was snowing, he would still see them planting all season flowers.

Since he was already late, he thought a couple of more min-utes wouldn’t hurt. He walked slowly to the patio steps, looking at the cobwebs around the door.

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Page 31: 2011 Scary Stories

Scary Stories - October 31, 2011 - Page 31

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The house had an eerie feeling. Something must have hap-pened. He slowly knocked on the door. He glanced around nervously, wondering if the little girl, Ellie, was still okay. Ellie was such a sweet and bright young girl. She made sugar cookies for Rose every week. As soon as she would come, his wife’s face burst into a smile. Ellie shone happiness wherever she went.

The little girl gracefully opened the door revealing a bright pink home. Her beautiful blonde hair was put into perfect pig-tails. Her smile was bright and shining, as usual, and her house smelled of fresh chocolate chip cookies.

He sighed in relief, “Oh hello there, I was just noticing your yard looking pretty bad and I was just hoping that there was nothing wrong…”

Ellie gave a big, hearty smile in return. “There’s nothing wrong. But thank you for your generosity. Please come in. I have made some cookies, would you like one?” She gave a soft giggle with her big brown eyes pleading Mr. Ackerman to come inside.

“I guess, thank you.” He was late anyways, might as well have a cookie.

“Just sit in the living room and I’ll be right back.” She laughed.

He stepped one foot in the room and held his breath in shock. Plastered on the walls, were thousands and thousands of pic-tures of his wife with a big, red, bloody X on every single one. He took a step back and tried his best to maintain his balance. He put his hand on his forehead and breathed heavily. “Okay, maybe it’s not what you think….there might be another explana-tion for this,” he explained to himself.

“Oh, Mr. Ackerman! The cookies are done,” she smiled. She gave him a chocolate chip cookie, still laughing sweetly.

“But-“It was too late. She raised the gun and in a second, he too was

gone just like his wife. She laughed, eating one of her chocolate chip cookies maliciously. She buried them happily among the others, which included his wife and…her parents.

• • •’Twenty years later, the police came to her home one day with

many complaints from the other neighbors. When questioned about her motives behind the murder, she gave the sweetest smile and spoke in a dark voice, “My parents did the same. Why couldn’t I?”

The police officer laughed, “Alright, then. Are you trying to tell me that your parents killed innocent people for fun and buried them? Are you really telling me that you were upset that your parents didn’t allow you to do what they did, so this was an act of revenge?”

She chuckles darkly. “Revenge? Sure, if you want you can call it that. I would call it more getting even. I think there is a differ-ence. Revenge seems more of a cruelty act. But if someone does an act even more cruel to you when you were the innocent one, then I would call it getting even, sir.”

The police officer rolls his eyes. “There are just some crazy, psycho people in this world let me tell you. You are the one who murdered two innocent people, four if you include your parents, and you do not consider that an act of cruelty?”

“Cruelty, were my parents. They weren’t normal in any way. Normal moms make warm chocolate chip cookies filled with love, not with drugs that cause you to pass out. Killing my neighbors was an act of grief. I am not known any other way to express it. So officer, my parents were the ones that got revenge on me. The innocent little child will not know a thing, they thought. So technically, I was the one who simply returned the favor, if you call that revenge…so be it.”

The Next VictimTierra Boyd

Once upon a time in the spooky cold town of Edwardsville. It was the night of the Halloween parade. There was three high school students who were in the parade. Everyone was having fun walking in the parade until people started disappearing one by one. k The atmosphere turned cold, and became very dark. On every corner you could fill chills down your spin. The three students ended up lost in the parade, everyone crowded them without knowing the students. All the citizens looked puzzled and horror came over the town. The high school students parents waiter for their children at the end of the parade, not knowing what had happened previously. Minutes passed by all the patents met up and asked each other it there had seen their child. As the parents started searching they walked down the alley by Columbus Elementary School. While they we’re walking they saw a strange woman just standing looking their direction. This strange woman had a long black trench coat as dark as the night sky. The three couple parents became frightened and puzzled, they walked closer and the woman disappeared. As they walked closer to where the woman was standing. They ended up turning around, because of the breeze in the air. As they turned around the woman was right there with them “eye to eye”. There were loud noises, pulling the parents tried to get away. The unidentified woman to the parents away into Columbus School. Never again was a site of three children and their family. It’s still said today the mask woman is known as the girl who hung herself in the Columbus Elementary School long ago. And she awaits her next victim of Halloween night.

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Page 32: 2011 Scary Stories

Page 32- Scary Stories - October 31, 2011

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