10 ways to prepare yourself for the approaching mineral water season

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  • 1. 10 Ways to Prepare yourself for the Approaching Mineral Water Season The Article is written by Soumitra M Ghotikar , an experienced entrepreneur from the field for over 20 years of experience. 1.Renew your Licenses :Many licenses like Shop Act, BIS needs annual or 3 year renewals. Check that they are renewed.2.Keep All Machinery in Order :If required get the plant overhauled, change the filter cartridges, clean the membranes, Check Filling Machines in line, in order to meet the production schedules.3.Keep adequate stock for performs :As the season approaches, the demand increases along with the perform prices too. Its better to keep performs in-stock.4.Check Stock of Packaging Material :Keep all packaging material like Caps, Labels, Boxes etc. ready5.Do the pre-servicing of Delivery Vans :The delivery vehicles should be all-set, well serviced to transport any amount of material, anytime.6.Intimate Dealers to Book orders :Inform your dealers to book orders in advance, so that their stocks should not run out. Because it is your LOCAL retailer who is your front-face in the market.7.Test your Business & Market :If you have just purchased a plant [within last 1 month], I personally DO NOT recommend you should keep tall targets for this season. Instead use this season as a pilot testing season for the next approaching season. Dont worry , in India we have almost 6-8 months of Summer in most of the places.8.Check Load Shedding Time Table :Adjust the shift timings with reference to the Local Electrical Supply Boards schedule.http://mineralwaterprojectinformation.org/

2. 9.Keeps Proper Funds Available exclusively :Besides the Stock, and other provisions, I suggest personally that you should keep Money Provision separately and this should be kept aside exclusively as emergency provision.10. Do Not Disturb the current setup :You may feel that the plant capacity [purchased initially] may not meet the water plant manufacturer & ask him how much can you increase that without any major changes. But do not disturb the existing setup, let it be in the month of July or onwards.Notes:The word Mineral Water is just used to illustrate the bottled water , please Dont take that technically.******http://mineralwaterprojectinformation.org/