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1 MasterKey Custom Pricing Calculator April 2007 Slide 2 2 Step 1 On the Welcome Page, click Start Slide 3 3 Step 2 On the Disclaimer Page, click Next Slide 4 4 Step 3 Enter Investors name Step 4 Select Yes or No for Family Group Linking Step 5 - If the investor has a MasterKey Custom SMSF fund, click Yes, otherwise click No and proceed to Step 7 Slide 5 5 Step 6 - If Investor has a MasterKey Custom Self Managed Super Fund: 1.Enter the name of the investors Self Managed Super Fund; 2.Enter the name(s) of each SMSF member; 3.Click Next Slide 6 6 4. Under Member No. 1 Account #1, select the Members name, account type (Superannuation or Pension), Account Balance and Number of Assets held in the members name. Press the [Enter] key; 5. Select the members assets and enter the amounts held in each asset; (Note: ASX Listed Securities are treated as one asset. The amount entered for these should be the total balance of the members listed securities; 6. If the member has more than one account within MasterKey Custom SMSF (e.g super and pension), enter the details for Account # 2. 7. Click on SMSF Member No. 2 Details in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Slide 7 7 8. Repeat the steps above and then click Next Slide 8 8 Step 7 - If investor has funds Non- SMSF Funds: 1.Select investors name; 2.Select the investors Tax Structure (Investments, Superannuation, Pension) 3.Enter members number of assets. Press the Tab key 4.Select the members assets and enter the amount invested in each asset. 5.If the investor has more than one account with MasterKey Custom, click Add Another Account and repeat the above steps, otherwise click Go to Results Slide 9 9 Results Page Fee Summary The Results Page shows a summary of: Investors tax structure (i.e MasterKey Custom Investments, Super, Self Managed Super and Pension accounts); A breakdown of account balances in each tax structure; Estimated Investment Cost of the investors managed fund options; Gross administration fee; Multiple Account Pricing Discount (if investor has more than one MasterKey Custom Super account); Fund Level Pricing Discount (if investor has more than one MasterKey Custom Self-Managed Super account); MLC Manager of Manager discount (if investor has $1m or more held in MLC MoM options); Family Fee Group Discount (if applicable); Net Administration Fee; Fee cap (if applicable); Estimated Total Administration Fee and Investment Cost to Client. Slide 10 10 Results Page