10 Ways To Make Money With Landing Pages

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Post on 16-Apr-2017




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HOW TO CONVERT YOUR LANDING PAGE TO GENERATE LEADS. TIP: CREATE MORE SALES WITH MULTIPLE PAGESemail list and nurture leads with sign in forms on site.Give to get.LAUNCH business, service or product with opt in for info, pre-sell what youre offeringwith action oriented, targeted sales page to feature your service, productRUN paid campaigns and cross sell on social media business pages. Promote across platformsHOST a contest, offer a quiz giveaways, discounts or promotions to capture loyaltyclients, customers for webinars, presentations on 404 error pages with wit and humor then re-direct to landing pagea static web page into a attractive lead generating system with never ending sales contactsSEND video content to prospects and customers to sell your product/service.customers, invite them to like your FB page, offer additional deals