20 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now

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<ul><li><p>8/12/2019 20 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now</p><p> 1/2</p><p>20 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR LIFE RIGHT NOW</p><p>1 BECOME AN EARLY RISER</p><p>No phone calls, yelling kids, trac !is there a "etter ti#e $or e%ercise,</p><p>"rainstor#ing or &amp;'st ha(ing a c'p o$ tea)</p><p>* +E -EE.BAC/</p><p>Seek honest and direct ad(ice to detect the 0eakness that yo' didnt e(en</p><p>notice "'t has kept yo' $ro# taking the ne%t step in yo'r career</p><p>2 +E A 3ORABLE 34ONE C4AR+ER</p><p>No #ore panicking 0hen yo'r S#artphones "attery is lo0) hese s#all "'t</p><p>stylish C4AR+ERS recharge yo'r phone 0here(er yo' are and #ake s're yo'll</p><p>ne(er #iss that li$e5changing $ace"ook co##ent again)</p><p>6 MA/E A O .O LIS</p><p>ake all the tasks yo' ha(e to re#e#"er $ro# yo'r #ind to paper and en&amp;oycrossing the# o't 0hen theyre 7nally done)</p><p>8 CREAE A 9ISION BOAR. -OR .AILY INS3IRAION</p><p>Create a #i% #ash o$ pict'res, te%ts and goals on an A2 piece o$ card"oard to</p><p>(is'ally inspire yo' to0ards achie(ing yo'r drea#s)</p><p>: 3RIORIISE</p><p>Ne(er get to do the things yo' really lo(e; .elegate, eli#inate and yo'll 7nally</p><p>"e a"le to en&amp;oy ME.IAE</p><p>.o it at ho#e, in the car or right no0) -or one #in'te, 7(e #in'tes or 18</p><p>#in'tes) B't do it? -oc'sing on yo'r "reath 0ill lea(e yo' 0ith a re$reshed "ody</p><p>and #ind)</p><p>1@ .O I NO?</p><p>hate(er it is that yo'(e "een p'tting o5eno'gh 0ith the e%c'ses and get it</p><p>done) No0)</p><p>11 MA/E O4ER 3EO3LE -EEL S3ECIAL</p><p>hen 0as the last ti#e yo' did so#ething nice $or a lo(ed one, &amp;'st "eca'se;</p><p>1* EA MORE -RI, 9E+ D 4ERBS</p><p>ry a delicio's, healthy apple kale ginger s#oothie 1 Apple cored and dicedF *</p><p>stalks lacinto kale Gri"s re#o(ed ,choppedH, 1 teaspoon #inced, $resh ginger ,&amp;'ice o$ one orange and one le#on) Blend and en&amp;oy?</p></li><li><p>8/12/2019 20 Ways to Improve Your Life Right Now</p><p> 2/2</p></li></ul>