10 reasons why you should never have to worry about it again

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  • 1. 10 Reasons Why You Should Never have to Worry about IT AgainApril 12, 2012 Your Logo

2. IT infrastructure should be a profit center for your business - not a cost center. WAIT!!!! IS THAT POSSIBLE????April 12, 2012 Your Logo 3. Ideal!TRADITIONALBREAK-FIX METHOD Step 1 Something isnt working. Step 2 Have tech support come on-site to fix it. Step 3 Pay for time and material..Your Logo 4. BUTIs the bill you get for time and material your real cost?? What about productivity loss??? What about revenue loss??? What is your companys overall loss due to downtime?? 5. Agenda for today: The Modern IT Method -Focus on your business not your network!!! Defining Managed Services The 10 reasons you registered for this webinar!! Next Steps and Action Plan Questions With Answers at no additional cost!!! 6. Defining Managed ServicesPhilosophy based on tried and true bestpractices.Three core elements:1. Mission is to eliminate downtime.2. Commit to best practices.3. Proactive vs. Reactive 7. Reason #1WITH MANAGED SERVICES YOUHAVE AN INTERAL IT DEPARTMENT!!- All the benefits of a full time employeewithout the costs!! 8. #2 Early issue detectionAn apple a daywellyou know what we mean!!Think of it as 24/7/365 physical from your doctor!!! Hard drive Failure Warnings Hard drive Fragmentation and Disk Space Warnings Malware, Spyware, and Rootkit Detection Antivirus Updates and Issues Outdated Windows Updates and Service Packs Windows Update Failures Windows Licensing Issues Duplicate Network Addresses Unexpected Changes in System Hardware CPU and Memory Issues Event and Error Logging Oh the list is long!!! Underground cable cuts or failures Your Logo Fire, flood, hurricanes and other natural disasters 9. #3 Remote Support = Less overall ITexpensesNo - really it does!!!Break FixNo it should be Fix, Fix, Fix.1. Most issues can be solved remotely.2. No need to send out a technician.3. No technician sent out not added cost to IT provider.4. No added cost to IT providerSAVINGS PASSED ON TO YOU! 10. #4 VENDOR MANAGEMENTAn overlooked but REAL expense!!! My technology failed!!! Quick contact the vendor to get as much free support as possible where is that warranty anyway? Please holdand holdand holdand hold I will transfer youI will transfer youI willclick!What is the cost of managing your vendors??? 11. #5 Catch 22.I am paying money while I am losing money!!!! Are you paying for your employees to take an IT Siesta?? Prevention is what you should pay for! Stability, performance and security makes business owners sleep well and keeps IT expenses in check. 12. #6 It is 10 pm.Do you know what your IT costs are?? Flat-rate IT management Easy to budget Reduces hidden costs PROMOTES IT EXPENSE PLANNING! Are you investing in technology to increase your productivity and revenue? Or are you losing productivity and revenue by spending on IT? 13. #7 What are you hiring?Managed Services Providers Business Consultants First! Best Practices Your business processes Solutions for your growth not fixes for your hardware! Are you hiring a CIO? 14. #8 No more surprises!!A physical or emergency surgeryhmmm Take care of your IT and it will take care of you!! Less emergencies equal less tech supportcalls! Less support calls equal less IT expenses! Less IT expenses equal MORE bottom line toyour business! 15. #9 You can be just like Microsoft!!!Or Google? Or Coca Cola? Well you can be like the big boys Solutions reserved for big corporate enterprises at costs geared towards your budget. VOIP Data Backup, Disaster Recovery Firewall and Security Solutions Software Solutions and CRM Packages 16. #10 Pay your employees for their job!What is the job function of your employee? It is more than money!! Perform critical tasks properly! Perform critical tasks period!! Repetitive IT tasks arewell repetitive andboringare they being done? Oh yes your employees charged with thesetasks are going to love you!!! 17. Action Plan!!!Focus on your Business NOT your Technology!!! Get a real network evaluation!!! Get a real analysis of your current IT expenses!!! Perform an ROI to ensure that Managed Services work for your organization!!! Ask me a question!!! 18. Questions?Contact information www.michellgroup.com Jeffrey Robles jrobles@michellgroup.com Work (305) 592 5433 ext. 122 Cell (305) 562 3775 Like us on Follow us on 19. THANK YOU! Your Logo