10 Proven Ways To Improve Your Productivity

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Ten ProvenWays To Improve Your Productivitypresented byWork On Your Highest Leverage TasksSLEEPENOUGHEATWELLEXERCISEOFTENTHERES NO ONE-SIZE-FITS-ALL RULE, TAKE EXAMPLES BUT MAKE A ROUTINE THAT FITS YOU.TURN PRODUCTIVE PRACTICES INTO A ROUTINE UNTIL THEY BECOME YOUR HABIT.ATTENTIONENERGYTIMEYESONLYALLWILLDO.The only SECRET is that there is none.Trying Too Muchor Too HardKillsProductivity.Constantly RememberingWHY YOU DO WHAT YOU DO Improves Productivity.Stay passionate, but dont push too hardBe Kind to YOURSELFConsider what you ACCOMPLISHED,not what you PRODUCED.Cvin [ LINK ]UGArdener [ LINK ]Eleni Boulasiki [ LINK ]David_a_l [ LINK ]Aaron Shumaker [ LINK ]Dafne Cholet [ LINK ]ACKNOWLEDGEMENTSDane Erland [ LINK ]Kristina [ LINK ]Scott Anderson [ LINK ]David Merrett [ LINK ]Jennifer [ LINK ]Stig Nygaard [ LINK ]Slides Inspired By : A Year of Productivity [ LINK ]GET A FREE ACCOUNT NOWthe easiest appointment scheduling software for your business