10 ways to make money on bad Experiences

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Post on 18-May-2015




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<ul><li> 1. www.boardonnovation.com </li></ul> <p> 2. cc ickr: lain tait 1 3. cc ickr: lain taitNexicon scares the hell out P2P users by sending them threats. Then earns money on settlement agreements 4. cc ickr: r00s 2 5. cc ickr: r00s Ryanair made his USP from cheap user experiences by even offering their users standing seatsand on-board paying toilets. 6. cc ickr: jagian 3 7. cc ickr: jagian Paradise Valleys police reduced the interval time ofred lights to increase the number penalty tickets.($ 193 466 in one month) 8. cc ickr: catandgirl 4 9. cc ickr: catandgirl Force people at gunpoint to hand over their cargo. Ask ransom to free the ship and crew. 10. cc ickr: ceebeelee 5 11. cc ickr: ceebeelee Convince people that a painful servicewill make you more cool in the end. 12. cc ickr: darrienw 6 13. cc ickr: darrienw Just make it mandatory that users have to pay you. 14. cc ickr: julianbleecker 7 15. cc ickr: julianbleecker GADGETS Many (efciently) designed electronics are made tolast only for a short period in time. Then they die and users need to buy the next gens. 16. cc ickr: judybaxter 8 17. cc ickr: judybaxter See how ill your users can be in clinical tests.Then sell the results to medical companies. 18. cc ickr: acidcookie 9 19. cc ickr: acidcookie PLEASE. Try to make your clients feel as uncomfortable as possible to convince them to donate some money. 20. cc ickr: wenzday01 10 21. cc ickr: wenzday01Build a business on top of continuous failure and disillusion and let that be an incentive for your users to consume more of your product. </p>