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  1. 1. HomeHome A lot of studies have been written about the benefits of meditation. But a few really teaches us how to actually start doing it. Here are the 12 ways to prepare ourselves to meditate. 1. Pick a private spot The first thing to decide on is to pick the best place in your home or community to meditate. You can start with your room, prepping it to make it more conducive for meditation. There are also other places you can sit like a quiet garden, a river side or under a tree in the nearby woods -in which you can spend some time alone. With a place set, there would be less effort in looking for a place every time you need to meditate. 2. Make it a regular schedule If you really want to see the long-term effects of meditation to your well-being, then start with setting aside regular time to meditate. You can start with short 15min sessions to an hour. Setting up sessions several times in a week entirely depends on your guided meditation lessons. 3. Eat light It is quite obvious that you do not want to meditate on an empty stomach, but starting out full might make you feel drowsy. You can start with a light vegetarian meal an hour before your meditation. Advanced practitioners such as monks also fast as they meditate, but they are already used to that practice. Since you are new to meditation, it will be a challenge for you to focus on your inner self if you feel hunger pangs! Also make sure to hydrate yourself well before starting your meditation. 4. Stretch Before you hit the floor sitting or lying flat, you might find stretching your muscles beneficial. This relaxes your muscles and joints. Also doing some stretching will prep your body to focus inward. 5. Have a purpose Always have something positively significant in mind while meditating. This is an active process; you are trying to channel your energy into something important. Your primary goal is to ease up your mind and relax. So start your focus with positive thoughts will help you get on the right track in meditation. 6. Be aware with frustrations It will not always work the first time. Remember that we live in a stressful world, so attaining clarity in a few minutes is difficult. So whenever you thought that meditation does not work, the more you should keep going until it becomes a habit. Only then the true benefits of meditation will manifest within you. 7. Let everybody know of your me time Your family members must understand and respect that you should not be disturbed during your meditation. If you have small children whom will prove difficult to leave you at peace, then time your meditation when they are away in school or during their nap time. 8. Read more about meditation When doing meditation on your own, it is best to educate yourself on how to do it correctly. Remember that you want to learn to focus your energies on certain thoughts, allowing yourself some mental clarity. If you 12 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Meditation Search CATEGORIES Alkaline (1) Aloe Elite (1) Boosting Immunity(2) Cellulite (1) DetoxDiet (1) Goji Berry(1) Juice Cleanse (1) Meditation (3) Nutrivine (1) Organic Foods (1) Paleo Cooking (1) Reiki (1) Superfoods (3) Uncategorized (1) Yoga (1) First nameFirst name Best emailBest email Get FREE Access!Get FREE Access! Download "20 Super Foods That Will Help You Live Longer" Delicious Pin It ShareShare converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
  2. 2. Tags: guidedmeditation how tomeditate meditation meditationtips 5:40pm by jenn1 0 do it wrong then you might just get too relaxed to get to sleep! 9. Follow guided audio Following though a guided audio is an effective way to meditate. Like having a meditation coach nearby, you are guided into a process to the right path of clear thinking. 10. Focuson your breathing Taking in slow deep breaths lowers your heart beat, relaxes your muscles and focuses you mind. 11. Light up a candle You might not be comfortable keeping your eyes closed, so lighting with a candle in a dim-lit room helps. Having a visual cue aids you keep the focus when you still have difficulty attaining one. 12. Make thisa lifestyle commitment As mentioned, the benefits of meditation can only be attained after a long practice. Do this on a regular basis for a year and see the changes meditation brings to your life. Soon you will find meditation part of your natural healthy lifestyle. Your mind, body and spirit deserves some moment of peace. Meditation, when done correctly can decrease stress, making you more focused and relaxed. To make sure you are meditating properly, why not listen to this story and start from there. Images provided by Pixabay 4thApril 2015 RECENT POSTS 12 Steps to Prepare Yourself for Meditation Oil Pulling in a Nutshell 10 Simple Ways to Sneak in Exercise Into Your Schedule 5 Important Answers You Need to Know About DetoxDiet 9 Goji BerryFacts You Need to know CATEGORIES Alkaline (1) Aloe Elite (1) Boosting Immunity(2) Cellulite (1) DetoxDiet (1) Goji Berry(1) Juice Cleanse (1) Meditation (3) Nutrivine (1) Organic Foods (1) Paleo Cooking (1) Reiki (1) Superfoods (3) April 2015 March 2015 February2015 January2015 ARCHIVES Lose Weight by Eating More? Discover the 20 Superfoods that allow you to eat more, feel great, and live longer. First name Best email Get FREE Access!Get FREE Access! converted by Web2PDFConvert.com
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