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KnocknareaBy Keri ,Amber and Susana 1 ContentsHistoryLocationPictures Fun facts Story

2 Facts about Queen Maeve It is 1078 feet high. Knocknarea is also know as Hill of Kings. On the top of the mountain is Queen Maeves grave. Its called Miosgan Mabha .The cairn has over 40,000 stones.3 HistoryThere are six other tombs one of which belongs to the King of Connaught. His name was Eoghan Bell. He died as a result of wounds received in the battle of Sligo in 537ad . The cairn itself is 600 feet in circumference and 80 feet high . It is a tradition to bring a stone to the cairn and it is thought to bring good luck and it is thought if you take one it will bring bad luck. 4 LocationKnocknarea mountain stands between Ballisodare Bay and Sligo Bay . It is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year it has great views of 5 counties- Sligo, Leitrim ,Roscommon ,Mayo and Donegal. 5 History The Henry family were the first people to settle at the foot of Knocknarea . They became involved in the Sligo harbour. When James Henry died of fever in 1806,they sold their house and moved to Dublin. 6 Queen Maeve Most notably she was the warrior queen of Connacht, the western province of Ireland. It is said that her father was king of Connacht before becoming High King of Ireland and she became ruler of Connacht after him. She had five recognised husbands, and ruled for over 60 years. She was also said to be the reason her husbands became kings, that to be the ruler of Connacht they had to be'married to Medb' as in married to the land.


8 Fun facts Over 10,500 over a bull.She had a squirrel that she wore to battle. She killed her sister and when she was having a bath in a river and her sisters son killed her by a bow an arrow. 9 StoryLong , long ago when Ailill and Maeve were king and Queen of Connacht. One dark night when Maeve and Ailill were relaxing after a hard days hunting, Maeve boasted that she had more possessions than her husband. They counted all their house good and it was equal .Then they counted their animals but, Ailill had a white bull called Finnbheannach. Finnbheannach was a fierce creature with the strength and size of fifty bulls. He had huge horns to.10 StoryMaeve did not wont to lose but there was only one bull in the whole of Ireland that could compare with Ailills bull . This bull was a brown bull he was owned by a man called Daire Mac Fiachna the a chieftain who lived in Cooley in Ulster . He was happy to give Maeve the bull all was going well then they sat down to drink and eat but one of Maeve's messengers got drunk and said that he would not agreed to give the bull freely it will have to be take by force.so Maeve did that she tried to take the bull by force , in March in Shannon in Athlon they battled the Red Amy knights 11 StoryThey won the battle and got the brown bull but when the bull got back he killed Ailills bull so he wondered all around Ireland and went back to Cooley and died .The moral of this story is how pointless war is over possessions.

12 PoemHill of kings and mystic mountain.Theme of song and legends old-as I watch the purple shadowsIn the sunset change to gold,How I dream of all thy greatnessIn those years for gone;Of thy glories all departed.

By R.J