19 Tips That Will Make You a Networking Master

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19 great ideas for how to make networking easier, more effective, and even more fun! Whether you're looking for a job or trying to get ahead at work, these tips will transform you into a networking master.


<ul><li> 19 TIPS THAT WILL MAKE YOU A NETWORKING MASTER </li> <li> Youve heard that NETWORKING is important. </li> <li> To get JOB leads FIELD To meet new CONNECTIONS To learn about your </li> <li> But, we know: NETWORKING can be intimidating and hard. </li> <li> EVENTS? What do I DO when Im there? How do I START conversations? When should I FOLLOW UP? How do I find </li> <li> Dont worry. Weve got the tips you need to become a NETWORKING MASTER in just a few minutes. </li> <li> Lets get STARTED. </li> <li> 1 YOU CAN FIND EVENTS ANYWHERE Your ALUMNI ASSOCIATION PROFESSIONAL groups INDUSTRY conferences MEETUP.com </li> <li> 2 OR START YOUR OWN INVITE THREE FRIENDS, ask them each to invite three friends, and meet at a bar or someones home. </li> <li> 3 BRING TONS OF YOUR CARDS PLUS A PEN so you can to jot down notes for each person you meet </li> <li> WEAR SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL GREAT Check your COAT Wear COMFORTABLE shoes Dont bring a large BAG 4 </li> <li> 5 SET A GOAL FOR EACH EVENT Like MEET 5 new people LEARN something new Start 3 CONVERSATIONS </li> <li> SEE WHOS COMING AHEAD OF TIME SEE WHOS TWEETING or check the invite list 6 </li> <li> 7 GET YOUR ELEVATOR PITCH READY JOB TITLE and company + What that means in LAYMANs TERMS + WHY you love it Your </li> <li> 8 START AT THE BAR OR BUFFET Itll give you a chance to scan the room before DIVING IN </li> <li> 9 HAVE A FEW CONVERSATION STARTERS IN MIND BEEN HERE before? Hows the SHRIMP? This VENUE is beautiful. Have you </li> <li> 10 LOOK FOR FOLKS WHO ARE ALONE THEYLL BE HAPPY to have someone new to talk to. </li> <li> 1 1 ASK OPEN-ENDED QUESTIONS Howd you GET STARTED? Not, How long have you worked there? </li> <li> 12 DONT BE AFRAID TO OPEN UP JUST RELAX, tell stories, and be yourself. </li> <li> 3 1 TRY TO FIND COMMON INTERESTS What PROJECTS are you involved in? What are you into OUTSIDE of work? Have you BEEN to these things before? </li> <li> 14 USE A NON-AWKWARD CLOSER ITS BEEN SO GREAT chatting with you, but I have a few more people to connect with. </li> <li> 5 1 GET EVERYONES BUSINESS CARDS JOT DOWN NOTES about the person, his or her interests, and your conversation. </li> <li> 16 FOLLOW UP WITHIN 48 HOURS WITH A FRIENDLY EMAIL mentioning something memorable from your conversation </li> <li> 17 STAY IN TOUCH On LINKEDIN or TWITTER at other EVENTS or by sending ARTICLES &amp; RESOURCES </li> <li> 18 MAKE TIME TO CHECK IN WITH PEOPLE EVEN SCHEDULE IT on your calendar every week or month </li> <li> 19 GET EVEN MORE PRO TIPS AT THE MUSE Take our 7-day class, BECOME A NETWORKING MASTER at themuse.com/classes </li> <li> BROUGHT TO YOU BY themuse.com/classes </li> </ul>