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  • Guest speakers 7 th Annual NCPPS Application workshops Pharmacy hot topics
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  • President: Leanne Thai Vice President: Trung Ky Secretary: Rachelle Roxas Treasurer: Laney Luong Internal Affairs: Devin Erbay External Affairs: Louis Owen Public Relations Chair: Deepika Loomba NCPPS Chair: Judy Ma Webmaster: Yu Jin
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  • Our Public Relations Committee: Vincent Man Thao Nguyen Priya Vallabh Yuen Ng Clifton Ng Irene Chang Grace Go Irene Dang Rachael Park
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  • Fall membership has been updated, see website for complete list Email devinerbay@gmail.com for questions/concernsdevinerbay@gmail.com T Shirt Prize! Requirements for this semester 2 meetings, 1 social, 4 hours volunteering Membership form & fees 8 th Gen Raffle!
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  • Red Cross Blood Drive 2/8, 2/11, 2/12 Hot meals for Hunger, Saturday 2/16 St. Marks Church 15 people Look out for email
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  • Come out to meet fellow members and the PILLS board and have a good time ! Meet members from other health clubs 1 social required for active membership only 4 socials this semester
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  • Fashion Show! we'll be creating outfits out of outrageous materials, which will be provided Feel free to contribute your own too! Ex: garbage bags, construction paper, make- up, markers, etc. Tuesday, 2/12 @ 7-8:30pm
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  • Meet with your PhRENDs Family for February! PhRENDs of PhRENDs Joint Social around March. Point System still ON! Prize will be given at the end of semester. New to PhRENDs? Ask for a PhRENDs questionnaire form.
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  • Paired up based on interests All about bonding/making a personal connection, SO DONT BE SHY Come talk to us if: Youre interested in joining! Having difficulty reaching your mentor/mentee.
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  • Workshops Pediatrics, Interview, Geriatrics & Health Policy, Psychiatric, Ambulatory Care, Clinical, Panels and More! Info Sessions UOP, UCSF, UoMinn, Michigan, Touro, and Others Publicity
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  • Applications for Abbotts Compounding Pharmacy are opening in the next few weeks 1-2 shifts per week, M-F,1-5:30pm Cover letter, resume Two rounds of interviews More Details to follow Questions? Email rachelleroxas@berkeley.edu rachelleroxas@berkeley.edu
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  • #3 Best Healthcare Job according to US News National median salary: $113,390 California has the highest average salary: $122,800 272,320 employed nationally (2011 Bureau of Labor) California also has the highest number employed: 22,960 Projected 25.4% growth by 2020, 69,700 new jobs
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  • demand for trained pharmacy professionals has increased in past years number of pharmacists in healthcare services is also growing pharmacists who pursue additional graduate study and/or residency experience have greater mobility within the profession
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  • Ability to access services to maintain physical and mental health. Government programs: Medicare Age 65 and older and disabled. Medicare Part D covers prescription drugs. Medicaid Families with low incomes. Programs varies by state.
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  • Mandatory to have healthcare by 2014 or will be fined. Restricts insurance companies to make healthcare more accessible. Dont allow companies to deny coverage based on pre-existing conditions or gender. (Women cost more) 2014 able to stay on parents health plan until age 26.
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  • Pharmacists are not considered as healthcare providers. Cannot be reimbursement by Medicare for MTM or consultation services. Role of pharmacist is turning more to consulting.
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  • Major component of the healthcare system and medications 3 rd party middlemen between the drug companies and you Responsible for: Calculating cost for consumer Developing formularies Electronic prescriptions Mail-order services
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  • Express Scripts MedCo Merger $29 billion merger Finalized April 2012 Resulted in the nations #1 PBM Handles ~ 1 in 3 Rx written in the U.S. Pros & Cons Pros: Cheaper prices, decrease waste, improve healthcare Cons: Antitrust laws unhealthy competition and the creation of a monopoly
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  • Medical provider billing for services that were never gave Double billing Falsifying symptoms Unnecessary tests/Rx $155M black market prescription HIV drugs from a Long Island- based pharmacy
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  • Do not change status of pharmacist. Predictions are that the number of prescriptions will increase. Potential increase in number of jobs. Will change regulations on reimbursements and pricing.
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  • Join Pharmacy associations such as APhA Academy of Student Pharmacists. Pay attention to politics and be active. Petitions, letters, etc. Stay Informed.
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  • Service that optimizes drug therapy to improve outcome for patients Includes comprehensive medication review, monitoring safety of therapy, and communicating MTM results to prescribers
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  • MTM targets patients with multiple chronic conditions: diabetes, asthma, hypertension Unique niche for pharmacy profession allowing application of extensive medication knowledge
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  • Reflects expanding role of nations pharmacists and represent a new source of revenue for profession Health plans view pharmacists as having the education, expertise, and time to talk to patients and monitoring cholesterol or blood glucose levels more closely than physicians
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  • Medi-Cal, paid by federal AND state Health program for people with low income and resources New changes: Newly Eligible Individuals age 19 up to 65 Many previously uninsured people will be covered Simplified application and renewal process through Health Benefit Exchange (automated data-match process)
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  • Anticipated new insured people in the first year around 500,000 More pharmacists needed for consultation, drug management, preventative services (screening) and chronic disease management Community pharmacy is still the main job market for new pharmacy students
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  • Compounding pharmacy & sterility Specialized medications
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  • New England Compounding Center (MA) Mold & Bacteria Improper temperature regulation & Dust Killed 39 people 100s inflicted with meningitis
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  • Being a good team player Greater integration into a team of healthcare workers like physicians and nurses. A cure for errors, accountability Critical and innovative thinking Thinking from patients perspective by understanding background Can help formulate a plan to help adherence i.e. elderly people
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  • Being willing to learn and adapt to changes Processes - i.e. drug distribution Technological i.e. ROBOT-Rx, electronic health records Policies Healthcare Reform, drug regulation Demographics depending on environment
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  • Picking up a language Top 4 in California: Spanish > Vietnamese > Cantonese > Tagalog Good memory Not only pills and policies, but also patients Cultural competency Medication may not be the preferred choice of treatment Calm and Patient
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  • Languages - http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sd/cb/cefelfacts.asp http://www.cde.ca.gov/ds/sd/cb/cefelfacts.asp Megatrends in Pharmacy - http://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2 011/December2011/Megatrends-in-Pharmacy-What- the-Future-Holds http://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2 011/December2011/Megatrends-in-Pharmacy-What- the-Future-Holds The Next Generation Pharmacist - http://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2 010/September2010/NGP_Future_of_Pharmacy-0910 http://www.pharmacytimes.com/publications/issue/2 010/September2010/NGP_Future_of_Pharmacy-0910 Cure for errors - http://www.acpinternist.org/archives/2000/03/collab. htm http://www.acpinternist.org/archives/2000/03/collab. htm
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  • Get in groups of 5
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  • What is the estimated growth for the pharmacist job market by 2020?
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  • 25.4%
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  • Name 2 conditions that MTM services monitor
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  • Hypertension, asthma, diabetes, high cholesterol, multiple medications, other chronic conditions
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  • What is the most common dual degree program?
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  • PharmD/MBA
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  • In 2012, a meningitis outbreak occ


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