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  • By James Linker www.fitlifecy.com 97607508

    1. Women will Build large muscles through weight training


    Very few women have the genetic potential to build large muscles, the female bodybuilders you see have taken drugs to look that way. Women have lower levels of the male hormone testosterone which is a big muscle building hormone, therefore they do not have the potential for larger muscles. Lastly, women have less muscle tissue than men to start with so cannot build muscles to the same size.

    2. Sit ups and other stomach exercises will burn fat around the stomach area.


    You cannot spot reduce fat! Your body chooses where fat loss occurs in the same manner that your genetics determine where you tend to store fat. The specific exercises you are doing cannot burn fat in certain areas, it is a cumulative process to burn fat. Stomach exercises will strengthen and tone the stomach muscles however they will not be visible until that layer of fat is removed.

    3. Muscle turns to fat if an exercise program is stopped


    Muscle and fat are separate and unique tissues, one cannot change into another. Upon stopping an exercise program muscle size can decrease and quite separately fat gain can occur due to a sedentary lifestyle and bad eating habits.

    4. People can be too old to lift weights


    Older muscle is very responsive to resistance training. Weight training works almost as well for people of all ages. It will strengthen your bones, joints and muscles. However for safety it is advised to work with a professional or experienced friend or family member.


  • 5. Sweating is a great way to lose weight


    Sweating will result in weight loss for all of 30 minutes until you decide to have a drink of water again!! Please be careful, most people want to lose FAT not weight. Losing water weight may look good on the scales for a day or two but it does not burn more calories, brings the danger of dehydration and does not create long lasting changes to body image.

    Chances are that you want to burn fat, so just keep in mind you need to focus on calories and not water weight.

    6. The longer I spend on the treadmill the better it is for fat burning


    Not only are long runs or cycles in the gym boring but they are simply not the way to burn fat. Research shows that the most efficient and best way to burn fat is through interval training. This involves short periods of high intensity followed by short periods of rest. If you spend hours on the treadmill to burn fat you are wasting your time and using intervals for 20-25 minutes a few times a week will drastically help you achieve your goals.

    7. Fat in my diet is bad


    Whilst trans fat (takeaways) and saturated fat (chocolate) must be kept to a minimum, unsaturated fat is good for your health. Unsaturated fat such as olive oil will help remove blockages in your arteries and therefore should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet.

    8. Light Weights will create muscle tone and heavy weights will create muscle mass


    Genetic factors are largely responsible for muscular responses to resistance exercise. The important factor is to use enough resistance to produce muscle fatigue within the limits of the anaerobic system (90 seconds). Training with light weights for more than 2 minutes or more is inefficient and does not lead to muscle development.

    9. Children are too young to lift weights


    Children can increase strength and physical abilities through a resistance program. There has NEVER been a report of growth retardation. However it is advised that children are monitored by a professional and use a custom built plan by a professional to avoid injury.

    10. Strength training is bad for blood pressure


    Straining against an immovable object or holding ones breath can lead to elevated blood pressure. However resistance training involving continuous movement and breathing does not cause a large increase in blood pressure.

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