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<p>81%</p> <p>81% of Shoppers Start Online Are You Getting Their Business?DAN SKAGGSBRITTANY MURPHY</p> <p>Onethingmarketing.net 502-532-1818hello@onethingmarketing.net</p> <p>81% of Shoppers Start Online Are You Getting Their Business?Get better online marketing with</p> <p>Quick SurveyHow many are doing SEO, or have a company doing SEO for them?</p> <p>If youre not doing anything now, are you planning on doing it yourself or hiring a company?</p> <p>92% of all consumers searching for local servicesor products start by looking onlineBrightLocal</p> <p>95% of peopledont go past the 1st pageof search resultsSearch Engine Watch</p> <p>65%of attendees at IPIC 2016are missing the Most importanton page SEO elementOne Thing Marketing</p> <p>ROI of SEOSt. Louis Photo and Imaging</p> <p>38,900 searches/month</p> <p>778 visitors (2% of all searches)</p> <p>39 customers (5% of all visitors)</p> <p>$100/customer average</p> <p>= $3,900/ month potential</p> <p>Inbound marketing costs 61% LESS per lead than traditional, outbound marketingOUTBOUND Avg cost per lead: $346INBOUND Avg cost per lead: $135</p> <p>10 things to doNOWto improve your { SEO }</p> <p>#1 Keyword Research</p> <p>#1 Keyword Research</p> <p>Use keyword search tool to: make sure that you are using words that get searches and are also terms used by your customers</p> <p>generate ideas and figure out search volume</p> <p>#1 Keyword Research</p> <p>Tips:Use to find out how many searches different keywords are getting</p> <p>Can also see CPC values which can give you an idea of which words have more commercial intent or value</p> <p>#1 Keyword ResearchTips:Look out for differences in similar terms but different search numbers</p> <p>If a keyword is a technical term, also find out what customers would call it</p> <p>Include your city, state if youre targeting local </p> <p>#1 Keyword ResearchTools to find ideas:Adwords Keyword Planner https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlannerQuestion Idea Generator http://answerthepublic.com Google Suggesthttp://keywordtool.io/https://ubersuggest.io/Local Keyword Helper - http://www.localmarketingsource.com/local-keyword-research-tool/</p> <p>#2 OnPage SEO</p> <p>#2 OnPage SEOPage Targeting Phrase Photo Restoration</p> <p>TITLE TAG: Photo Restoration services for old damaged pictures, City, StateH1 HEADER TAG: How to Restore Old Photos with Photo RestorationBODY COPY: Photo Restoration can repair any damaged photo that you may have. Let our expert Photo Restoration service take bent, water damaged, or burned photos and bring them back to life. We can also use Photo Restoration to take any black and white photo, and add color to them!URL: http://www.yourdomain.com/ Photo-Restoration </p> <p>ALT PHOTO TAG: Photo Restoration Before and After</p> <p>#2 OnPage SEO</p> <p>Title TagMeta DescriptionMeta Tag Tips:</p> <p>Add call to actions, benefits (free shipping, open 24/7, etc.)Only 150 characters so use them wiselyAdd unique meta description and title tag for each page</p> <p>#2 OnPage SEO</p> <p>Title TagMeta DescriptionMeta Tag Tips:</p> <p>Add call to actions, benefits (free shipping, open 24/7, etc.)Only 150 characters so use them wiselyAdd unique meta description and title tag for each pageOnly 4% of attendeeshere have the Optimal title tagProducts and services keywords, location, etc.</p> <p>#2 OnPage SEOhttp://www.seomofo.com/snippet-optimizer.html</p> <p>#3 Google My Business Listing</p> <p>#3 Google My Business ListingAre you claimed? http://www.joyannehawkins.com/how-to-tell-if-a-page-is-verified-with-the-new-google-plus/</p> <p>#3 Google My Business ListingTo claim listing - Google.com/business</p> <p>Tips:Use google account that you have control over so you can always have access. Ex. Dont use an employees accountIf someone else has claimed your GMB then you can request ownership and potentially get that access back.</p> <p>#3 Google My Business ListingMake sure info is correct - NAP, official business name, correct category options: photo lab, photo shop, photo restoration service, photographer, passport photo processor, camera store, portrait studio. Choose as many as are relevant to biz.</p> <p>#4 Consistent NAPNameAddressPhone #</p> <p>#4 Consistent NAPTips:Make sure you have one correct listing on each siteNo duplicates or incorrect listingsStart with 4 data providers</p> <p>#4 Consistent NAPTop 50 directories (make sure to manually fix)</p> <p>#4 Consistent NAPLOCAL BOX</p> <p>So what helps you get in there?Onpage optimizationReviewsConsistent Citations!Links</p> <p>#4 Consistent NAP</p> <p>Unsure of where your citations stand? We can show you!www.onethingmarketing.net/citation-audit</p> <p>#5 Reviews</p> <p>#5 ReviewsNow a TOP local SEO ranking factorGet as many as possible (at least 5)Ask, ask, ask, ask</p> <p>#5 ReviewsTIP:Create a Review Funnel</p> <p>#5 ReviewsThumbs Down</p> <p>Thumbs Up</p> <p>#5 ReviewsHelpful Sites:</p> <p>Getfivestars.comGrade.usReview Scan: www.grade.us/home/lookupGoogle Review Link Generator: www.grade.us/home/labs/google-review-link-generator</p> <p>Freereviewmonitoring.com</p> <p>#5 ReviewsRespond to good AND bad reviews</p> <p>Tips on responding:https://goo.gl/H1uwsQ </p> <p>#6 Google Webmaster Tools</p> <p>#6 Google Webmaster ToolsWhat is the purpose?Add your siteProvides info and data about your siteSends alerts for certain issues with site Ex. errors, security, etc.Submit .xml sitemapMakes it easier for Google to find all of your pages</p> <p>Google.com/webmasters</p> <p>#6 Google Webmaster ToolsGoogle analyticsInstall so you can see number of visitors, where traffic is coming from, and other data.</p> <p>Google.com/analytics</p> <p>Dont forget to filter!https://loganix.net/rst-lander/</p> <p>#7 Site Speed</p> <p>#7 Site SpeedVicious Cycle:</p> <p>#7 Site Speed</p> <p>Tools to test and improve site speed:</p> <p>https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/https://tools.pingdom.comhttps://gtmetrix.com</p> <p>#8 Mobile Friendly</p> <p>#8 Mobile FriendlyWhy is mobile friendly a necessity?</p> <p>Ranking factor for mobile search</p> <p>More searches on mobile device than PC now</p> <p>#8 Mobile FriendlyResponsiveNot Responsive</p> <p>#9 Blogging/Content Creation</p> <p>#9 Blogging/Content CreationTips:Write at least 500 wordsTop content has 1500+ wordsTarget long-tail keywordsMore content = more chances of ranking for more keywordsOptimize all blogs via steps 1 and 2Repurpose content (newsletters, social media, etc.)</p> <p>#9 Blogging/Content CreationContent Ideas:Cost and Price questionsProblems and issues (negative reviews)Versus or comparisons (If you were me what would you do? How do you compare to other companies?)Reviews of your own products and services, other companies, yelp, etc.The Bests (bests in your area, products, servicesFAQs</p> <p>#9 Blogging/Content CreationCreate great content!Resourceful contentGuides/How tosLocal guides (50 best places to take pictures in Boise, Idaho)</p> <p>CAN BUILD LINKS</p> <p>Tools:http://niftymarketing.com/list-of-local-link-building-ideas/https://www.impactbnd.com/blog-title-generator/blogabouthttp://www.hubspot.com/blog-topic-generatorhttps://www.portent.com/tools/title-maker</p> <p>#10 Link Building</p> <p>#10 Link Building</p> <p>#10 Link Building</p> <p>#10 Link BuildingEasy examples:Business directories (including dealer websites, chambers, BBB, etc.)Any press or press releases (ask for link)Guest post on other sitesLocal sponsorships (5ks, etc.) Website directories that offer listings of discounts, etc</p> <p>Dont buy links from just anywhere can get you in trouble!</p> <p>#10 Link BuildingWhat links are</p> <p>Questions??</p> <p>THANKS FOR ATTENDING!</p> <p>Electronic copies of presentations will be available on IPIPhoto.com after IPIC.</p> <p>ACCESS THIS PRESENTATION</p> <p>WE APPRECIATE YOUR FEEDBACK!</p> <p>Look for daily event surveys via email. Complete all four daily surveys before July 18th. You will be entered in a raffle to win an iPad mini! Winners will be announced July 19th.</p>