10 Ways to Build a Credible Online Presence

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Post on 29-Nov-2014




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Before you can sell information products and services online building your credibility is key. Here are 10 tips on how to do it.


1. 10 WAYS TO BUILD A CREDIBLE ONLINE PRESENCE 2. You dont have to spend thousands of dollars, but professional branding basics like a logo and website are a big credibility booster (avoid the free blog and website tools). #1 3. Include About Us and Contact pages on your site. Make sure theres a picture; people want to know who they are doing business with. #2 4. Share your awards and education that are relevant to your work. (I started including M.Ed. in my social media profiles, like LinkedIn and saw an increase in the number of times I showed up in peoples search results.) #3 5. Join relevant organizations and display your membership on your site. For example, NSA(National Speakers Association) or other organization logos on your website can boost your credibility. #4 6. Create and publish case studies that highlight the results youve helped clients achieve. They are great ways to establish your expertise with the VIPs in your niche. #5 7. Collect and publish testimonials from your clients on your website.Aim for detailed testimonials with real names and photos. #6 8. Highlight any traditional media coverage. Share any places youve been featured like newspaper or magazine articles or television programs. #7 9. Speak up. Going along with the crowd isnt always the right thing. If you have an opinion or advice that is different than most people in your niche, share what you know to be true for you. #8 10. Be strategic about blogging. Seek out guest blogging opportunities on influential blogs in your niche. Invite guest writers from influential blogs to post on your own website. #9 11. Maintain a consistent online business image. Whether youre blogging or participating in social media, be consistent. #10 12. Are you an author, coach, consultant or speaker looking for a coach to help you market your message without selling your soul? Im a coach and champion for women called to be transformational teachers, leaders, and messengers. Learn more at www.taigoodwin.com and grab my free audio download: 3 Ways to Get More Clients and Increase Your Cash Flow.