10 things not to do in street photography

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10 Things Not to Do in Street Photography

Author: erickimphotography

Post on 10-Aug-2014



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I feel the best way to be more creative in street photography is by eliminating options. Less is more. Learn more about street photography on my blog: http://erickimphotography.com/blog/


  • 10 Things Not to Do in Street Photography
  • 1. Dont chimp (let your photos marinate)
  • 2. Dont use more than 1 camera / 1 lens
  • 3. Dont mix b/w + color (aim for consistency)
  • 4. Never stop shooting (Take a lot of bad photos)
  • 5. Dont leave your camera at home (always have it with you)
  • 6. Dont worry about social media followers (aim to please yourself)
  • 7. Dont just take one photo of the scene (work it)
  • 8. Dont spend time on camera sites (study the masters)
  • 9. Dont publish bad photos (kill your babies)
  • 10. Dont forget to have fun (life is short)
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