13 steps to set up & implement google analytics through google tag manager

Download 13 Steps to Set Up & Implement Google Analytics Through Google Tag Manager

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Setting Up GA Through GTM(like a BOSS)www.anniesinger.me

Step 1www.google.com/analytics/Hit sign inHit Google Tag Manager

Step 2Name your account

Step 3Name your containerSelect WebHit Create

Accept T&Cs

Step 4Dont cry.Copy the codePaste somewhere safeHit OK

Step 5Hit Add New Tag

Step 6Select Google Analytics Hit ContinueHit Continue again

Step 7Remember your UA Codefrom Google Analytics?Paste it into the fieldthat says Tracking ID

Hit Continue

Step 8Select All PagesSelect Create Tag

Step 9Name your tagGA Page ViewHit Save

Step 10Publish your tag

Step 11Implement the Tag Manager CodeLog into the admin panel of your websiteAccess your theme editor This will be different for all platforms, this example is wordpressHit proceed

Step 12Access your theme headerHit proceed

Step 13Find the tagPaste your GTM CodeScroll down and hitUpdate File

Accessing Your Data in Google AnalyticsGo to www.google.com/analyticsHit Sign In and select Google Analytics

BAM! Ready to rock!