10 things you must do if you have diabetes

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  • 10 Things You Must Do If You Have Diabetes

  • IntroductionIncrease of tension, busy life style and improper food habit are some of the most important reasons behind the different diseases that are affecting people all around the world. Diabetes is one such disease which is giving sleepless nights to many. However, with proper care and intake of correct diabetes medicines one can easily get rid of the disease without much effort. Proper care of diabetes includes having balanced diet, right amount of physical exercise and regular health check up. In addition to this a positive attitude towards life also helps to fight against any diseases.

  • 1. Choose a proper doctorAs soon as you get to know that, you are suffering from diabetes, consult a doctor who has the best knowledge about the disease. The doctor can actually give you proper suggestion about the life style that you must follow, the tests you should go through, the medicines you should take and many more. Abiding by the doctors advice can help you to be fit and healthy.

  • 2. Have a health insurance that supports your diseaseOften it is seen that people invest on medical insurances, but do not get the benefits of the plans when they require it. So before making any investments make sure that the plans can be used for the treatment of diabetes. Treatment of diabetes include regular health check-up, visit to the doctor, blood test etc.

  • 3. Make a schedule to check diabetesYou should have a schedule which will help you to have a proper routine to go for regular health check-up, medical tests, physical exercise, etc. This will actually help you to have a healthy life style and a fit body altogether.

  • 4. Buy proper diabetes control accessoriesIt is not always possible to run to the doctors chamber every time to do a blood test or measure the level of blood sugar. So, equipments such as medicines, glucose meter, syringes can be bought so that they can be used if there is any emergency.

  • 5. Opt for low glucose medicinesAs intake of glucose is similar to consuming poison for diabetes patients, it is suggested to take medicines which have low glucose level. These medicines help in checking the diabetes and reduce blood sugar level.

  • 6. Have a balanced dietA balanced diet is always the best remedy to cure any disease. A dietician can be consulted to know about the proper diet that a diabetes patient should take, to decrease the risk of diabetes. A balanced diet means, intake of all nutrients, but in the correct proportion as required by any particular person.

  • 7. Engage yourself in physical activityThe calories which are consumed should be used and burnt by proper physical exercise. Physical exercise may include simple walking, playing, dancing, etc. These exercises cause perspiration and thus help in burning the extra calories. Infact, this reduces the risk of diabetes.

  • 8. Try to have control over yourselfYou should be the first person who should try to check the diabetes level. Even if the people around you try to help you to have healthy life style, without your own effort, it is never possible to achieve the same. So, control your diet. Stop having sweets and engage in physical activities to avoid the risk of diabetes.

  • 9. Spend time with othersSpending time with friends and family members also help in reducing the risk of diabetes. Constant support of the near and dear ones gives mental boost and increases the positive attitude of any person to fight against any disease.

  • 10. Try not be tensed about anythingTension increases the diabetes level of a person. So it is better to stop worrying about anything to keep diabetes at bay. It is suggested to be happy with life and not to worry without reason.

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