10 Critical Ways To Get Targeted Traffic For Your Site

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You can have the most beautiful website but without any traffic or if you do not know how or where to get it, you are not going to make any money. Here are 10 vital ways to get targeted traffic for your site.


  • 1. 10 Critical Ways To Get Targeted Traffic ForYour SiteYou can have the most beautiful website but without any traffic or ifyou do not know how or where to get it, you are not going to makeany money. Here are 10 vital ways to get targeted traffic for yoursite.1. Make Sure Your Site Content Is Original And UniqueMajor search engines like Google judge and rank all websites basedon popularity, original and unique content.Henceforth, it is necessary for you to come up with fresh and highquality content for your site to be indexed by search enginesquickly. The same goes for your web layout theme which has to berelevant to the niche you promote.The common term internet marketers use for this is Search EngineOptimization or SEO.2. Select Relevant Keywords As Your Domain, Web Title AndCertain Points In Your ContentIt is important for you to have relevant keywords as your domain,web title and certain points in your content.Keywords that relate to whatever you post or update your site. Butdo not overuse it as Google might see that as spamming and removeyour site as part of their new Panda updates.So as much as you want to impress Google, you need to do the sameto the people as well who are looking for answers to solve theirproblems. That way your chances of getting your site ranked on thefirst page of Google and easily accessible to your target market willbe much higher as Google likes interactive sites as well.

2. But as much as you want keywords with a lot of people searching,you also want to have as few marketers promoting with those aswell.3. Search Engine SubmissionIf your site is new, simply submit it to search engines like Bing andYahoo besides Google. This is an important step towards gettingmore visitors. Because more visitors means your website will bevisible by search engines and attract more prospects.4. Exchange Your Links With Sites With High PRExchanging your links with sites with high Page Rank or PR provesto another effective way to drive traffic and improve your siterankings as well. Meaning sites which are popular and been gettingmany visitors everyday.They can be authority or social networking sites. Doing this helpsyou not just in increasing your online friends but your onlineincome as well.By following the tips outlined in this article, you will realize thatincreasing your website traffic and getting more people to visit yournew website is very easy to do.5. Write And Post Articles To Article DirectoriesBesides writing articles for your site content, you can also use andpost them as individual articles to related directories like EzineArticles, Go Articles, Article City and Article Dashboard.Though doing this does not get you instant income, it will provideyou on a long-term basis so long as your articles are approved andout on Google and other major search engines for people to see andread.This is one of the methods I use when I started out in internetmarketing. 3. 6. Posting Classified Or Pay Per Click AdsThese is my other method I implement besides article marketing. Ifyou are starting with limited or no budget, I recommend you tryposting classified ads first before doing Pay Per Click or PPCadvertising. Sites like Adpost, Backpage, Craiglist and US Free Adsare highly ranked by Google and receive as much traffic as PPC.Once you made some money consistently, then you may considerPPC. But you still need to be careful in setting your daily budget,your expenses for every click and keywords you select for your adheading and description. Besides Google, Bing and Yahoo, you mayconsider Facebook where the PPC charges are slightly lower.7. Getting Backlinks From ForumsForums are another way to get targeted traffic or backlinks to yoursites. They are places where people joined and discussed based upona topic. Usually those topics are common problems or passions theyfaced or have had.Google for any niche forums related to what you want to promoteand join them. They can be internet marketing forums like WarriorForum or weight loss forums just to list a few. But unlike classifiedads, you are not allowed to place your link in your posts but in yoursignature.Some forums may not even allow you to do this until you haveparticipated and build rapport with other members after a period oftime. But if you can provide good advice and tips, they will naturallyallow you to place links or even go to your site before decidingwhether or not to take your offer.8. Creating And Submitting Press ReleasesPress releases are online newspapers annoucing a product launch,latest developments around the world or lives of major celebritiesand influential people in careers, entertainment, politics or sports. 4. The only difference between them and articles are that they do nothave resource or bio-boxes for placing your links. There are free andpaid sites you can submit your press releases to such as Clickpress,PRLog etc.9. Social BookmarkingSocial bookmarking is quite similiar to placing ads. But instead ofsubmitting to classified sites or major search engines, you submit tosocial networking sites like Connotea, Digg, Inlinked etc.In Facebook, you can create fanpages and join groups related towhat you promote while at Twitter, you can also find your targetedaudience based on their passions and problems.10. Submit Your Links To Video SitesVideo sites like Youtube and Viddler are truly high traffic sites.People like watching videos as they tend to grab their attentionmore than just articles, blogs and sites with text and images.You can either create your own videos and place links in yourdescription. Or you can leverage on other peoples niche-relatedvideos with high traffic by asking them whether they will beinterested to promote your offer by placing your link in theirchannel.With that said, here are 10 vital ways to get targeted traffic to yoursites and make more money. But for that to happen, you need totake action immediately after reading this. 5. If you find doing all thesesubmissions to be too much work and taking too much time, youmay want to consider Magic Submitter.Find out how more on how it can automate your process here.