11 things you should stop doing on social media

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11 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media

After youve been blogging a while, youve surely come across things other people do on social that drive you nuts.As someone whos been in marketing communications for years and years, I have extra spiddy senses when it comes to the way people communicate (which makes me not only hyperaware but also HYPER-PICKY).

11 Things You Should Stop Doing on Social Media


1. Auto-posting Facebook Posts to Twitter

MetaKave.comAuto-posting basically posts EVERYTHING you share on Facebook to Twitter

As a follower, often have to go to Facebook to THEN go to the final destination

1. Auto-posting Facebook Posts to Twitter

MetaKave.comIf share an image on Facebook without any accompanying text, it just tweets out like fb.me/ccjiotw which looks spammy

Or if write something longer on Facebook, it gets cut off

Plus, people who are on Twitter are on Twitter. They dont want to be on Facebook at the moment

1. Auto-posting Facebook Posts to Twitter

MetaKave.comSo theyd rather see the content ON Twitter versus being driven to Facebook

2. Overusing Hashtags

MetaKave.comToo many hashtags just looks desperate

No matter what the platform

But well-balanced hashtag use isnt a one size fits all platforms kind of thing

2. Overusing Hashtags

MetaKave.comDont even use PinterestWhat to do instead: Keep hashtag usage in check

3. Posting Too Much Content at Once

MetaKave.comPosting too much content at once on a consistent basis can turn audience off

So cut it out

If have a lot of stuff to pin, consider if it makes more sense to put on a secret board instead of sending it through feed

3. Posting Too Much Content at Once

MetaKave.comIf pinning stuff your followers would love, then try a scheduling tool like Tailwind Plus (affiliate)

For other platforms, just be mindful on how many times posting in a row

4. Starting Tweets with @ When Youre Trying to Share with Your Followers

MetaKave.comThe scenario goes like this: someone trying to tell followers how awesome trip to Disney World was so tweet @waltdisneyworld was such a blast, you guys!

That doesnt go to all your followers

Any tweet that starts with @ is considered a reply

4. Starting Tweets with @ When Youre Trying to Share with Your Followers

MetaKave.comOnly people who follow BOTH you and @waltdisneyworld will actually see it

Since they follow both, they can see replies since Twitter feed is public

5. Asking People to Follow You Back (on ANY Platform)

MetaKave.comIf theres one that thing thats sure to get me NOT to follow, its for to follow Its pretty much the equivalent of comment vomit

5. Asking People to Follow You Back (on ANY Platform)

MetaKave.comUntil you get entrenched in the blogging world a little more, its hard to wrap head around exactly HOW to get new followers

So this tactic sounds innocent enough

Respond when they ask a question or leave a comment on a post

6. Posting Too Many Quotes

MetaKave.comQuotes WORK. Good quotes inspire, motivate, and even just cause a good laugh

But just because quotes work doesnt mean 90% of social media stream should be quotes

If someones trying to decide to follow/friend/like you, they dont want to see back-to-back-to-back-to-back-to-back tweets of quotes

6. Posting Too Many Quotes

MetaKave.comJust dont let them overtake social universeSomeone CAN have too much of a good thing

7. Using Fake Names on LinkedIn

MetaKave.comLinkedIn is a place to put work experience, highlight awesomeness, and be visible to brands looking for bloggers

On Twitter you can get away with a cute or clever Twitter handle

What to do instead: Use an actual name, or stay away from LinkedIn until ready to be a real person

8. Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Private

MetaKave.comif someone is a blogger just on social to chat with friends and post pictures to friends

Make it as easy as possible to follow - a private account is an extra hassle most people wont bother with

What to do instead: If someone want to keep some accounts private,do NOT link to them from blog.

8. Keeping Your Social Media Accounts Private

MetaKave.comOtherwise, make those profiles public and instantly notice grow following faster

MetaKave.com9. Pitching Brands PubliclyLeave a comment on a companys Instagram post that sounds like this: How can I get free products to review? Im a popular blogger!

Social media is a great place to start in getting a good contact, but not like that

Plus, while you should keep pitches brief, cant say all that much in 140 characters

MetaKave.com9. Pitching Brands PubliclyWhat to do instead: Ask the brand who you should reach out to about opportunities for bloggers

That way youre taking the actual pitch out of the public space

Or post a private message on a brands Facebook page.

MetaKave.comWhat to do instead: Remember that search is king on Pinterest now, not collaborative boards

Use keywords in your pin descriptions, but still make it sound conversational

In Pinning Perfect, one thing we teach is to severely limit the number of collaborative boards on

Show how to write effective descriptions

10. Relying Too Much on Collaborative Boards on Pinterest

MetaKave.comDifferent platforms call for different approaches

On Twitter, keep it short. On Google +, you can go longer, making your post keyword-rich

On Instagram, maybe you share a behind-the-scenes image from the craft

11. Posting the Exact Same Message Everywhere

MetaKave.comWhat to do instead: No, dont need to completely rewrite every single thing

And sometimes its short and sweet enough for more than one platform

But for the majority of content, adjust and tweak it a little to cater to each audience and platform

11. Posting the Exact Same Message Everywhere

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