 Social media and an online presence is where professional recruitment is headed… Are you ready?  Learn tricks to promote a positive online presence.

Download  Social media and an online presence is where professional recruitment is headed… Are you ready?  Learn tricks to promote a positive online presence.

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Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

Marketing Yourself Through Social Media

1Welcome!Social media and an online presence is where professional recruitment is headed Are you ready?Learn tricks to promote a positive online presence through the following sites:FacebookTwitterBlogsPersonal WebsitesLinkedInBuild Your Professional BrandEmployers are looking online for information about you.

Overall how are you represented online?3Personal vs. ProfessionalPersonalPost with easeSeparate accounts

ProfessionalApps (indeed, idealist, international)Connect with LinkedIn Like popular sitesShow off your work (slideshare)Post your job search status

Many ways to use Facebook most of us have accountsPersonal:important to tailor your security and privacy online as well as to understand the different ways that Facebook can be utilized. AND its being utilized by many different companies and organizations to advertise and market themselves. To use for job search: Apps (indeed, idealist, international)Connect with LinkedIn Like popular sites about.com Job searching, specific companies with career pages (Microsoft), or people who write about careers, tweetmyjobsShow off your work (slideshare)Post your job search status (example: http://www.time.com/time/business/article/0,8599,1903083,00.html)Notes- While I do know everyone I'm friends with on Facebook, I don't necessarily know or remember where each person works. And, I definitely don't know where each of their friends work. So, when I first was laid off, I posted a "note" on Facebook, explaining the situation, and what I was looking for. A note tends to stay on people's screens longer than a status update, and you can write much more.Status Update- I do frequently post status updates relating to my job search, to keep it top of mind that I'm still looking for a job. I'll say things like "I had a great interview this morning... keep your fingers crossed!" or "I have a networking meeting later today with a company I'm really interested in!". I also write a status update with a link when I write a new blog post.Notes for Blog Posts- Create a "note" for each blog post. Also, if they comment on it on Facebook, it becomes even more viral.Tag Your Friends- If you write a blog post that includes a reference to a friend on Facebook, tag them. That way, their friends will be alerted to your post, and your message will spread more quickly.

4Secure browsing tip: Even if you have your privacy settings customized, you need a secure connection to truly ensure your privacy.

Go to Account and select Account Settings

To stay secure online, make sure you are browsing on a secure connection. This will allow you to keep your information private and prevents eavesdropping.

5Select Account Security and click on "change".

Check the box for secure browsing. This will allow you to use Facebook on a secure connection, helping to ensure your privacy.

Customize your privacy settings: You can control who has access to which information you share on Facebook.

Go to Account and select Privacy Settings

Everyone has heard the speech about protecting privacy online, especially on Facebook. What you may not know, however, is just how customizable your privacy is.

You can control who sees what you post- even down to the individual person. You can even control who sees a status update by selecting the lock next to the share button.

7Select the "Customize settings" option at the bottom of the page.

You can select who can see various portions of your profile. To do this, click on the drop down menu and select from the options.

CREATING A PROFESSIONAL FACEBOOK PAGEhttps://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php

1. Log into your existing Facebook account, or, if you dont have one already, create an account and log in.

2. Once youre logged in, go to https://www.facebook.com/pages/create.php. Click the category your page will associated with and select/fill in the requested information. For example, if youre a journalist creating a page, click on Artist, Band or Public Figure, select Journalist in the categories drop down, then type in your name the same way it appears on your profile page (you can view your profile page by selecting Profile in the right hand corner of the screen). Check the Terms of Agreement box, then press OK.

3. Once you have created your page, youll be redirected to the new page, which will have a blank template but will look very similar to a normal Facebook profile. If you arent directed to your new page, you can access it by going to the right top corner and clicking Account, then Use Facebook as a Page, and then Switch.

4. Click on the box in the top left hand corner where your picture can be uploaded, just like on a Facebook profile page. Upload a professional looking picture of yourself.

5. Click info below your picture. Fill in ONLY the information you choose to share with everyone. Keep it professional and make sure to edit what you write so that there are no spelling or grammar errors. Make sure to include the links for any websites you have such as an online portfolio, your Twitter page, or links to work youve done in the past or LinkedIn.

6. Once youre done, click Save Changes at the bottom of the page, then go to the top right corner and click View Page.


Add your professional content!

Add some content to your page! Post a link to some of your recent work, a video you put together, pictures, or anything else that you did in relation to your line of work. Add these by clicking Wall on the left side below your picture, then clicking on the category associated with what you want to post and uploading content.


Make sure to publish your page!

Click Get Started on the left under your picture, then click Import Contacts in the top corner of the page. Follow the on-screen instructions to add professional contacts through your email account or a document. If you want to publicize your page on your personal profile page, click on Wall on the left side under your picture, then copy the link that shows up in the navigation toolbar at the top of your web browser (where the web URL goes).

2. Next, switch back to your personal Facebook profile by going to the top right corner and clicking Account then Switch back to (your name). Youll know its your personal Facebook profile because it will have your personal Facebook profiles picture next to it.

3. Click Link on your Facebook profiles add content box at the top of your wall, then paste your Pages link in and click Attach. Write a short blurb to fiends about why they should like your professional page- if they want to follow you professionally, view your work, refer you to someone they know, etc.

12Twitter 101PersonalDaily dealsGiveawaysCurrent eventsCelebritiesHobbiesFavorite showsProfessionalJob SearchNetworkingUpdates on companiesYour search status updatesTake a look at more ideas: http://jobmob.co.il/blog/beginners-guide-find-a-job-with-twitter/

Compare differences provide examplesPERSONAL: favorite stores to follow (Target daily deals); favorite magazines, celebrities, people who write about current events; the White HousePROFESSIONAL: follow organizations of interest, update your own status

Twitter also helps you get noticed by establishing your own expertise. By tweeting about things of interest to others in your field, you can gain the attention of others and gain followers, who then may consider you for jobs and/or become more aware of you. You can tweet articles, retweet others' posts, reflect on relevant current events, etc. and eventually become noticed as a thought leader in your field. Ideally, you will get "listed" on other people's lists--and by getting listed you will also get a good idea of what the world thinks of you and your brand, because you can then see who else is on the same list.13Build Your NetworkDont know where to start?Twitter suggestionsInterest groupsFind friendsFollow companies of interestFollow organizations of interest

Basic Networking- I am now much more connected to people who are involved in areas I'm interested in. Today I heard about jobs available at two companies. I tweeted two people I met on Twitter, and in minutes I had some information about the jobs.Job Postings- I am connected to a few people who know about jobs that I would not have otherwise known, i.e. @socialmediajob or other recruiters.Connecting- When someone follows me or I follow them, I read their bio thoroughly. If it looks like they work somewhere I might be interested in, or if I think they might be someone who could connect me to others, I get in touch with them. A few have said no or not responded at all, but for the most part, everyone is very open to meeting or talking.Companies- My new favorite Twitter tool is Twellow (on my list of programs I "use regularly"), which actually searches people's bios and URLs on their bios. It's amazing! For example, I did a quick search on Shift Communications, a company I would love to work for and I could see that 13 people from Shift are on Twitter.

14Mobile Twitter

Send and receive tweets on the flyCell phone friendlyFree of chargeEasy to sign up

Mobile Messaging

TweetMyJOBSSelect which 'channels' (JobChannels) to receive INSTANT notification of jobs.

A channel is by location and job.

TweetMyJOBSAdditional resources:Identify specific companiesSocial ProfileFree tools & resources

TweetDeckConnect your social media accountsComputer desktopSmart phoneGoogle chromeSimilar resources:HootSuiteSeesmicBuzzom

Personal Websites

Create a website that includes the followingProfessional picture no friends shoulders up professional clothingResume (dont include personal info!) PDF if possibleProfessional sample work (class projects, papers, videos, photos of projects)Contact infoAnother online portfoliofollow me buttons

20Personal WebsiteWhere?yola.comMore about domains.What?Privacy on resumeProjects (photos, writing samples, videos, descriptions, testimonials)On resume?Under headingInclude on your social media links


http://www.blogger.comhttp://www.tumblr.comhttp://www.wordpress.comMake sure your post is:RelevantProfessionalCurrent

http://www.rachel-levy.com/Include:-how often do you update-how do you get the word out-how to share with employers that you have one-keywords for google search-get creative; heading, graphics, linking to other sitesBlogs are a GREAT way to show off your knowledge of whatever field you are going into. Many employers like to see that you are enthusiastic and proactive about your field. Your blog not only demonstrates this but also displays your ideas and what you could bring to that field, industry, or even potential job. English, Journalism, Communication, etc. majors can show off their writing skills through their blog!MAKE SURE EVERYTHING YOU POST IS PROFESSIONAL AND SOMETHING YOU WOULD WANT AN EMPLOYER TO SEE!

22Check out career blogshttp://tinyurl.com/47ne5cr


23Digital Business Cardscontxts.com/

Contxts is an online service and smart phone app that allows you to send and receive mobile business cards through SMS text messaging. When you register either on their website or through the smart phone app, you choose a username and enter in any contact info you want to appear on your SMS business card email address, phone number, social networking sites, and more. Once you have saved your SMS business card, there are two ways to exchange it with someone that you meet. To send your recipient your contact informationTo send your SMS business card to someone, text send theirnumberhere, replacing theirnumberhere with your recipients 10 digit phone number. Shortly after, your recipient will receive your SMS business card. To exchange information with each otherThe person you want to send your SMS business card to texts yourusername to 50500, replacing yourusername with the username you registered on Contxts. Shortly after, you will receive a text message asking you to confirm that Contxts should send your SMS business card to your recipient (that is, unless you have turned off this feature). After confirming, your contact will be send your information, and you will be able to save their number through the confirmation text message. But why should I use it?One of the reasons Contxts is so great is that you dont have to have a smart phone to use it, other apps, like Bump, can only be sued on smart phones. But with Contxts, as long as you and your recipient each have a cell phone, you can exchange your information through standard text messaging services. I also appreciate that both parties dont have to be registered with Contxts to exchange phone numbers, as explained in the previous section. Final TipsAfter you have created your business card on Contxts, think about adding your username to your resume or website so that potential clients or employers can get in touch with you easily.

24Just the facts2010 more than 90 million members in over 200 countries and territories.

2010 almost two billion people searches

January 2011 executives from all Fortune 500 Companies are on LinkedIn.

End of 2010 - 69 of the Fortune 100 companies utilize LinkedIn to recruit new employees

Let the statistics speak for themselves!Additional:Linkedin is older (68% are 35+), wealthier (66% make $60/year+), and better educated (72% are college grads!). To many it may just seem like another online-job hunting tool at a job seeker's disposal, but it's so much more. Read on!25BenefitsOrganize contactsYou never know WHO you know!Build a professional brand onlineExtension of your resumeShowcase additional workApplications for presentations, blogs, etc.Preparation for interviewsResearch interesting jobs and companies

Intro lots of ways to use it what sticks out most to you?26Build your profile

Display a professional photoShould be a head shot with a neutral backgroundNO FRIENDS Just you!Create a Smart HeadlineEX: Full time student at the University of Colorado with an emphasis in Business Marketing and Broadcast News. The more complete it is, the better recommendations LinkedIn can make.Option to upload your resume pretty easy; just need to update.ALWAYS ask for feedback from people you trust

27Build your profileWrite a keyword-rich summaryConciseSpecific Check spelling and grammarExample:Pursuing Broadcast Journalism has always been a dream. As a young person, I envisioned the rewarding career in Broadcast Journalism and what it would provide. Due to my outgoing and determined personality, I started achieving many goals throughout high school and in college.

What are the keywords in your industry? Skills knowledge topics

This will be a key thing people see when the...