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  1. 1. 10 topics every software engineers should10 topics every software engineers should knowknow
  2. 2. Every software engineer should possess some basic qualities. Some firms demand qualifications according to their needs, but some common topics should be familiar for every software engineer. Here we point 10 topics which every software engineer should be familiar with.
  3. 3. Basic data structures like array, list, stack, tree, map, set etc. and useful algorithms are vital for software development. Their logical structure should be known. 1. Data formations & algorithms1. Data formations & algorithms
  4. 4. UML is the general and absolute language for software design & scrutiny. If there is a deficient of UML in a development procedure, there is no engineering. 2. UML Notation2. UML Notation
  5. 5. Software engineering is not a simple process. It demands a sophisticated level of orderly performances. Therefore, procedures and metrics are essential. 3. Software procedures & metrics3. Software procedures & metrics
  6. 6. Design patterns are typical and on the whole effective resolutions for precise issues. If you don't want to reinvent the wheel, you should learn them. 4. Design patterns4. Design patterns
  7. 7. Getting familiar with OS basics is very vital, since all applications operate on it. By learning it, we can have better foresight, perspective and functioning of the applications. 5. OS basics5. OS basics
  8. 8. Every application needs a hardware for the physical interface. Subsequently, getting familiar with computer organization basics is very important for better foresight, perspective and functioning.. 6. Computer basics6. Computer basics
  9. 9. The network is related to computer organization, OS and the complete data transfer process. In any situation, you will confront it while software development. Subsequently, it is important to get familiar with network basics. 7. Network basics7. Network basics
  10. 10. Testing is another vital fragment of software engineering. Unit testing, its best practices and techniques like black box, white box, mocking, TDD, integration testing etc. are topics which every software engineers must be familiar with. 8. Software testing8. Software testing
  11. 11. Object relational Mapping and its widely accepted and used implementation Hibernate framework is a significant method for mapping objects into database tables. It reduces the code length and maintenance time. 9. Object relational mapping9. Object relational mapping
  12. 12. Effective code is not enough, it must be clear, legible and maintainable too. So, code formatting and readable code development techniques are needed to be known and applied. 10. Clean code10. Clean code
  13. 13. Chris MauzyChris Mauzy is hard working, creative and expert software engineer. With many years of experience, Chris Mauzy posses all the attributes of a good software engineer. He is working in a well reputed company now. https://chrismauzy.wordpress.com