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1. 10 Immediate Ways To Make Money OnlineAs you are begin surfing the web and been directed to this article, I'm sure you have already beenexposed to many web advertisements. There are many people out there making money online while inthe comfort of their home, enjoying flexible working hours with no office wear needed, or maybe noteven wearing anything.Below are 10 ways that you can be like them. Don't expect to be an internet millionaire overnight. Butcertainly with consistent efforts you can make a few hundreds a month easily or even thousands if youwork a bit harder.1. Be a blogger Start a blog (by the way, it's free) to write about something you are passionate aboutor you have certain domain knowledge to share. If you can write well and make people interested aboutyour posts, then you can monetize your blog. One popular way is to sign up with Google Adsense tohave ads appearing on your blog. Someone click it, you earn.2. Online Counselor If you have the knack and patience to lend a listening ear. Many people preferonline counselor because they can remain anonymous. You can start your own website to sell yourservice. Drive web traffic to it and start building up your customer base. If you don't know how to build awebsite then a Facebook page will be good enough to get you up and running. You will be paid on hourlybasis.3. Translation If you know more than one language well, there are many such jobs available. There aremany freelancer sites and forums where you can register yourself to express your interest. Usually youcharge them on each translated word.4. Sell your unused items Ransacked your garage, wardrobe, under your bed There are bound to bemany stuff you have bought on impulse. One man's trash is another man's treasure. The easiest way toencash your trash is to register as a seller with eBay.5. Participate in Paid survey There are many new marketing ideas everyday and marketers needsounding boards to test their ideas. Register yourself with such sites and when there are suitablesurveys they will notify you. You just have to answer the questions truthfully. 2. 6. Part time data entry jobs You have spare time on hands, a ready computer for use and armed withgood typing skills, speed and accuracy; and you can start earning money. Sites like Elance or Guru will bea good starting point.7. Software load testing Software needed to be tested before that are sell over the shelves. Registeryourself for load testing jobs and you can help to test for bugs and comment to improve on the product.Of course, you can have bragging rights to have the software before it hits the market.8. Build websites If you have the necessary skills, you can make lots of extra cash this way. There arehundreds of start-ups looking for an online presence but without time and knowledge. If you are good,you will get more than enough referrals than you can handle.9. Start an online shop You can sell on eBay or Amazon. You will not always need to have to make yourown product to sell. If your neighbor is into knitting, knock onto their door and start a joint venture.10. Stock Photography You need to justify your impulse buy on the latest DSLR. You can take goodpictures and sell them as Stock Photographs. You can make from a few cents to hundreds of dollarsdepends on the nature and demand of your photos.There are many other ways that you can make money online. Some can give you extra allowance to buysome nice clothes and some can replace or even surpass your day job income.For more useful articles on the ways to Make Money Online, visit http://www.iworkersgh.com/You can copy and paste the above URL incase it is not clickable. Make sure you visit the site and learnmore all for free.